WCPF Kingswood Salver 2011

My apologies to all the photographers concerned that the following images don't show their photographs at their best. Getting well-lit shots from good angles without people in the way is a bit hard. I hope these are enough to give a flavour of the panels on show but for a good look at them, there's no better way than to go along and see them for yourself. However, I can assure you the quality was very high. As Margaret Salisbury said, there wasn't a single poor image amongst them.

Unlike the Devon Clubs Battle where we display our panel on a 4ft square board, the Kingswood Salver requirement is for one row of 5 prints, mounted in 50cm x 40cm boards, and each photograph must be taken by a different photographer.

These are the remaining panels and I'll give a very short description based on what Margaret had to say about each of them:

Additionally there were awards for individual prints, as follows, though unfortunately I couldn't catch the names of the winners. I'm sure that information will be on the WCPF website in due course.

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