Newsletter 2021

16th June 2021 - Kylie-ann Martin. EFIAP, BPE2, CPAGB, LDPS - My Journey in Photography - So Far .......

Kylie gave a very entertaining talk on how she got into photography and the restrictions she has on where to take her photos.   She explained that as she has ME CFS FM and with the help of her father started her journey into photography.   She wasn't afraid to show some of her very first images but soon progressed on to a very varied selection of images and how she worked towards gaining her qualifications. 

Kylie was also a fun story teller and related many anecdotes to us on how she competed with her father and some of the incidents that happened whilst taking the photos.

A very informative and enjoyable evening with excellent photography all taken within 8 miles of her home.

Review by Sheila Haycox


June 2nd 2021 - Gerald Chamberlain DPAGB EFIAP - Black and white photography and  processing

What a lovely gentleman who presented EPG with a very relaxed evening. Gerald started the evening with A Grand Day Out AV of BW images all taken in jpg, in camera. We were then treated to a variety of beautiful high key images.

We were then delighted and entertained, with a range of characters from steam punk, Edinburgh fringe festival, medieval re-enactment weekends and also ragged Victorians. Gerald demonstrated how he included textures and the manipulation he used, to achieve the end result, which produced a range of powerful, stunning, creative images.


Gerald talked about the fuji mirrorless camera that he had converted to ICM. He produced such different gentle images that worked so well in infrared.

What beautiful images of the 800 abandoned cars in a forest scrapyard in Sweden, no wonder he feels the need to keep going back.

To finish the evening Gerald, demonstrated how he processed four images from colour to BW using photoshop and Nik effects. He then finished off with the comparison of the subtle changes in a final AV. What an informative presentation enjoyed by all our members.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary.

19th May 2021 Exmouth Photo Group Show and Tell

Exmouth Photo Groups first trial of our members showing three of their own personal images. Our members were encouraged to show and tell what they enjoyed about three of their own images on any subject of their choice. We were treated to a very enjoyable evening seeing the great variety of photos, on a diverse range of topics from abroad and then right back into our back gardens.

This evening highlighted the range of talent that we have in our club. How our members are crafting and experimenting with a wide range of subjects. Also challenging and pushing their selves to try new projects.

A very relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable evening, seeing our own members images.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

5th May 2021 Bob Johnson ARPS The Wildlife of the UK


Bob photographs wildlife around the UK. The evening demonstrated his passion and dedication with all the patience needed, sometimes days, to capture the image he was chasing. We were entertained throughout the evening with such stunning birds of prey, Little owls, woodpeckers, hares, badgers, foxes, adders, partridges, kingfishers, cuckoos, buzzards, kites and so many more species.

Bob gave detailed information of the setup of various hides used, also the perches and the bait. He explained the building of a large reflection pool that he built with the help of friends on the land of a local farm. With these methods he was able to capture the stunning images that he presented to the club throughout the evening.

Bob Johnson.png

 Great care was taken with the capture and the backgrounds, complimenting every photo, to create the fantastic images shown.

Bob then went on a trip to Norway to capture birds that do visit the UK. Spending four weeks in the polar icecaps. Bob came back elated with beautiful images of golden eagles and especially the stunning image of the rarely photographed Goshawk.

A very gently told explanation of the all the images complimented the evening, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Annual General Meeting 21st April 2020.


We had 35 attend the AGM which went very well considering it was held via Zoom.    Ian had set up a Google Voting Form for members to record any votes that were required which went well.  AGM finished at 19.48.

We than went into the Awards and Presentations for competitions held throughout the past season.  For the Colour DPI Monthly competition Derrick Holliday gained 3rd place with 31 points; Nova Fisher 2nd place with 34 points and Sheila Haycox 1st Place with 34 points but one more gold award.

For the Monthly Mono DPI section Ian Bateman gained 3rd place with 21 points, Christine Chittock 2nd place with 29 points and John Wickett 1st place with 34 points. John Perriam won the Colour Panels Competition; Kristina Adamson won the Mono Panels Competition and the Set Subject had joint winners who were Sandra Morton and John Wickett.

Maurice then spoke about The Chairman’s Shield and mentioned several members who could be potential recipients.    He than went on to speak about a member who has done so much for the club over the last few years by creating an AV Group, organising the club’s new AV Salon Jurassic International Salon, sorting out our Zoom presentations plus much more.   Maurice then went on to award the Chairman’s Shield to Ian Bateman. 

