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Newsletter Year 2012

Christmas Dinner December 2012

South Devon Photographic League Competition

This battle took place in Crediton on Friday 30th November. It is a print competition between 4 Clubs – Crediton, Dawlish and Teignmouth, Exmouth and Newton Abbot – with each club entering 15 images. There could be no more than 2 images selected from each photographer and we were represented by 8 Club members.

The judge was Marie Minchington, from Cornwall and she had quite a task choosing from the 60 images before her. Marie was succinct in her comments and, despite a few strange comments (who rarely agree with all of a judge’s comments!) she made some very good points. Marie particularly liked mono work and her comment about vignetting / darkening the four corners of some images, to draw the eye into the main focus was worth noting.

The evening didn’t go too smoothly for us and at half time we were languishing in 4th place. Crediton provided excellent tea and cake during the interval and this helped lift our spirits. We gradually improved our placing but from early on Newton Abbot were the clear favourites. We pulled ahead of Dawlish and Teignmouth and it was touch and go whether we or Crediton would take 2nd place. Unfortunately it was not to be and we finished a disappointed 3rd.

Each image was marked out of 20 points and Marie awarded the top score to 5 images. Cheetah Siblings by Richard Garvey Williams (Newton Abbot) was eventually placed 1st, Kite Flying by Geoff Ashworth (Newton Abbot) was 2nd and, much to her surprise and delight Mo’s Face Reflection was awarded 3rd place. Equal 4th was The Performer (Ken Bradley, Dawlish and Teignmouth) and Pair of Small Blue (Meg Pickup, Newton Abbot).

Despite our final placing it was a very good evening for those of us who went.   Written by Mo Martin

Face Reflection by Mo Martin

Face Reflection by Mo Martin

WCPF Kingswood Salver - 10 November 2012

The Kingswood Salver was held at Clyst St Mary Hall on Saturday 10th November 2012. As we entered the hall we were amazed to see that we were one of twenty-six clubs who had produced panels. Each panel of 5 images had to be taken by 5 different photographers. Our panel, ‘Mono Monoliths ’ Nemo by Sheila, ‘Valencia’ by Mo, ‘Point’ by Derrick, ‘Atradius’ by John P and ‘Brum’ from John W. The judge, Don Byatt liked images ‘kept simple’ and ‘enjoys people pictures’. We were the first club up and, in hindsight this was probably not to our advantage as he definitely spoke at greater length about each panel image as he warmed up. We certainly met the ‘simple’ criteria and Don said ours was a ‘good panel to start with’ and ‘the presentation, uniform mounting and order was very good’. He particularly liked John W’s Brum image and felt the 2 outer images (JW and Sheila) worked well with the curves both ends matching. He didn’t like the sky in the centre image (Derrick) and felt it took the eye out of the picture. He didn’t make any comment about JP and Mo’s images!

We were hopeful when it was time for the results but unfortunately our Panel was not placed. The Panel from Zenn (excellent, simple mirrored nature images) was 1st with Dorchester (mono people images) 2nd and Backwell (musicians) 3rd. Highly Commended were Phoenix, Hannam and Frome Wessex.   

Our next challenge is to decide on our theme for next year and get planning early, so get your thinking caps on.


Miscellaneous News

Mo managed to get an article printed in the local newspaper on the visit Exmouth Art Group made to the club. Paul Palin run the evening which was extremely well presented and entertaining. Paul ran the Theme Night a couple of weeks later which was all about complementary colours. He split the club into groups and members used their cameras skills to capture the "Colour Wheel". A very enjoyable evening with many of us trying colour filters, close up work and portraiture. Please click here for the PDF File that Paul has put together. Members are asked to present images from this particular evening on the 14th December.

The second Ditial discussion evening at the Rethink Centre was very well attended and Steve Currie managed to keep everyone's attention for the whole of the session with his knowledge of Lightroom. As Steve said, he only touched on the basics and everyone agreed that they would like to have more tuition on Lightroom.

Our speaker Andy Beel gave an excellent talk on Friday 23rd with his Monochrome Images and as a number of members said, it was a pleasure seeing old darkroom techniques and quality once again, with plenty of "grain".

