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Newsletter Year 2020

12 February 2020 - An Evening of AV's by Alan Boothman DPAGB/AV  AFIAP

Alan is President and Competition Secretary for Newton Abbot Camera Club and so definitely a busy man.   So we were grateful that he gave up an evening to present Audio Visual (AV) sequences of such variety, interest, wonderful sound and great photos.

With such a strong musical background we were not surprised to see and hear his ‘Connecting’ which won a sound award from the Adelaide International AV Festival. A pianist playing a piano amongst a sea of pianos was an effective way to start and finish his AV.   In this AV as with ‘In Search of the Blues’   his seamless approach of people appearing and fading out works so well with the sound.   Alan showed us how he combines many images within one slide and how one AV can have numerous audio clips, so well put together with pertinent timing.

Alan explained how he uses ‘Text Aloud’ to prepare his commentaries.  It was evident that he spends much time on research, chooses thought provoking poems, gets to the key points and matches the words to the photos so that the audience’s attention is captured and maintained.

Travelling is obviously a love of Alan’s and he makes the most of his visits to different parts of the world. Showing us the evocative atmosphere of New Orleans, the dramatic history of Hever Castle and the Tower of London, the stunning landscapes associated with Lorna Doone, the grandeur of the Randolph Hotel in Oxford and the famous scenes from Bletchley Park.

Panoramas are well taken and used, as in his beautiful images of the striking and iconic architecture of Oxford and Cambridge.  In ‘Searching’ he starts and ends with a curved roof top and a face at a window; a style of his that we see in some of his AVS, starting and ending with the same scene but with clever differences.

Alan clearly has a love of movement and he is always striving to try something different.  So in ‘The Tudor Gallery’ he sets out to use 2D animation, not an easy task but it helps the viewer to concentrate on Henry VIII whilst still appreciating the background.  In other AVs movement is shown in more usual ways with beautiful flowing water and waterfalls.

Altogether a most enjoyable evening.  Thank you Alan.

Review and Photo by Christine Chittock CPAGB Programme Secretary

Monday 10th February 2020 - Peter and Carol Hyett were invited to give a presentation to the WI in Exmouth.   They chose to show AV's from some of the members and it was well received.   Peter and Carol generously gave their fee to clubs funds so we now have £38 more added to club funds.    Thank you both, nolt only a good advert for the club but a bit of profit for the club.    Below is a report from Carol and Peter.

Although we were originally asked to fill 1.5hrs, at the W.I.’s request this was reduced to 45 minutes. We were also warned that some of the W.I. would probably leave before we had finished due to the timing of local buses etc.

The AV’s that we presented to them were:-

  • Share the Dream – Mo

  • Lovatnet Lake – Carol and Peter

  • Reconcilliation – Derrick

  • A Night at the Opera – Ian

  • They Stole a Mountain – Sheila

  • A Hare’s Tale – Jenny

  • Deepest of the Deep – John P

  • Morning Has Broken – Ian

  • La Vallee des Saints – Mo

This was followed by a Faststone ‘slideshow’ of 96 competition images from 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons.

Everything was very well received and no one left early! There was a very good atmosphere which included some of them singing along with the well known music.

We are likely to be asked for a return visit next year.  We did make it clear that we will not be included in any list of W.I. presenters.  Additionally, we have been asked to give a similar show to Withycombe W.I. sometime in the future – this is something we would be prepared to do, again for a similar fee to be collected on behalf of EPG, less any expenses.

They gave us £40 by cheque payable to EPG, and I will claim £2 car parking, so a net £38 for EPG. The fee originally discussed was £35, but they had already made the cheque out today for £40.

Our EPG banner was displayed and we will be giving the W.I. our contact details in case anyone decides to try an evening out at EPG.


Peter and Carol Hyett​

9 February 2020 WCPF DPIC Competition


15 members have just returned from the DPIC Competition held in Exeter Corn Exchange – a fantastic turn out from club members. There were 56 clubs taking part and each club entered 18 images so we have sat through 1008 images …… yes you read that correctly! The 3 judges each marked an image out of 5 and only had a few seconds to make up their mind. You can image we did not always agree with their marking! However at the half way point we were 19th but by the time the final image was shown we had improved our position and  finished with 211 points and a very creditable =8th with Sidmouth and Backwell. Our top scoring image was Dave Grouts ‘Down the Hatch’, which scored 14 points, well done Dave. 


Report by Mo Martin

You can view the images and scores via the External Competition page by clicking on the appropriate button or click here to view.

You can also view within the next couple of days all the results, club winners and individual winners by going to the WCPF website and click on the WCPF DPIC 2020 link or click here for the PDF document.

5th February 2020 - Peter Crane ARPS  ‘Street Photography’

Peter gave us an excellent presentation starting with hints and tips and followed by a selection of his street photography in both colour and mono.  Part of Peter’s success lies in the fact that he tries to be inconspicuous, usually wearing dark clothes.  He plays the long game waiting for those photographic opportunities to arise, knowing what he wants and being alert to people moving around and possibly moving into shot.  Many of the photos we saw helped Peter secure his ARPS and we could certainly see why.

