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13 January 2021 - Presentation by Tommy Hatwell, Around the World and Back Again


Tommy is a Plymouth based full-time commercial photographer, and creative coach, working on a wide variety of photographic projects across Devon, Cornwall, the UK, and Worldwide.

Tommy talked about his journey with the way his photography developed, while traveling and working, around the world, from 2005 to 2017

Starting in New Zealand with the capture of the great photo of the Orca we visited along the way. Croatia, Uganda, Zambia, Morocco, Africa, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Tasmania and to India.

With the variety of many different jobs that enabled Tommy to work his way around the world. Also enabling the funding and the purchase of cameras and equipment. We were taken on a wonderful journey to see his personal growth, through the years and the development of his photography.

Tommy gave a lovely insight to the lives of all the people, getting to know about them before taking there photographs  We felt that we had made friends with all the people lives, by the kind caring way they were photographed, with the gentleness of Tommy.

Please visit the following links to the marvellous work being done:

Think People Think Story;  Tommy's Talks;   Covid-19 vs Uganda;  Commercial Photography;   Photography Coaching


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

6 January 2021 - Members Evening 

For the start of 2021 we were entertained over zoom, with three of our own members.

John Wickett ARPS started the evening with showing his skills of altering and colouring his old family photos with great skill and impressive results. John then went on to show how he produced his still life photos. Which were created in the dark using torch lighting, inspired by the photographer Harold Ross. John then went on to demonstrate his still life decaying flower photos, beautifully produced. After that we were taken around many abandoned buildings showing the dereliction inside of many pervious homes and businesses.

Finally, we were taken on a Journey of Johns travels with his camper van. Through France and around Brittany. We were taken to Russia with the fascinating tube stations. Then on to New York and finally around the fascinating country of India.

Christine Chittock CPAGB started the second part of the evening showing a variety of Audio visuals. A Misty Morning AV, beautifully production of ice and frost all taken locally. Then Glass, produced from photography taken at the House of marbles. We then had The Bear the blossom and the blindfold. Staffordshire's National Memorial Arboretum. Very poignant. Finally finishing up with the Roman Baths, reflections and statues beautifully produced.

Maurice Chittock finished the evening with an explanation off the equipment that he likes to use, to photograph his love of boats. Photographed down the river and also while single handed, guiding his own sailing yacht out at sea. Maurice managed to capture photos of cruise liners and sailing races throughout the summer.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Happy New Year

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