Strictly Come Photographing' Photo Trail

Although our Summer Photo Trail event at Powderham was cancelled, due to bad weather the revised event proved a great success. Instead of taking photos of the 9 categories at Powderham’s Classic Vehicle Rally members were allowed to choose their own venue as long as all the images entered in last Friday’s competition were taken on the same day.

Several members mentioned that it motivated them to get out and take photos and the excellent results were certainly varied. When the group’s votes were counted and added to the marks given by Sarah Wynn, our judge, Tony Ovens emerged as the clear winner of Set 1 and he was only one mark behind Mo Martin the winner of Set 2.

In Set 1 Janet Rudkin was 2nd, Mo Martin 3rd and Jenny Baker 4th. In Set 2 Tony Ovens 2nd, Sheila Haycox 3rd and John Perriam 4th. An enjoyable evening and the judge's favourite images are below:

Article by Mo Martin

Modified Images Exercise

A few of you may have wondered what the Members Evening on the 1st February 2013 is all about. It is an idea that Paul Palin came up with, his suggestion is that members be given a set of images supplied by the Committee. Members are then asked to modify in any way they like and as many as they wish from the set of images. We thought it would be an interesting exercise and are expecting there will be a good variety of modified versions from the same image. Members can do whatever they like to an image, it may need cropping, cloning, using a filter, changing it completely, anything goes.

The Committee have already supplied the images and these will be put on the Club's Laptop so that members can upload them to a stick anytime they wish. Below I have put the images as a set of thumbnails to given you an idea of the challenge. We do hope you will take part in this exercise, you have plenty of time to prepare and take part and we look forward to seeing the results on the 1 February.

Original Lamp
Original Band
Original Pumps
Original St-Mary's
Original Pew
Original Man Rose
Original Mont-St-Michel
Orioginal Chamonix
Original Beach

A La Ronde Exhibition

Prints are now hanging in The Stable and The Cafe at A La Ronde, we have 40 prints on display and they certainly look good. They will be there until the 11th July.

We were certainly very lucky to have our exhibition up and ready in time for the Open Day at A La Ronde; I went back later in the day and was pleased to discover streams of people attending the Open Day and entry is via The Stable so I expect we have already had a great deal of people viewing the prints. The Cafe was busy as well and although the lighting there isn't so good we have a captive audience whilst they are partaking in their beverages.

Its a special thanks to all members who have submitted their work for the exhibition, without you it wouldn't happen. I would also like to thank Mo for arranging the event at short notice and for all the helpers. Below just a sample of what the exhibition looks like, apologies for quality, so many reflections, its just to give you an idea.


Mystery Bus Trip Sunday 5th August

It was more than a mystery tour, we started out from Exeter and took the bus to Torquay, it poured down with rain while we were on the bus but on arrival at Torquay it stopped and the sun came out, all fine so far. A pleasant stop in Torquay with lunch then on to the bus again to Plymouth, all going well, lovely scenery, until.............................. the incident.

Our bus driver had a few minutes stop because he was a little early, we were on narrow country lanes and a fairground lorry passed us with its entourage, however we soon caught up with it because the lorry loaded with a helter skelter and other equipment plus towing a large trailer had collided with an oncoming low loader on a corner. Everything was jammed in tight, nothing was going to get through, fortunately no one hurt. Our bus had to stop and just wait, and wait and wait.................... Bus driver said he wasn't allowed to turn which would have been a little difficult anyway, so it was a matter of waiting until the vehicles could be moved. The trouble was that the load on the fairground lorry had shifted and had to be secured and the other lorry couldn't move because he had metal and a stanchion jammed into his front wheel.

Not many on the bus but we inspected, photographed and wandered around just waiting. Then a friendly house owner came out with pots of tea, most welcome. All in all we were there fore two hours which meant we would not be arriving in Plymouth in time for the Country Bus across Dartmoor which was a shame because that's a lovely ride, especially on a double decker bus. We only just made it for the last Express Bus back from Plymouth, that's when the rain started again on the trip back, the heavens opened, so we were very lucky with the weather, the sun shone whilst off the bus. So our mystery bus tour was certainly different.


Devon Clubs' Battle

The Devon Clubs' Battle was held on the 26th May at South Brent Village Hall which was hosted by Plymouth Camera Club. The event went well with 11 clubs entering the battle. Brian Galbraith, the judge, done an excellent job and as usual he came up with witty comments.

