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South Devon League Digital & Print Battle

Season 2016 to 2017

Both sections have now been completed and the results were 1st for Newton Abbot by 4 points with Exmouth getting 2nd place, 3rd Dawlish and 4th Crediton.

                    Crediton.        Dawlish.        Exmouth.       Newton Abbot
Prints.           233.                 245.              242.                 247
DPI.               214.                207.              227.                 226
Total.             447.                452.              469.                 473
Result.           4th.                 3rd.                2nd.                 1st

The South Devon League Battles are between Dawlish & Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Crediton and ourselves. We have two battles a season, the Print Battle in either November or December and the Digital Battle sometime in the spring. Each club enters 15 prints and 15 digital images for each of the competitions. We are not allowed more than 2 images from the same photographer.

The Print Meeting was held on Friday 11 November at Crediton and the Judge was John Kelly from Bideford who gave very thought provoking and sometime hilarious comments to the images. Newton Abbot came first with 249 points, Dawlish and Teignmouth was second with 245 points, Exmouth 3rd with 242 points and Crediton had 233 points.

It was a good evening with some fantastic images, the standard is going up all the time. Exmouth needs to make a real effort for their digital entry to gain those few extra points to still retain the cup as the scores were very close. Each image is scored out of 20 with a maximum mark of 17 so that the final three can get 18, 19 and 20. Exmouth fortunately got 2nd place with Sheila's Misty Morning.

The Digital battle took place on Wednesday 8th March at Dawlish with Alan Davey as the judge. Exmouth unfortunately missed out on only having one of the top placings which caused us to come 2nd in the League. John Perriam had 18 points for his Up and Away which came 3rd.

Exmouth's Print Entries  - Please click on any image to view gallery


Franco by Jenny Baker 16

PrintReculver Falls

Reculver Falls by Derrick Holliday 16

PrintMisty Morning

Misty Morning by Sheila Haycox 19

PrintPlitvice Waterfall

Plitvice Waterfall by Beate Gregory 15

PrintTable 45

Table 45 by Derrick Holliday 17

PrintNo Cycling (colour)

The Tunnel by Ian Bateman 15

PrintThe Kid

The Kid by John Wickett 17

PrintUpwardly Mobile

Upwardly Mobile by John Wickett 16

PrintOne Man and his Dog

One Man and His Dog by Mo Martin 16

Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction by John Perriam 17


View toward Bidston Hill Observatory 15


Tulip Staircase by Ian Bateman 16

PrintFish Supper

Fish Supper by Jenny Baker 16


Red Eyed Tree Frog by Sheila Haycox 16

PrintDrip Drip Drip

Drip Drip Drip by John Perriam 15

Exmouth's Digital Entries  - Please click on any image to view gallery

Up and Away

Up and Way by John Perriam 18 points (3rd place)

Abbatiale St.Sauveur

Abbatiale St Sauveur by John Wickett 15 points

Kings Cross Station

Kings Cross Station by Ian Bateman 17 points

The Stationmaster

The Stationmaster by Andy Lock - 17 points

The Rat Catcher

The Rat Catcher by Mo Martin 17 points

Where am I

Where Am I by Ian Bateman - 16 points

The Guardian

The Guardian by Derrick Holliday 14 points

Paddy's Hole - Huts and Works

Huts and Works by Christine Chittock 17 points


Passion by Sheila Haycox 14 points

Icy Leaves

Icy Leaves by Andy Lock 11 points

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Gateshead Millennium Bridge by Christine Chittock 16 points

Impala at Play

Impala at Play by Mo Martin 13 points

All the Gear

All the Gear by John Wickett 15 points

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes by John Perriam 14 points

African Fish Eagles

African Fish Eagles by Jenny Baker 14 points

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