PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship - Ormskirk 6 November 2016

37 Clubs took part from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and the judges were Irene Froy MPAGB EFIAP HonPAGB BPE4*, Michael 0'Sullivan FRPS FIPF and Richard Speirs DPAGB APAGB.

It was an honour for our club to be asked to represent the WCPF in the PAGB Print Championship so we did our best knowing that we were up against some very tough clubs in the Midlands and Scotland. We did not disgrace ourselves, we were roughly 20th out of the 37 clubs in the first round so did not make the top 8 so we had to enter the Plate Competition with the other 29 clubs. The marking 4 band system was used ie each judge scoring2 to 5. 2 being well below standard, 3 below required standard, 4 in and a general level of acceptance and if you got a 5 it was definitely in being an image that could have a possible award. So with 2 prints getting a 5 and the rest having a 4 from most of the judges we did well.

As Rod Whelans said congratulations to those of you who took part. Wherever you finished it is a notable achievement just to have qualified to participate in the Print Championship. Most Clubs never will!

Prints for 1st Round - please click on any image to view gallery

Prints for the Plate - please click on any image to view gallery

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