Our print panel of Mono Monoliths came second, yes second yet again, we will have to try harder but I must say we were very pleased as there were some good panels. Kingsbridge & District Camera Club were the winners with their Upfest Panel and Phoenix Camera Club, Holsworthy were third. The best individual print overall was won by Linda Wevill from Plymouth, Christine Hales from Kingsbridge received second place and I received third place.

Our panel of prints were produced by John Wickett, John Perriam and myself and I will bring the prints to our first meeting so that all the members can see the panel. We would like to enter the Kingswood Salver again and we did well last year with our Steam Train and this panel has potential. However we do need two more members to add to the panel to conform to the rules.

Plymouth Camera Club were the winners of the best set of projected images, with Paington Photographic Club coming second and we were third. Sorry I am unable to list the digital images as I haven't access to the digital sets.

Below are the winning panels, sorry for the poor quality, conditions not that easy to take photos.

AGM and Presentations

We had a very uneventful AGM this year, there wasn't much to discuss but we did have a few changes on the Committee, please see the Committee Page for more information. It's good to see some new faces on the Committee.

Awards were presented to the following: Monthly Colour Prints - John Wickett; Monthly Mono Prints - Sheila Haycox; Monthly Projected Images - Sheila Haycox; Panels Colour Prints - John Wickett; Panels Mono Prints - Derrick Holliday and Panels Projected Images - Brian Ward. Set Subject - John Perriam. Congratulations to all winners.

I am delighted to say that Martyn presented the Chairman's Shield to Mo Martin, a worthy recipient. Mo has done a lot for the club this year and I look forward to her leading the club for the next three years.

The Club has had a very successful year with a varied programme and interesting speakers, thanks to Gill, outdoor and indoor workshops, thanks to Mo, Members Club Projects which are always welcome, practical sessions as well as the usual competitions. We have now to look forward to the Summer Programme with thanks to Martyn and the Winter Programme is now ready to view on the site.

WCPF Members Exhibition - Acceptances from Club Members

A small number of our members entered the WCPF Members Exhibition, some in both the Print and Digital Exhibition and we have a few accolades. Congratulations must go to two of our members as they have done very well this year, John Perriam and John Wickett, see below. John Perriam who got a Silver Award in the Creative Digital Section and John Wickett gained a HC in the Print Section and both got prints selected to represent the WCPF for the PAGB Print Exhibition, lets hope they are both accepted. There is a picture of John receiving his Silver award on the WCPF site. Well done to both Johns.

Although Ann Owens is only an Associate Member of our club, mention must also go to her, she has had several acceptances, the results can be seen on the WCPF website.

Well done to all entrants, I was told that judging was tough this year and would encourage members of the club to enter this prestigious event, its always worth a go.

Print Exhibition

John Wicket:
Sunflower - Highly Commended plus it represents the WCPF for the PAGB Print Exhibition 
The Bathroom
River Hayle from St Ives

John Perriam:
Modern Man - also representing the WCPF for the PAGB Exhibition

​Sheila Haycox: 
Yawning Seal 
Red Deer - selected for the Travelling Critique 

Jean King

Hope - selected for the Travelling Critique

Digital Exhibition

John Perriam

Legs and Reflections - this gained a Silver Award in the Creative Section
Eyes Right - Open Section 

Sheila Haycox:
The Rose - Creative Section 
The Metro - Open Section 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Horseshoe Trophy

I'm sorry for the slight delay in getting something published for this. As some of you will know, I am deep in the throes of selling my house and that has rather taken over my life at the moment.

Last Thursday a good number of us went along to Kilmington Village Hall to support our entry in the annual Horseshoe Trophy, which we had won last season. This year's competition was run by Honiton and the judge was John Hamsworth from Wellington. We realised early on that John, a judge with whom we were not familiar, is very much a "traditionalist" with little or no desire to embrace the digital age, and we feared that some of our chosen images might not be to his liking.

The first half went as well as it possibly could have - for Sidmouth! In each of the 5 categories (Flora, Kitchens, River Scenes, Transport, TV Programme Titles - all familiar subjects to you I'm sure!) they scored top marks. To be perfectly fair, their images all looked lke winners from where we sat so we had nothing to complain about. On closer inspection we might have had a grumble or two but that would probably have been nit-picking with our "EPG" hats on! Anyway, our three second places and two fifths did not place us well: third place in fact, 9 points back from Sidmouth who had a commanding 25 points.