Maurice then went through all the images he received for the Chairman’s Challenge.  There were 79 images for the two subjects Lines and Points of View. The Winner of the Lines section was Ian Bateman with his image called Refracted Lines and the winner for the Viewpoint section was again Ian Bateman with his image called Underneath the Arches.   All the winning images can be viewed here. The Overall Winner for the Chairman’s Challenge was Ian Bateman for his Underneath the Arches.

At the end of the meeting Mo Martin had the pleasure of announcing that she is now an ARPS for her panel of Sports Images.  Congratulations Mo.

Review by Sheila Haycox   Webmaster                         

Project Evening 14th April 2021

We had three members showing us their work this evening, Peter Hyett ARPS  and Carol Hyett LRPS and Brian Westaway.

Brian started the evening and showed a large mixture of his work, ranging from scenes of Autumn,  stormy seas plus wild life and fauna. 

We also paid  a visit to  Turkey’s  landscapes, traditional dancers, bazars and temples and saw an insight into their life.


Brian also showed us images from his other hobby, shooting,  which Brian said is difficult to photograph because holding a gun, looking after dogs and managing a camera is not that easy.   A good insight on how a shoot is conducted.

Brian Westaway.jpg

Peter and Carol then did a shared project.   Peter said that over the last few months they have been delving into their older photos  and trying to rescue some of the imperfections. This resulted in them  showing a  short collection of images of them climbing Ben Nevis.   

We then were shown how they  celebrated  VE Day during Lockdown last year. they had a street party.  Peter and Carol also managed to visit a wildlife establishment to take images of birds and harvest mice.

We then saw two AV ‘s which came to fruition due to a music challenge.   Peter showed The Scream giving you the impression of Jack the Ripper but it had a twist at the end.  Carol  then showed  Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. 

C&P 14.4.21.jpg

Milton Keynes was the next stop, a place where Peter worked and showed photos of a new  railway network and engineering works under construction.


Peter then showed us a selection of boat trials, flowers with different treatments which included focus stacking and in ice.  Also images of an air show and a few creative images.

All in all an interesting evening with a great variety of work from all three presenters.

Review by Sheila Haycox

WCPF AV Competition held on the 10 April 2021

The AV Competition was hosted by the WCPF and run by Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP APAGB    The Judge was Malcolm Imhoff FRPS FACI(M) who was an excellent judge and gave comments on each AV.


Again members of Exmouth Photo Group did well, we had six members who gained awards for their AVs.   Ian Bateman, Jenny Baker, Derrick Holliday, John Perriam, Mo Martin and Sheila Haycox.    Click here to see a copy of the Results.    All results of AVs will be posted on the WCPF website as well.   

7th April 2021 Panel Competition Judge Mike Sharples ARPS, MPAGB, EFIA

Tonight, we had the panel competition with a very good variety of panels from 16 members of our club. We had 23 panels, entered into the colour section and 16 panels into the monochrome section. Members could enter a panel of 4, 5 or 6 images on a theme, in to both classes - colour or mono all DPIs

Mike went through each panel with, thoughtful, constructive criticism. Taking time to access and review each individual image that made up the panel, He then awarded highly commended, bronze, silver and gold for the colour and highly commended bronze, silver and gold for the monochrome.  Thank you to all the participants, for taking part, to make the evening a success.

Congratulations to all the successful panels on the night.

Please, check out the website for the winning images and highly commended, of both the colour and the monochrome competition by clicking here


 Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

31st March 2021Members' Project Evening with Sheila Haycox ARPS, MPAGB/AV, EFIAP and John Perriam ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP

Tonight, we were treated to a fascinating insight to the minds of two of EPGs long-standing members.

Sheila started the evening with being very productive with all the extra time indoors through the past months. Sheila had worked on her backlog of photos to produce brilliant AVs with tales off the places she has photographed over the many years of photography.

 We visited Ireland, Morocco, the ghosts in Bolton Abbey then on to Yorkshire. We then went for a drive in a classic Morgan at Le Mans. Next, we were given a visual treat of birds of Paradise, merged with a montage of various flower background, beautifully done.

Another trip around Ireland with more stunning photo locations followed. We then went on to beautiful Tuscany, for a photo harmony. To finish the presentation, we were entertained with a fantastic AV called, Behind the Masks, a winner for sure.

