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14th February 2024 Roy Carr AWPF “A Year in Their Lives”


Roy gave us a very interesting and informative talk about his long term project” A Year in their Lives”. This was a series of documentary photographs, which captured sheep farming in South Wales in all its aspects, reflecting the conditions in which the farmers were working. It led to an exhibition at the Cynon Valley Museum Aberdare.


Roy loves the way that photography can tell a story, and he was inspired by the rural photography of James Ravillious, and the work of Ian Lawson” From the Land Comes the Cloth”, and James Rebanks”The Shepherd’s Life”.


Roy showed us some excellent mono and colour images, capturing the time of year and weather conditions, behind the scene shots at the Royal Welsh Show, prize winning animals, sheep shearing, hay bales, and sheep at the market. His portraits of the farmers at auction were fascinating, and it was obvious that he had developed good relationships with them.


A most enjoyable and inspiring evening.

Review by Gill Stocker

7th February 2024 Members Evening Brian Westaway Sandra Morton and Mo Martin ARPS, CPAGB


Three members of EPG showing a variety of projects and travels. Brian started the evening with his passion of fishing from a boat, which he spends time out on the lake with his friend. We had videos of his friend trying to land the trout and lots of images of the catch of the day. Next, we learnt about young guns, Brian produced an interesting AV all about the training of how to learn to shoot. With the average age range of a group of 12- to 16-year-olds.

We then went on to see Storms. Another AV of local storms around our coasts. Next, we went to a classic car show. We then went around the beautiful country of Italy with some beautiful photography. To finish we came back to Cornish villages, lighthouses, gardens and quaint towns.

Sandra presented next with her panel projects explaining where her ideas for the panels came from. The first from a trip from St Ives which were all produced in the Hepworth gallery. The panel called Hepworth Homage was produced from taking parts of the sculptures in the garden.

Next, we went for a walk around Exeter and Sandra then produced an interesting panel called Gulls on grimy glass. All from hearing a strange noise on the train station roofs. Brilliant. Finaly, for the third panel Sentinels, we went for a tip around Stourhead and learnt about Sandras’s fascination with the ancient trees. Finaly, we shared a range of photographs that Sandra has been experimenting with different techniques. What a journey of great ideas and images that Sandra is producing.

Mo finished the evening off with her recent trip last October 2023 to Canada.  A lot of miles were covered by car and planes. The history of the visit to the museum of human rights, Mo found very challenging that nothing has changed, history is still being repeated. Mo talked about a must watch film the Bone of crows.


We went to Winnipeg art gallery, showing the exhibit of Inuit art, beautiful work. We visited rushing rivers and the wetlands with the Canadian geese. A lovely drive down stopping on the way to catch a very old plane, to get to the Great bear lodge. Mo produced some lovely video of the bears with their young catching and eating the salmon.  To finish of the evening, The teddy bears picnic AV, brilliant photography


A very big thank you to all three presenters tonight.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

31st January 2024 Mike Bennett LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3* "Visual Video Jukebox"

Tonight’s zoom speaker Mike Bennett, what a brilliant variety of images we all enjoyed tonight.

We started the evening with urban art in Grimsby with the artists at work. Then on to a visit a visit to an engineering workshop in Hull before it moved to new premises. Off we then went on a scooter rally in Cleethorpes, looking at all the scooters and colourful characters at the rally. Mike then played an AV all about street photography with great choice of music to match the photos. On we went to see some great images in monochrome. Next another AV of fantastic portraits.Mike talked about learning nature and bird photography, challenging his self to come out of his comfort zone, encouraging everyone to try something new.

Mike Bennett.jpg

We finished the evening with Mikes creative work. Mike showed the before and after, then demonstrated how he created the images working in layers in photoshop, giving everyone lots of tips of the way to produce the image.

A fantastic evening with some great photography enjoyed by all at EPG, Sidmouth CC and Wantage.  For more of Mikes work check out his website

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Competition 3 - 24th January 2024 - Judge Steve Wilcox 

Our judge for this evening was Steve Wilcox from Wellington Camera Club. He gave a very thoughtful and considered review of all the entries in each category, with helpful suggestions on how to make each image stronger.
We had four sections in all, Colour Prints, Mono Prints, DPI Mono and DPI Colour. The Overall winning image was given to Christine Chittock for her Mono DPI Gold Explaining.
Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered to make another interesting evening.

If you wish to view the competition winners please click here.
To view the Running Totals please click here

Review by Gill Stocker

10th January 2024 Speaker Gordan Aspland Fine Art or Blurry Mess

Tonight, via zoom Sidmouth and Wantage camera clubs joined together with EPG

Gordan gave a very interesting talk, as he said, warts and all. Gordan explained his journey of how he has been experimenting with different techniques, shutter speeds, apertures and mainly auto iso.

Gordan said on his phone he uses slow shutter ghost video app, which he has produced some very interesting images, just going out with his phone. Gordan suggested looking at Eva Pollack on ICM on Utube, suggesting Staphanie Johnston on Instagram, also mentioned Gary Mcintyre,YouTube also.

Gordan demonstrated ICM on trees, people, buildings animals using straight up and down, zooming and as he called it, jiggling.

Gordan took us to Dawlish to demonstrate his techniques on the beach and in the town. Also, over to Kitzbuhel in Austria for some more abstract images. Gordan then finished of with an AV Gallery of his images and his journey. As Gordan said you always produce a different image that is always individual and cannot be copied.

An interesting evening enjoyed by everyone.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

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GA Image 2.jpg

Wednesday 17th January 2024 Members evening Gill Stocker, Jenny Baker ARPS CPAGB and Derrick Holiday ARPS

What a brilliant evening, from three of our talented EPG members.

We started the evening with Gill presenting an AV Renaissance sound and light show, all taken on her iPhone. The next we visited Aberdeen the granite city. Gill showed the city with a tour around presenting the history of this fabulous place. Next, we visited Royal Aberdeenshire the balmoral trail, castles and the town of Dunator.

We then went to Boscastle and what an interesting place. Gill showed that there was more to Boscastle than the main street. Giving us the history of the floods, and photographing it from all around the outskirts, great views of Boscastle. We then went down the valency valley in Boscastle.  Gill finished her presentation for the evening of AVs with Exmouth Autumn Festival and giant funfair.

Next Jenny gave us an AV called Moor to this, a fabulous AV set around Dartmoor. Dingles Fairground AV was inspired from our summer outing visit. Jenny then took us to the Cornish Alps, a very clever AV with the history of mining the clay, also, what beautiful pottery was produced through the time and also the effect on the landscape. The Rock was the next clever production produced by Jenny, all set around the rock chapel, stunning photography and great atmosphere with the sound effects.

Wyming Brook was set in the Leeds area from a visit in the autumn.  To finish the evening Jenny was unable to go abroad and so visited zoos around the UK photographing all the animals, capturing some stunning images and then making a brilliant AV.

We finished the evening with seven of Derricks brilliant Avs. The Fest, images taken on a summer outing to Devon trucks. Great images and added videos demonstrating the size and sound of the event. Next, we had Mo Pop set in in Seattle what a tower of guitars and great history. Then Gehrys Vision: Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, what beautiful photography of a amazing building.


We then witnessed the injustice of war with, the non-violent offender, a very powerful AV. Next 9th battalion another emotional AV. We then went to Manhatton downtown, Derrick covered the Chrysler tower, the apple store, Guggenheim Museum, central park with the John Lennon memorial and the 9/11 museum a brilliant portrayal.To finish the evening, we had a light hearted AV of the Dancing Starlings.

A very big thank you for a fantastic evening from all three of our presenters.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

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