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Jurassic Coast International

AV Salon & Gala Day

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The Gala Day was held on the 3 June 2023 at Woodbury Village Hall where FIAP medal winners and acceptances   were projected..  Certificates and medals were presented to those present and images taken by John Periam, which can be seen below. 


Keith Leedham,the Chief Judge was present and gave a short speech.    Derrick Holliday, Chairman of EPG gave  a final thank you to Ian Bateman who was the lead organiser of the whole event.   It was certainly a great day and especially good to see the sequences on a large screen with surround sound.

The winner of the audience vote on the 43 sequences shown was Cathy Fordham with her sequence The Custodian which was also the Gold Winner,  also chosen by the three judges.

  •   Non Entrants £5 per person

  •   Non Entrant EPG members £3 

  •   Entrants £3

  •   Pay at the door on the day, all tickets £5 each 

You will have the opportunity of seeing all the Award Winners sequences plus  the other FIAP acceptances  on a large screen with the benefit of a surround sound speaker system.

Unfortunately we cannot supply lunches and would advise you bring a packed lunch.   However Tea/Coffee and Biscuits will be available on arrival and during breaks.

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