For the second part of the evening, we had a presentation from John who showed an evening of Landscapes.

John said he thought he was not a landscape photographer, but the evening proved him wrong.

John travelled all around the UK. Demonstrating the use of leading lines and also the use of foreground, to produce visually pleasing photos at so many locations. All the photos had great composition and thoughtful skill to produce the very enjoyable evening.

Landscape is just another skill that John has mastered with his many other skills

Thank you to both, everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn Programme secretary.

Sheila 500 x 500.jpg
John Perriam.jpg

24th March 2021 - Speakers Duncan and Deborah Armour -

Rainforest of the World

Tonight, we were treated to a fascinating insight to the beautiful capture of the exotic Birds, frogs, toxic snakes, butterflies, sloths and so much more. All taken in the rainforests of South and Central America, in the areas of Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama.

Duncan described the setup of his field studio work that they use for the lighting of the animals they capture, with mainly canon camera systems. This enabled them to capture so much extra detail in both Duncan and Deborahs award-winning photography. Duncan described his use of various backgrounds which they take with them on their travels, to create such stunning, detailed, creative, precise work.


We then had an explanation of hatching out your own butterflies and moths with great care and morality. Setting them up with flowers, to enable them to be capture with a white background. Producing very artistic photographs.

We finished the evening, with the Art of flight.

Beautiful photos of the way of capturing birds in flight. Stunning captures of macaws, parrots and the most unusual hummingbirds. Duncan explained how this all could be done in the UK using the same methods. A thoroughly brilliant detailed, informative evening enjoyed by all of our members.

To view their site please click here

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

17 March 2021 - South Devon League Battle - Hosted by Dawlish and Teignmouth

The Digital section of the South Devon League Battle was held via Zoom conferencing and the judge was Kay Wilson.  I am delighted to say that Exmouth retain the Cup this season for the SDL Battle and all details can be seen here

10th March 2021 Speaker Hugh Letheren -  Water Drop Photography

Hugh explained the history and technicalities of his own development of water drop photography. Hugh explained how he built a laser beam breaker, to experiment and develop his water droplet photos.

He then moved on to using a sophisticated microcomputer, that was developed by crowdfunding. This helped to produce more accurate, controlled, droplets. Also, it can produce multiple droplets.

Hugh gave tips on the best photo settings that he uses. Hugh also explained after experimentation, what he found was to be the most useful, to mix into the water, to give the various droplets effects.

A small amount of photoshop was used in the images, but mostly for artistic merit. A beautiful set of creative images presented from so much dedication. This showed through his enjoyment and passion for his water droplet photography.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Hugh Lethern.png

3 March 2021 - Monthly Competition 4 - Judged by Ian Hosker LRPS

Tonight, we had competition 4 of the season with a very good variety of photographs from 24 members of our club. We had 52 images entered into the colour section and 18 images into the monochrome section. All PDI images viewed over zoom

Ian went through each image with, thoughtful, constructive criticism. Taking time to access and review each individual image to produce the highly commended, bronze, silver and golds for the colour and highly commended, bronze, silver and gold for the monochrome.

Thank you to all the participants, for taking part, to make the evening a success. Congratulations to all the successful images on the night.

Special congratulations to Sheila Haycox for bronze silver gold and overall winner of the evening.  Please check the website for highly commended, bronze, silver and gold winning images, of both the colour and the monochrome competition, by clicking here


Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit in Audio Visual was  held on 14 February 2021 and  hosted by EPG

Howard Tate President of the PAGB and Rod Wheelans Chair of APM were in charge of the event and the panel of judges were Robert Albright, Gordon Jenkins, Martin Fry, Howard Bagshaw and Richard Spiers.  

The event by organised by Ian Bateman and what a fantastic job he did.   The Adjudications were for CPAGB (6 applications), DPAGB (5 applications) and MPAGB (4 applications).   4 applicants passed the CPAGB and two of those were from Exmouth, so I am delighted to report that Mo Martin CPAGB, and Jenny Baker CPAGB were successful - very many congratulations.     1 person passed the DPAGB and 1 person passed the MPAGB.

