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15th FIAP World Cup 

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The 15th FIAP World Cup is an open competition between International Clubs and on the 11th, 12th and 13th December 2020 judging took place.   There was a World Wide entry from 213 clubs  from 51 countries and we came 60th.   As this was our first entry and we came in the top 1/3rd, I think we can congratulate all our members who put forward their images for selection on behalf of our club.    


Clubs are asked to enter 20 images with no more than 2 images per club member.  Below are the EPG entries and the marks received.  We received 338 points and 9 acceptances.  (the winning club gained 406 points and 16 acceptances)

Congratulations must go to Jules, Mo and Peter for gaining 20 points for one of their images.

The Award Ceremony will probably take place in May 2021.

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