Competition News Season 2020 - 2021

More information regarding the internal competitions on how prepare, present, resize, name, are in the Competition Guide

Monthly Competitions (Internal Competition)
Competition No. 1 - Images to be handed in by 16 September  2020
Competition No. 2 - Images to be handed in by 28 October 2020 
Competition No. 3 - Images to be handed in by 13 January 2021
Competition No. 4 - Images to be handed in by 17 February 2021 

Panels Competition (Internal Competition) 
Digital images to be handed in by 24 March 2021plus digital copies for the Print Panels. Print Panels to be brought on the evening

Set Subject (Internal Competition) Digital images only, to be handed in by end November 2021 - Set Subjects for Season 2021-2022 are Decay, Street Photography and Simplicity - one image per subject only.

Chairman's Challenge:   This will take place in 21 April 2021 -  The Challenge is to produce digital images to depict "Viewpoint" and "Lines".  Members are allowed to enter two images for each subject.

South Devon League (External Competition) Between Newton Abbot, Dawlish & Teignmouth, Crediton and EPG. This is two events, one for the Prints and one for Digital Images. Due to Covid-19 the Print Battle will probably not take place.   The Digital Battle will be hosted by Dawlish & Teignmouth on the 17th March 2021 which could this year be by Zoom.

Mix & Match (External Competition) Annual Mix and Match where each club chooses 50 digital images which have to be matched with an image presented by the other club. A great fun evening and we will be hosting the event on the 24th February 2021 which could be by Zoom.  

Devon Clubs' Print & Digitally Projected Battle (External Competition) to be held hopefully in May 2022 and hosted by Plymouth.   We need to be able to produce a Print panel of 5 prints by 5 different photographers on a theme. The 5 digital entries will be chosen by the Selection Committee. 

International Exchange where we share our work with 3 other international clubs around the world. If you have any images you would specifically like considered, please get these to the organiser Peter Hyett.  It will take place on 17 March 2021

WCPF Events and Speakers. All members are very welcome to attend these events. Please visit the WCPF site for more information on the following. The WCPF will be using Zoom for some of their meetings.

10 October 2020 - AGM as a Zoom Meeting.
14 November 2020 - Zoom Meeting Kingswood Salver (EPG will be entering our Aunty's Collectables Panel).  Speaker  and Judge Leigh Woolford.
7 February 2021 - Digital Projected Image Comp. between clubs in the Western Region at The Corn Exchange Exeter. EPG entering.

6 March 2021 - Knightshayes Tophy - subject matter Togetherness and the speaker will be Chris Palmer
10 April 2021 - Audio Visual Competition - Individual members encouraged to participate.  

13 November 2021 - Kingswood Salver and speaker Ross McKelvey 

The Image Selection Process and Selectors 

The main principle used for selection evenings is to choose the images which, in the opinion of the selectors, are likely to produce the best overall score for the club in the competition concerned, given the many and varied rules and constraints for competition entries. This usually means that over 100 images are checked and rechecked for this purpose. Whilst we always attempt to include as many of our members as we can, it is the photograph that has to be of paramount importance, not the photographer. We generally enter images from about 15 different members during a season. Of these, about 5 regularly receive high awards in external competitions and so it should not be surprising to anyone that their images are regularly chosen to represent the club.

Images for inclusion in the selection process for external competitions are invited from all members. Digitally projected Images entered in previous internal competitions are already included in the Club Image Bank. However any member may augment their content by e-mailing their submissions to Peter Hyett or Mike Gillan our Competition Secretaries in the standard 1600x1200 jpg format at any time. Digital versions of successful prints, suitably adjusted for projection, are particularly welcome and are included in the selection process if we have them. We would suggest that you bear in mind the Devon Clubs’ Battle Print Panel where a group of members would be the ideal solution for getting together a panel.


For Exhibitions and Exchanges it is usually more appropriate for the selectors to choose work from as wide a range of members as possible.

Whilst much of the above appears to focus on the highest expertise in the club, it should not detract from the primary wish of the club to help support the enjoyment of all members, including those who wish to continue to pursue their photographic experiences without the need to take part in the competitive arena. Even for those who prefer not to enter competitions, attending these events can prove worthwhile, being both inspiring and informative.


We do have a Selection Committee currently comprising Derrick Holliday, Peter Hyett and Mike Gillan but you must also remember that a different member of the club is also invited to Selection Evenings so that members can get an insight into how the selection process works and offer their valued opinion. This has been the way we have done selections in the past but if you feel able to offer your services in this regard then please let one of the above members know rather than wait for an invitation.


When prints are required for an external entry it is always advisable for the selection committee to have prints rather than digital images in which case if you think you have something suitable for a competition that is coming up please inform the Selectors that you have something that you would like to be considered. (Prints are required for SDL Prints, Horseshoe Trophy, Devon Clubs’ Battle and Kingswood Salver, which normally is the same panel as the Clubs’ Battle).


We will now make sure that members are informed each time a selection has been made for any of the external entries made by the club so that you will know if your image has been chosen.