Having previously used Nikon equipment he now uses a Fuji mirrorless camera on manual mode with Auto ISO with a 16 – 80 mm lens.  He has invested in a Cordweaver wrist strap and a small spirit level which comes into its own when he is using his camera from hip level.  Many of our members purchased these spirit levels from Peter so we can look forward to their own take on street photography.

For his street photography Peter often visits the markets in London, such as Brick Lane, Borough Market, Portobello Road, Brixton and many more.  He likes the juxtaposition of the shapes and colours of buildings and street furniture with people passing by or sitting on a bench or wall. This was shown very well in his photography with people with all kinds of hair styles and coloured hair matching their surroundings, often giving us eye catching shots.  So a man in the foreground with a vibrant Mohican hairstyle matching an ALDI sign in the background.   Or a woman in a golden/orange coat matching the door she is walking past.

An event that is definitely worth a try is the now annual ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’ in London every January.  This year was the 11th year of this event on 12th January,  but the idea started in New York in 2002 with the ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ with only 7 people participating. The annual event has spread around the world to 60 cities so plenty of opportunities, provided you go travelling in January.  

Four girls posing on the platform with a sign in the background ‘Goodbye Boring Hello Interesting’ was very well seen and a fantastic shot which other photographers missed. So that we could concentrate on the girls and the sign Peter had converted his photo to mono, thus avoiding any distracting colours. 

However, it is not all about cities and Peter showed us how he had been successful in towns and villages always looking for the unusual.  So he had asked his wife to pretend that she was posting a letter in a hard to reach post box.   

Fork Handles, hardware shop in Regent Street Teignmouth was captured very well by Peter with the vast tumble of goods outside the shop and people in just the right places, showing us that he is astute, alert and well able to secure unusual and striking shots in camera with very little need for post processing.

Thank you Peter for an entertaining and informative evening with wonderful photography and plenty of guidance. Thank you too for your ‘Green’ travel from the Swindon area by bus and train to Exmouth.  Click here for Peter's website


Photo and Review by Christine Chittock CPAGB, Programme Secretary

29 January 2020 - Comp. No. 3

Competition No 3 was judged by Gordon Aspland from Newton Abbot.   All the winning images can be seen here.

Dave Grout was rthe overall winner of the competition with his image A Fighter in Repose.

Project Evening 22nd January 2020 Mike Gillan LRPS and Mo Martin LRPS and Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB/AV, EFIAP John Perriam ARPS DPAGB 

Sheila and John continued with another of their anniversary project evenings. With a stylish title page Sheila showed us their Audio Visual (AV) on Glastonbury, with very good people shots, people in costume and interesting shop fronts.   This was followed by lovely winter trees on the Somerset Levels and a walk up hill to Burrow Mump.  Again, whilst enjoying beautiful photographs we can either add such a place to our list of places to visit for the potential photographic opportunities or decide to revisit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrow_Mump Sheila and John’s photography is always superb and as ever they put some thought into their last photo of the sequence with an attractive sunburst. 

Mike then took us through the process of achieving a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) which he had done in 2019 with 10 prints. Helpfully he showed us some of his original images on the screen and how he had worked on them to make improvements. Initially on an Advisory Day as an observer he had learnt about technical defects to avoid, defective exposure, excessive sharpening, chromatic aberration, unintentional lens distortions and dust spots.

Mike then attended an Advisory Day with his potential photographs and a judge with a sharp eye noticed chromatic aberration on one of his photos so Mike decided against using that particular photo. Three men on a bench in Sicily was one of the photos that made the final selection and Mike showed us how he had concentrated on the colour tones for this photo as well as some cropping.  

Finally with his prints arranged in the order he had on the day, Mike showed us the importance of a good hanging plan.  For this the overall impression was important, as well as the colour palette, a variety of photos and thinking about where it was best to place portrait and landscape sized prints.  So congratulations to Mike LRPS, a wonderful achievement and thank you for an informative session.

Mo with her much anticipated photos from Canada was up next with her friend Sarah who had accompanied her on the trip.   The places they had visited and the highlights of their trip were remembered in an attractive photo book.  Canada as we saw has many photogenic locations and Mo and Sarah made sure they were on their list.  We started with Sugar Beach, a former parking lot in an industrial area of Toronto that had been transformed into an urban beach.  Then the well know Niagara Falls and the ‘Maid of the Mist’.  With her sporting background Mo wouldn’t have missed the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame and so we were treated to Mo’s lovely capture of the bronze statues of hockey players.

Mo had done very well to capture the dramatic scenes of the Calgary stampede an annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival held every July.  With the many movements and bright sun it was not easy but Mo showed us it was possible to secure very good shots.  The beautiful Lake Louise was captured but Mo explained that many of the most famous locations were very crowded.

On the Rocky Mountaineer train it can be difficult to capture the great expanse of scenery.  However, Mo had done extremely well to capture a long view of the train and the avalanche shelters. Vancouver is a must and we saw lovely photos of the tower blocks and the iconic totem poles in Stanley Park.