The break was a sombre affair with us believing that the only way we could beat Sidmouth was if they'd forgotten to enter any more prints! However, Sheila got us off to a flying start with her "Limestone Pavement and Tree" taking a first place, and her beautiful portrait "Intensity" also taking a first. Meanwhile Sidmouth got a second and joint fourth. Could this be the turn around we needed? We gained a second with Derrick's monochrome entry "Totnes Rooftops" to Sidmouth's 4th place, and my "Preaching Gannet" also got a very close second. Unfortunately it lost out to Sidmouth's "Young Turtles". With one more image to go we could hope only for overall second place, and that's exactly what we got. John's "Sunflower" close-up was very much not to the judge's liking, whilst Sidmouth's "Tangled Web" was, so Sidmouth finished with a flourish and an emphatic victory. For all our disappointment, we have to congratulate them on another very strong entry across the whole competition. Lyme and Chard finished joint third, not far behind us, and Honiton played the gracious hosts by not beating any of their visitors on this occasion.

We did have a saving grace in Sheila though, as she again took the overall best print for the second half, with "Intensity" on this ocassion. The overall winner from the first half was (inevitably!) Sidmouth's though the judge did say that if he'd had to select a single print from the whole night, it would have been Sheila's. My thanks to Tom Gordon for his photo opposite recording Sheila's moment.

So overall we still managed to hold our heads high, Sheila especially, and we shall just have to wait to see what next year brings.         Dave McH

From Wisbech Camera Club (6th March 2012)

I received the following email from Mike & Di at Wisbech CC todfay in response to our exchange with them, which consisted of an introduction, largely of John Perriam's making, John & Sheila's "Challenge", and the latest images and comments we've used in our International Exchange.. Mike & Di were members of Exmouth Photo Group about 30 years ago before moving to the Norfolk area. I thought I'd share their kind words with everyone via these pages.... Dave M.

Dear Dave and John and Sheila and Exmouth PG,

THANK YOU all for a splendid evening last night, such a great view of an active, able club busy enjoying themselves. Your culinary activities were obviously as relevant as the fractions of a second clicking. For us it was a fascinating insight into a parallel universe that has been running for over 30 years. We found the scenery and whole place triggered distant memories but also enabled us to see our life here in context.

We started yesterday evening with our own shortened 10 minute AV as seen on you-tube and a few words about the breadth and depth of digital AV. Next we presented the Introduction which certainly painted a most agreeable vision of you all and of your sense of humour in action. Then we went into The Challenge as a perfect example of a medium communicating your own view of the world. Sheila and John did a magnificent job of exploiting the sheer cussedness of a British audience submitting the most awkward images ever; we laughed a lot. After the interval we came to the serious Exchange when we could appreciate just how good your competition photography is. Fascinating how different some of the images you produced are compared with what we are used to seeing over here; you are still a top club. Afterwards we discussed the AV medium and we were directed to let you know how very much we enjoyed and were impressed by your evening’s presentation.

With the Best of Wishes from Mike, Di and the WC Club


WCPF DPIC 2012 (19th February 2012)

How quickly this comes around again. This year there were 50 clubs entered, and so with 20 entries each we had exactly 1000 images fired at us throughout the day. It's pretty intense. I overheard someone saying that each image was up for an average of about 10 seconds - that's precious little time for judging them. It's a really tough job for the 3 judges and although we are all quick to criticise, it's not a task I envy. To save space I'll not include their long list of disticntions but the three judges were Rosie ArmesColin Harrison, and John Cartlidge. (I hope I've found the right links for them!)

Technically the day went well, in spite of one or two computer problems. Those were quickly solved. I think the WCPF executives need to be congratulated for the care they take in trying to anticipate problems and particularly for having safeguards in place to get around them. A lot of time and effort goes into these events. Di Tilsley did her usual excellent and entertaining job of reading out the image titles. She must really love those Welsh place names that crop up now and then.

