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WCPF DPIC - February 2017
(Digital Projected Image Competition)

There are 3 judges who each mark an image out of 5. The judges only have a few seconds to evaluate the image so high impact, along with excellent quality is a selection criteria. The Day is daunting and the judges probably sit through over 1000 images.

Our entry for February 2017 scoring 194 points and coming joint 6th with 56 clubs entering. John Perriam gained a Ribbon and Certificate for his Alien Abduction, so well done.

Please click on any image to view gallery

Alien Abduction by John Perriam - 12 points + Ribbon

The Stationmaster by Andy Lock - 12 points

Kings Cross Station by Ian Bateman - 11 points

Up and Away by John Perriam - 11 points

Highway to Hell by Ian Bateman - 12 points

Long Tongued Bat by Sheila Haycox - 12 points

Where Am I by Ian Bateman - 10 points

Upwardly Mobile by John Wickett - 10 points

Table 45 by Derrick Holliday - 10 points

The Red Shoes by John Perriam - 11 points

The Rat Catcher by Mo Martin - 12 points

Abbatiale St Sauveur by John Wickett - 11 points

Renewable Energy by Derrick Holliday - 9 points

Impala at Play by Mo Martin - 9 points

Feeling the Chill by Peter Hyett - 9 points

Approaching Mt Olympus by Sheila Haycox - 11 points

African Fish Eagle Take Off by Mo Martin - 10 points

African Fish Eagles by Jenny Baker - 12 points

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