With a visit to Seattle as well we saw the variety of Mo’s photography, people, places, movement striking architecture and a memorable photo of their luggage.    Thank you Mo for processing all those photos so that we could see how we too can make the most of the places we visit. 


Review and Photos by Christine Chittock CPAGB Programme Secretary  and many thanks to the club for a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday! 

15 January 2020  -  Christine Chittock CPAGB Project Evening

Much of Christine and Maurice's time spent in 2019 has been to go to the People's Vote rallies and demonstrations. It has taken up a lot of their time.   She of course took her camera with her everywhere she went, mostly London, and produced some great images of all the peoples vote rallies.  The AV she produced I felt was an excellent journalistic audio visual about the Will of the People with dramatic music. 

Christine and Maurice did though manage to visit other places abroad and in consequence Christine made a moving AV about the Berlin Wall which she is still workiing on and another surprise and interesting AV was about  the artist and designer Hundertwasser showing his work in Vienna.  A fascinating place.

Her final AV was one she had been working on for several months all about Mary Anning who studied Geology in Lyme Regis.  An interesting and informative production.

Well done Christine, an excellent evening.      Sheila Haycox

The evening started with John and Sheila again showing a couple of AV's from the past as a celebration of the Club's 50th Anniversary.

Christine, who stepped in at the last minute because our original speaker had moved from the area, did a marvellous job of entertaining the club for the rest of the evening.    Christine showed a quite a variety  of Audio Visuals that she has been working on over the last few months some of which she is hoping will be suitable for possible distinctions. Christine showed ten AVs in total which included Surfin at Kimmeridge and Cornwall;  around Birmingham; Spring Show at Malvern; Prague; Cadhay House and Gardens; Shades of Autumn mostly from Stourhead plus others on which I have given a resume below.

8th January 2020  - First Project Evening of 2020 with John Perriam ARPS DPAGB AFIAP, Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB/AV EFIAP, Jenny Baker LRPS and Derrick Holliday ARPS

For our first session of 2020 and in our 50th anniversary year, John and Sheila started the evening with another humorous sequence made some years ago.   Members had given Sheila and John photos they could use for  an audio visual (AV) sequence, but not their very best photos oh no, members had clearly selected photos that would usually be rejected.   So up for ‘The Challenge’ Sheila and John produced ‘World Breaking News’ presented by Jennifer Ecclescake and Rory Teflonsteel.  I rest my case! On a more serious note they followed with a sequence of urban scenes, with beautiful reflections, vibrant graffiti and stunning architecture, ending with well taken photos in low light. 

Sheila then gave members a reminder about our anniversary photo book; some members had responded with both text and their photos, from one to four per page.   So now the call is for those members who have not yet submitted a short piece about themselves (up to 120 words) and their photos to do so ASAP.

Derrick and Jenny followed with their varied, interesting, entertaining and striking AVs.  Throughout it was evident that you can seek photographic opportunities in many different places and situations. A different stance on Cuba by Jenny was up first with dancers against a backdrop of blue painted walls in need of a repaint, boxers, including an interesting video, street scenes and then the classic cars we expect to see from Cuba. Derrick had taken on the challenge of photographing gannets, certainly no easy task but Derrick showed us it was well worth the effort.  

On our project evenings it is always worth seeing places you might like to visit yourself.  Valencia is one such place as shown so well by Jenny and Derrick in their lovely photos of the Spanish architecture.  They gave us a wonderful flavour of the work of the architect Santiago Calatrava in the futuristic ‘City of Arts and Sciences’; a must-see part of the city.

Jenny and Derrick showed us it was definitely worth pointing the camera upwards as seen in the photographs   of the world heritage site of the Mezquita (Mosque) Cathedral of Cordoba.   The magnificent architecture was apparent in Derrick’s photos and it was evident that it must be a highlight of any visit to Andalusia.

Always looking out for unusual stories Jenny showed us her fascinating story of the tiny village of Juzcar also in Andalusia.  A dramatic change occurred here in 2011, when a large film corporation won agreement from the villagers to paint every building blue to promote a Spanish premiere of a Smurfs 3D movie.  This was so successful that the residents voted to keep their buildings blue. However, in 2017 the village lost its rights to market the village as a Smurfs ‘town’ and Jenny’s photographs showed us, that with the loss of income from tourists  the buildings had started to deteriorate.  As Jenny explained her AV is a work in progress but certainly a fascinating story worth telling.

More AVS followed, showing the wide range of their work. The evening ended with their award winning entries at the 2019 Great Northern AV competition.  Derrick’s ‘Reconciliation’ about the transformation of Coventry Cathedral was superb with clever placement of the title.   Jenny’s ‘Speak for me’ about the poaching of elephants for their tusks was emotive and very moving.

Thank you, Sheila, John, Jenny and Derrick for showcasing your excellent photography.  


Christine Chittock CPAGB, Programme Secretary