Please read the attached article which was published in the PAGB News, there is loads of information all about the day including images and comments from people who watched the event on Zoom. Its all on Page 3 - 6.   Please click here to view the PDF Document

24 February 2021 - Into the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods  a talk by  George Robertson DPAGB

What a presentation, fantastic, George took us on an evening of the most stunning photos taken on his journey leading his clients, mountaineering and trekking, on the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram mountains in Northern Pakistan. George stated that he only had time for snaps, but what stunning snaps he presented all the way through the journey, a visual treat.

The Karakoram is a mountain range spanning the borders of China, India, and Pakistan, with the northwest extremity of the range extending to Afghanistan

The Karakoram mountains, however, are very distinctive, for while most of the world’s highest peaks are blanketed in snow and ice. The mountains are vertical jagged outlines of granite spires glistening in the sun on slopes that are often too steep for snow to lie. We travelled up dirt almost none existence road, across man made bridges, trekking up to glaciers, around glacier rivers, up to the peaks, towers pass K2 and finally to climb the Gasherbrum Massif at sunrise. Then we came back down through the Hushi valley viewing K6 and K7 on the way back down


What a stunning photographical journey, presented with a very gentle wonderful commentary.  A great evening.

For more stunning photos and information follow the links and


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary

George Robertson.jpg

17th February  2021 Mix and Match - Judge John Hoskins

EPG had an experimental evening with a mix and match inhouse trial via zoom, with great success. This was possible with the big thanks to Mike Gillian, who devised a new way, of being able to run the two teams on the computer. Ian Bateman then ran the evening from his computer, with his usual skill, responding to the choices from team A, Sheila Haycox and team B, John Perriman.

All members sent photos to the two teams. Then 40 photos from each team were displayed, two photos side by side, displaying on the screen. Then trying for a match and also for the best photo, to score the points.

We were delighted with the judge John Hoskins who joined in with the spirit of the relaxed experimental evening. Not an easy task with all the two teams, giving him there outlandish reasoning, for a match of the two photos presented to him.

He was humorous, witty, and managed to get across some very good photo' critiques. A very entertaining evening which will be repeated

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

10 February 2021 - Members Evening

Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP APAGB & Elaine Bateman -  A Flying Visit

Ian and Elaine gave a very entertaining evening to the club, with what they called, a flying visit. Visiting Singapore, Adelaide in Australia then on to Sydney and then stopping off in Hong Kong.

First stop was Singapore where it is said to rain, for short heavy downpours every day then back to sunshine. Ian and Elaine visited the 165-meter-high observation deck to photograph the very best views across Singapore.

Then on to Adelaide the capital city of the state of South Australia with a visit to Kangaroo Island for six days. The Island has eleven vineyards, inland deserts and beautiful rock formations. Ian produced a fascinating AV all about the trip around Kangaroo Island. We then viewed another perspective of Elaine’s view of Kangaroo Island and also the visit around Sydney in another beautiful AV from Elaine.

Ian Bateman.jpg
Elaine Bateman.jpg

Traveling on to Hong Kong visiting Big Buddha, 112ft tall, called Tian Tan Buddha which is a large bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni. Then on to Man Mo temple, using the cable car to get up to the temple. Ian then created an interesting one-minute AV of the ride coming back down from the temple.

Next, we enjoyed Elaine’s Av of Hong Kong’s markets, the storms coming in, the beautiful birds, terrapins and the Island. We then finished with a newly created AV called, City of Darkness. A fascinating Av from Ian, of the history of the city of Kowloon Walled City, a city within a city, now demolished and its 35,000 inhabitants rehoused.

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

7 February 2021 - WCPF DPIC 

The DPIC Competition was held via a Zoom Meeting  which ran very smoothly, images and scores  can be seen here.     58 clubs entered and we came 18th.   Also Ian Bateman was awarded a commended for his No Cycling image.

3rd February 2021 Barry Holmes FRPS - Macro photography and focus stacking

Barry started the evening demonstrating and talking us through all the equipment that he uses to macro and then to focus stack in the Infinity photo programme. He demonstrated the beautiful quality and depth achieved photographing a variety of beautiful small insects.

Barry achieved his FRPS Panel with the insects that he demonstrated this evening.

He gained his Fellowship of the RPS in November 2011, by submitting a panel of prints on the anatomy of insects using macro photography with focus stacking. 

Barry then went on to show many of the variety of photos that he entered into Photocrowd an online community. Barry joined in 2013/14 and has enjoyed and has had success entering through the years. We had a very enjoyable evening with such a variety of photos from Barry’s journeys from home and abroad.

