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WCPF DPIC - February 2014
(Digital Projected Image Competition)

Each year the club enters the WCPF Digital Projected Image Competition which is held at the Corn Exchange, Exeter sometime in February. The club is asked to enter 20 images with no more than four images from each photographer and not more than five nature images per club. Below the selection chosen for the club's entry.

This year on the 23rd February 55 Clubs from the Western Region Entered the competition and the judges were Paul Keene  FRPS MPAGB EFIAP/p, Maureen Toft   EFIAP/p MPAGB MPSA ABPE, Brian Swinyard   MA ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3* PPSA.

The Winning Club was Dorchester with 255 points, 2nd Bristol Photographic with 253 points 3rd Zen with 248 points, 4th Plymouth, 243 points, joint 5th Newton Abbot and F8 Imaging with 242 points. We were reasonably happy with our score, which was an overall total of 226 points which made us 18th. We were pleased to get three images with 13 points, Eyes Right from John Perriam, Whilst All Around is Madness by Derrick Holliday and Callanaish Stones at Night by Sheila Haycox.

Please click on a image to open Gallery

Callanaish Stones by Sheila Haycox - 13 points

Eyes Right, John Perriam - 13 points

Whilst All Around is Madness, Derrick Holliday - 13 points

Apple Store, Jenny Baker - 10 points

The Door, Jenny Baker - 10 points

Chinese Lanterns, Steve Culverhouse - 10 points

Mist Over Valley by Sheila Haycox - 11 points

Mist over Loch, Sheila Haycox 12 points

Funghi, Sheila Haycox - 12 points

Leaf, Derrick Holliday - 11 points

Adding a Cherry, Peter Hyett - 11 poionts

Reflected Tunes, Maurice Chittock - 10 points

Morning Light, Derrick Holliday - 12 points

4 by John Wickett - 11 points

Reflections on Loch Rannoch, Christine Chittock - 11 points

MG Bouncing up Simms Hill, John Perriam - 12 points

Gannet Returning to its Mate, Dave McHutchison - 12 points

Skye Bridge, Dave McHutchison - 11 points

Eilean Donan Castle, Dave McHutchison - 11 points

Hebredian Sunset by Dave McHutchison - 10 points

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