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Print Panel Competition - 8 April 2020 - Click on an image to enlarge and view 

This year the panels was judged in a complertely different way due to the Covid-19 Crisis.   It was judged by Peter Fry using "Zoom" because we were unable to hold a meeting as clubs and organisations had to adhere to the Government's ruling of no contact with other people.   We could therefore only have digital entries.   The Zoom meeting was very well attended and ran very well with the aid of Ian Bateman and Peter Fry.   Below are the winning entries for colour and mono.

Digital Colour Panels

Inkwells by

Sheila Haycox

1st Place

Vertoramas by

John Wickett

2nd Place

Stratocaster by

John Perriam

3rd Place

Hanging Around by

John Wickett