High scores were hard to come by, with only two images achieving the maximum score of 15. (For those not familiar with the scoring, each of the 3 judges awards a score ranging from 2 to 5, so each image can score from 6 to 15 points.) Only a further 9 images managed a score of 14 (so less than 1%), and even scores of 13 were scarce, there being just 13 of those. I'm afraid we didn't receive any of those top 24 scores but we did manage four scores of 12 between us, two of those going to Sheila, one to John Wickett, and one to me. When our first image (one of John Perriam's) went up and scored 11, we felt a little perplexed that it wasn't more, but as the day progressed we came to realise it had got a very good score! We had a remarkably consistent set of scores, with the lowest being an 8 which, given the scoring on the day, was certainly no disgrace.

At the lunch break (after 13 of the 20 rounds) we were not doing well, lying about 21st. This didn't deter us from having a very enjoyable and tasty lunch at Buffet City next door. That works really well if you like Chinese food as there's plenty seating and the service is as fast as it could be - well, it's self service! But you get the point. The greatest danger is eating too much and nodding off in the afternoon!

Over the final 7 rounds we scored three of our four 12 pointers and rallied a bit, finishing a respectable 13th equal on 205 points. This is not as high a finish as in previous years, though it should perhaps remind us of just how well we have been doing recently and that it IS a high standard of competition. Of our neighbouring clubs, Newton Abbot did best (worryingly!) with their score of 220 points achieving 3rd place. We must congratulate them on this as it sees them representing the WCPF in the PAGB "National Championships" at Warwick University later in the year, thanks to one of the top two clubs already having pre-qualified, just as happened to us a couple of years ago. Only 3 points behind us were Sidmouth PC (sorry Tom!) and a bit further back were Crediton PC and Dawlish & Teignmouth CC.

Our entries, in the order in which they were seen during the competition, with their scores in red below.

Looking at this as a whole, I think it's a strong, impressive set of images, showing a good variety of interests and styles, and something we can all feel proud of. The "thumbnails" don't do them justice but you should have seen most of them in their full glory at the club if you've been there regularly!

With the judges having mere seconds to make their minds up, we generally try to select images with strong "initial impact"


Pam Sherrin has already emailed out the full results and scores as a Rich Text File (which most computers can read). You can download it by clicking here.

I think all of us attending had an excellent day and I hope that more of us will be able to get along and enjoy next year's DPIC. Many people travel a long way for thjis popular event. It's on our doorstep so we really ought to take advantage!


Steve's Quiz Night (17th February 2012)

I think we all owe Steve a huge thank you for his thought-provoking quiz night last Friday. With a last-minute panic change to the programme, he brought his intended evening forward about a month, and I've no doubt that cost him a sleepless night or two. Even without the time to put some finishing touches to his presentation of the quiz, it was a truly entertaining evening. I'm sure we all learned a lot - if only how little we knew about a subject we thought we knew a lot about! I've long known my weakness in the subjects of the history of photography and its greatest exponents. Most of my contributions to those sections of the quiz were no more than educated guesses. And what about that 3-way tie at the end? Okay, I'm sure all of us who didn't answer the tie-breaker as fast as John Wickett did are kicking ourselves for a question sometime earlier in the evening that we didn't get right - I know I am!

Anyway, well done Steve, and on behalf of the winners particularly, but all of us really, THANK YOU!


Rolle Centre - Public Meeting, 2nd February 2012

Roughly half a dozen EPG members were among the attendees at what was, overall, a very positive meeting concerning the future of the Former Rolle College campus. Please click here for a fuller report from last night's meeting... Rolle Centre Public Meeting Report (members' login required).

Mix & Match 2012 - at Exeter Camera Club

Yet another success! Okay, okay, we lost the match but it was still a great success. For those of you who have not attended one of these annual Mix & Match evenings, you really need to put the date in your diary for next year's as soon as we know it. It will, of course, be our turn to run the event so you'll have no excuses for not knowing about it.

Judge for the evening was Mac Bouchere FRPS, and I have to say he very quickly found the humour level required for this event. He started by telling us that he'd been brought in not so much as a "judge" as a "referee". I think we gave him a reasonably clean fight without too many low blows. I felt he was quite harsh on Exeter a few times when I would have conceded a match but it didn't quite meet Mac's criteria, and I did think we got one or two dubious ones, or maybe it was the greater amount of heckling he got from Exeter members that swayed him a little in our favour! In spite of all that, I think Mac was pretty consistent and fair, and certainly maintained a good sense of humour.

