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Jurassic Coast International
AV Salon 
May 25th and 26th
Gala Day 15th June 2024

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Jurassic Coast International AV Salon Catalogue is now available as a Flipbook  (click on the blue cross for full screen).      Plus downloadable  PDF. 

Archives 2024

Jurassic Coast International Salon Results are in, see below.  Also the Gala Day Programme is now available as downloadable PDF and Issuu page turning programme. 

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The Jurassic Coast International AV Salon which is an annual competition organised by Exmouth Photo Group  is NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES for the year  2024 which will be our fourth year of running the Salon.

Why Jurassic Coast? Exmouth is at the western end of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, which runs for ninety-five miles to Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. Our logo shows the Geoneedle, which marks its start.


Closing date:                                                                       31st March 2024

Judging completed                                                              15th May 2024

Zoom event of Awards and Acceptances:                           25th & 26th May 2024

Live Gala Showing at Woodbury Hall:                                15th June 2024

Results emailed and published on website:                        20th June 2024

Catalogues and Awards distributed by                                28th June 2024


Please read and digest the Rules by Clicking here 

Fiche no longer available

Two Categories


The sequence will clearly illustrate a piece of Music, a Poem or a Song. This may be creative or strongly representational, and will be no longer than 8 minutes.


The choice is completely up to the discretion of the author, and will be no longer than 12 minutes.

The following awards will be made

Music, Poetry, Song
• 1st FIAP Gold Medal
• 2nd PAGB Silver Medal
• 3rd PAGB Bronze Medal
• 3x Judges Award - Jurassic Medal
• 3 x Honourable Mentions FIAP Ribbons as decided by the judges

• 1st FIAP Gold Medal
• 2nd PAGB Silver Medal
• 3rd PAGB Bronze Medal
• 3x Judges Award - Jurassic Medal
• 3 x Honourable Mentions FIAP Ribbons as decided by the judges

From either section

• Best Photography Jurassic Medal
• Best Sound. Jurassic Medal
• Rising Star Award FIAP Bronze Medal for Best Newcomer*
• Most Successful FIAP Entrant FIAP Pin

*Newcomer is defined as someone who has never won an award in a National or
International AV Competition, and does not hold an AV distinction from the RPS,
PAGB, FIAP, IPF or APS or other national photographic association.

International Jury for 2024 Salon:

Chair: Alan Tyrer AV-AFIAP, ARPS, DPAGB/AV (UK)

I have had a lifetime interest in photography but the revolution for me was the coming of the digital age. I have taken a major role in the development of my local club since then and have enjoyed and learned along the way.

 In recent years I have developed an interest in Audio Visual sequences to the point where I have achieved awards at many local, national and international events. I have also enjoyed judging at all levels. I particularly enjoy judging as part of a jury where there is a frank discussion and consideration given to everyone’s viewpoint. It has certainly enhanced my photographic appreciation.

It seems to me that a major part of our development can come from listening to, and where appropriate, acting upon, the advice we are given.

During my AV journey, I have enjoyed watching many hundreds or possibly thousands of AVs and listening and learning from many talented individuals.

Alan Tyrer 800x600.jpg

 I believe that photography and AV should be valued as an art form, and as an art form, it will often not be judged totally objectively but despite this, there should be no losers in this or any event. This is a great hobby and an entertaining spectacle. I hope everyone enjoys the competition.

Henk P Tulp (The Netherlands)

I can still remember it well, the image that emerged from my first developing tank. It seemed so magical, and I have been a photographer ever since. With photography, you can pass on stories through the images, so it is not only my profession but also a passion. After all, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words.  With this fascination for imagery, I also began making audio visual presentations. At first only as a hobby, but after continuing to get more inspiration from visiting festivals and connecting with fellow AV makers, my productions became better and better and started to win awards. This was never my goal at the time, but it happened, and I became captivated.

There are several AV makers from the UK who have inspired me; two being Peter Coles and Ron Davies who I often traveled with throughout Europe. I learned a lot from them, most importantly being: “what do you want to say” with your AV? All elements must reinforce this, including music, live sounds, texts, voice over and photography. Since winning the GN with “The Bridge is Safe” together with Albert, I have been a judge for many national and international festivals.

It is always surprising how many topics and themes can be admired at all the festivals. Every entrant creates something truly unique and seeing the passion and ingenuity from each is a prize in itself. It is an honor that I, as part of the jury, can support and further encourage the creativity from each entrant. I wish everyone a lot of fun with this fantastic hobby.

John Hodgson OAM, EFIAP/b, AV-EFIAP, FAPS, AV-MAPS ESFIAP, Hoin FAPS (Australia)

John has been active in amateur photography in Australia for nearly 40 years. Over that time, he has exhibited with considerable success at both national and international level, winning numerous awards for monochrome and colour prints and, more recently, audio-visual productions.


Since 2007, John’s photographic interests have centred on Audio-Visuals, and he has won more than 100 National and 30 International awards, both for individual sequences, and for sequences co-authored with his wife, Judith. Awards include a FIAP Gold Medal in the 2013 Romanian AV International, an RPS Bronze Medal in the 2016 RPS AV International, and the FIAP Badge for top exhibitor in the 2011 Adelaide Internationa AV Festival.


Since 1980, John has judged regularly at club, state, national and international level, including Adelaide, Sydney, VIGEX  and Maitland Internationals and the Adelaide International AV Festival. In 2007, he accepted an invitation to be one of the judges for the 12th China International, conducted in Lishui, China, and was a jury member for the Royal Photographic Society’s AV International at Cirencester in 2014. In 2017 and 2018 he was a judge for the Photographic Society of New Zealand’s International Exhibition. 

For more than 20 years, John has been involved in photographic administration, serving 8 years on the Australian Photographic Society Executive, including two years as President. He served as Chair of the organising committee for the 2004 and 2009 APS National Conventions (APSCON) and from 2010 to 2011 was Executive Director, Honours for the APS. From 2011- 2019 John chaired the organising committee for the Adelaide International AV Festival and since 2011 been a member of the APS AV Division Council. Since 2006 he has been Patron of the South Australian Photographic Federation.


In 2023 he was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to Photography and Audio Visuals

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