For more information on Barry and also Photocrowd follow the links below

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

27th January 2020 Competition 3 -  Judged by  Paul Jones

Tonight, we had competition 3 of the season with a very good variety of photographs from 26 members of our club. We had 59 images entered into the colour section and 16 images into the monochrome section. All PDI images

Paul went through each image with, thoughtful, constructive criticism. Taking time to access and review each individual image to produce highly commended, bronze, silver and golds for the colour and bronze, silver and gold for the monochrome.  Thank you to all the participants, for taking part, to make the evening a success. Congratulations to all the successful images on the night.

Please check out the website, for the winning images and highly commended, of both the colour and the monochrome competition by clicking here


Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

20th January 2021 -  Tony Ovens ARPS Caroline Ovens - Members Evening

Tony started the evening off with a talk, of a description of Ley Line on the English maps

A very instructive description of their journey to visit the Churches along the ley lines. Tony and Caroline started to investigate the ley lines. As Tony found a lot of churches are named, St Michael and St Mary along the ley lines. Many people can be found to use the technique of dowsing along the ley lines.

Caroline then showed a lovely AV of the trip to Venice in 2018 with beautiful photos and accompanying music.

Tony then showed photos of his railway journey from Barnstable to Lynton and down to the harbour of Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

The next AV we went around Dubrovnik Croatia set to music. Then Tony went on to talk about T E William and son where his father worked in Bristol. With Tony’s description of the working of the inside of the radios and how technology has developed over the years.


Next, we visited Woody Bay Martinhoe in North Devon. With the fascinating history about the old estate and the history of Colonel Benjamin Lake and his development of the area.

Caroline then showed the next AV around Exmouth with a fascinating look at the changes and development of the past 13 years. A great way to document Exmouth.

Tony then showed the second part of his ley lines talk and Caroline finished the evening with a final AV of around Cornwall. A very enjoyable variety of subjects for the evening.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary.

13 January 2021 - Presentation by Tommy Hatwell, Around the World and Back Again


Tommy is a Plymouth based full-time commercial photographer, and creative coach, working on a wide variety of photographic projects across Devon, Cornwall, the UK, and Worldwide.

Tommy talked about his journey with the way his photography developed, while traveling and working, around the world, from 2005 to 2017

Starting in New Zealand with the capture of the great photo of the Orca we visited along the way. Croatia, Uganda, Zambia, Morocco, Africa, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Tasmania and to India.

With the variety of many different jobs that enabled Tommy to work his way around the world. Also enabling the funding and the purchase of cameras and equipment. We were taken on a wonderful journey to see his personal growth, through the years and the development of his photography.

Tommy gave a lovely insight to the lives of all the people, getting to know about them before taking there photographs  We felt that we had made friends with all the people lives, by the kind caring way they were photographed, with the gentleness of Tommy.

Please visit the following links to the marvellous work being done:

Think People Think Story;  Tommy's Talks;   Covid-19 vs Uganda;  Commercial Photography;   Photography Coaching


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

6 January 2021 - Members Evening 

For the start of 2021 we were entertained over zoom, with three of our own members.

John Wickett ARPS started the evening with showing his skills of altering and colouring his old family photos with great skill and impressive results. John then went on to show how he produced his still life photos. Which were created in the dark using torch lighting, inspired by the photographer Harold Ross. John then went on to demonstrate his still life decaying flower photos, beautifully produced. After that we were taken around many abandoned buildings showing the dereliction inside of many pervious homes and businesses.

Finally, we were taken on a Journey of Johns travels with his camper van. Through France and around Brittany. We were taken to Russia with the fascinating tube stations. Then on to New York and finally around the fascinating country of India.

Christine Chittock CPAGB started the second part of the evening showing a variety of Audio visuals. A Misty Morning AV, beautifully production of ice and frost all taken locally. Then Glass, produced from photography taken at the House of marbles. We then had The Bear the blossom and the blindfold. Staffordshire's National Memorial Arboretum. Very poignant. Finally finishing up with the Roman Baths, reflections and statues beautifully produced.

Maurice Chittock finished the evening with an explanation off the equipment that he likes to use, to photograph his love of boats. Photographed down the river and also while single handed, guiding his own sailing yacht out at sea. Maurice managed to capture photos of cruise liners and sailing races throughout the summer.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Happy New Year