A couple of minor highlights come to mind. The first was us getting away with the "Mark Webber" image being a match for a photo of a cheetah, especially as Exeter had put that up just after we'd used Sheila's image of a jaguar with its kill. Perhaps the audience's initial reaction to the word "Jaguar" emblazoned across Bryan's image swung it for us. Having got a big laugh and a few claps (Exmouth supporters?), it certainly did Exeter no good trying to point out to Mac that one was a jaguar and one was a cheetah.

The second highlight (for the 3 of us selecting images) came near the end. We had about 5 or 6 left, one of which was Sheila's "Art Shop" with the daschund in the doorway. As Sheila was whispering to us, "We really need Exeter to put up a photo of a dog now", up pops an image of 5 foxhounds. We just fell about laughing, much to everyone else's puzzlement. When we put up Sheila's image in response, we then realised that all 6 dogs (Exeter's 5 and Sheila's 1) had their heads pointing in exactly the same way - it could hardly have been better! It never fails to amaze me the way these things happen.

The result almost seems immaterial (more so when you lose I suppose) and although Martyn is I think still convinced it was 50 points each, the computer scoring by both sides agreed at 51 - 49 in Exeter's favour. Whichever way you look at it, it was close, but it was FUN!

Dave McH.

Exhibition at the Grapevine - January 2012

With hangovers from New Year celebrations barely behind us, Mo, John W and Dave turned up at the Grapevine to set up our exhibition there. We all owe Mo a great debt of gratitude for discovering the Grapevine and making all the arrangements on our behalf with owner, Abi. Thanks also must go to Abi for her support of local artists.

Setting up an exhibition is rarely as easy as you might imagine. We propped up all the photos around the bar area and tried to arrange them so that photos and frames would complement those alongside them, and also tried to keep the same members' photos together, or with their partners' photos, not forgetting trying to be as fair as possible to everyone. If we've failed in any way we're going to blame it on Abi as she had a fair bit of input to the process.

Inevitably there were some frames without the specified D-rings. (Sorry Mo, I had lots on my mind, I thought I'd done it!) However, Mo anticipated this and brought several spare sets and a screwdriver, so all was well. What nobody could have anticipated was that some D-rings wouldn't quite work, as they needed to be able to swing round to a more upright position to hook on properly, so some tweaks to the pre-fitted D-rings were required.

The Grapevine's hanging system is quite similar to our own but with transparent nylon hangers instead of our white-coated metal ones, and more sophisticated sliding hooks than ours. Mind you, ours stay where you put them, unlike a few of the Grapevine ones which slipped. We managed to work around that.

My impression of a typical Glaswegian seemed to go down well - almost as well as I did in fact, as I fell off a bar stool.

After about two hours of hanging, re-arranging, and then re-arranging again, we'd found suitable spots for everything and got all the photos nicely lined up and level.

We left Abi to tidy up the bits of clear nylon hanger that were protruding from behind our photos and drove home, feeling satisfied with the job we'd done.

I hope I've managed to include everyone's photos here. Apologies to anyone I might have missed out. My apologies also if the pics don't show them off at their best. Avoiding reflections in the glass frames was almost impossible, even with most of the bar lights switched off! That's why they're shot at odd angles.

Do please try to pop in and have a look at the exhibition, and maybe even have a swift refreshment. If Abi's around, introduce yourself to her. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you. She has a background in art and photography though, try as I might, I couldn't persuade her that digital is the way forward!

We're not sure how long our photos will remain in the Grapevine as the exhibition following ours has moved to a later date. Unless Abi finds someone who wants the spot after ours, we could be there for a couple of months.

Dave McH.

Exmouth Photo Group Flickrs

Come along members, join the group. It's a way to show some of your images - what else are you going to do with them!!!! Not all members of the Exmouth Photo Group Flickrs are Photo Group members. We have acquired others from others parts of the globe.

Have a look at the site -

Logan Mat Cutter, Studio/Flash Equipment.

The club has a mat cutter which is available to all members who wish to cut mounts for their prints.  Don't forget, competitions are coming up soon!!!!  It is not kept at the Club as members may well wish to use the cutter during the summer months.   It is at present with John Perriam and can be borrowed by giving him a ring.

We also have some studio/flash equipment which is stored Gill's.. Please see Inventory in the Members Area.  

That's all for now; for previous news items please click on the appropriate Newsletter. Year 2010Year 2011.


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