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Jurassic Coast International
Audio Visual Salon 2022

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Welcome to the Jurassic Coast International AV Salon. This event has taken the place of the previous “Bridgend 5-8 Photo Harmony Competition”, which was successfully run by Bridgend Camera Club from 2008 to 2020. Exmouth Photo Group has taken over the running of the event and this is our second year.  We have expanded the competition into two sections: Photo Harmony and Open. 

Why Jurassic Coast? Exmouth is at the western end of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, which runs for ninety-five miles to Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. Our logo shows the Geoneedle, which marks its start.


Entries can be received from:                                             1st January 2022
Closing date:                                                                       3rd April 2022

Judging completed                                                              15th May 2022

Zoom event of Awards and Acceptances:                           28th & 29th May 2022

Live Gala Showing at Woodbury Hall:                                11th June 2022

Results emailed and published on website:                        20th June 2022

Catalogues and Awards distributed by                                28th June 2022


Please read and digest the Rules by clicking here


To download the Fiche by clicking on format preference below:

PDF using the fill and sign option

Excel Spreadsheet

Photo Harmony

A Photo Harmony sequence is a progression of still images linked to sound.  No words or a story with a specific beginning, middle and ending are required. The emphasis is on matching high-quality images with appropriate transitions and harmonising them with the sound. The sequence should be constructed so that images progress harmoniously in terms of colour or tone and graphic design. The aim is not to display images which may be excellent when considered individually but which fail to harmonise with each other and with the sound chosen. It is recommended that the sound and the images start and finish together and that the original ending of the music is preserved rather than an arbitrary fade-out.


AVs entered in the Open section will be judged using internationally accepted criteria, where the quality and appropriateness of the images and the sound track, how those two interrelate and of the concept/production, will all contribute to the overall judgment.  The choice of subject is entirely at the author's discretion.


Photo Harmony

  • 1st  -  FIAP Gold Medal

  • 2nd -  PAGB Silver Medal

  • 3rd  -  PAGB Bronze Medal

  • 3 x Judges Choice FIAP Honourable Mention Ribbons

  • 3 x Judges Choice Jurassic Medals


  • 1st  -  FIAP Gold Medal

  • 2nd -  PAGB Silver Medal

  • 3rd  -  PAGB Bronze Medal

  • 3 x Judges Choice FIAP Honourable Mention Ribbons

  • 3 x Judges Choice Jurassic Medals 

From either section

  • Best Photography                           Jurassic Medal

  • Best Sound.                                    Jurassic Medal

  • Rising Star Award                           FIAP Bronze Medal for Best Newcomer*

*Newcomer is defined as someone who has never won an award in a National or International AV Competition, and does not hold an AV distinction from the RPS, PAGB, FIAP, IPF or APS or other national photographic association.


Martin Fry



Carlo Fiorina



Erhard Hobrecker


Jurassic Coast International AV Salon 2021 


To view full details, download Catalogue, Rules,  and  the  40 accepted sequences for the 2021 Salon please click here 

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