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Latest News 2021

Wednesday 15th December 2021 - Christmas 2021 and the Winter Programme says, ‘Christmas Meal’.


With no in-person meetings in the past 4 months how do we celebrate? The answer was easy: meet up on the sea front for a ‘Walk, Talk and Snack’ followed by a Zoom Christmas Quiz in the evening.

Walk, Talk and Snack

22 members, plus some husbands, wives and friends met at the Octagon on the sea front and then ambled towards Orcombe Point chatting all the way. Some members even took photos and Sheila and Chaz played out their own Hamilton / Verstappen rivalry by speeding along in their ‘mean machines’.

We all then met up again at the Octagon where pasties and pies were enjoyed, whilst admiring the sea view.

An excellent way to safely catch up with friends and thanks go to Mo and Lynn for setting the route and Ian for organising the snacks.

Christmas Quiz

We all met up again in the evening on Zoom and much laughter was had as we tried to answer the brilliant A – Z Christmas clues set by Andy and Mary. Christmas hats were compulsory but unfortunately getting the correct answers seemed to elude many of us.

Ian and Elaine, however proved to be Extremely Perfect Guessers with a score of 58 out of 75 and David’s (Davies) solo effort of 50 / 75 was impressive. Their prize was a virtual Group hug!!  Thank you, Andy and Mary, a wonderful way to end 2021.

Take care, stay safe and have an enjoyable Christmas.


EPG Octagon copy.jpg

8th December 2021  - Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB - The Eloquent Landscape

What a brilliant presentation that Chris delighted EPG with this evening. We started with the fantastic journey around Iceland with the greater landscape down to the more concentrated abstract details off the landscape. All taken at different times of the year. In all kinds of weather, that he braved to make such inspiring stunning photographs.

Beautiful images were produced from a visit in September when visiting high up in the mountains with specialist jeeps to remote areas. Chris produced beautiful lichen covered landscapes and abstract patterned, detailed, images.

Fields, was our next delight, with an area of farmland photographed in different season throughout the year, sometimes from the same spot. Images that will stay in our minds for their beauty and composition.

We then went to another project that Chris has been photographing for the last fifteen years. Stokes Commons. We were given again every different season. Mist, snow, autumn, frost and beautiful ice images.

A very memorable evening enjoyed by all

For more eloquent images please visit Chris' website:

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Chris Palmer Screen.jpg
Chris Palmer.jpg

24th November 2021 Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB In the Making

Gareth delivered a most entertaining evening. Gareth’s presentation was delivered with lots of anecdotal stories and his unique and often subtle humour.

He certainly showed us the effect of the experimentation, with diffused glow, tonal range, sepia toning, high key, grunge effect, darkening and many more effects throughout the evening.

Gareth presented a range of woodlands photos, portraits, dereliction, ICM, landscapes and a variety of bathrooms, of which he is known for. Demonstrating the stages and thought process to produce the final image.

Gareth talked about the papers he used to print his images creating wonderful prints, also showing some of his beautiful miniature prints.

More of Gareth’s images can be viewed


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

17th November 2021 International Exchange

An interesting and very varied evening of 30 photos presented from each of the five clubs from various parts of the world.

The clubs that kindly exchanged their images were:

Edinburgh Photo Society

Exmouth Photo Group

Gibraltar Photo Society

Moussey Art, Paris

Waikato Photo Society, New Zealand

A very big thank you to Peter and Carol Hyett for coordinating all the country’s images and presenting to our club tonight.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

10th November 2021 Members Evening Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB/AV EFIAP

A very enjoyable evening with Sheila. Sheila demonstrated her quality and range of talents in still photography and AVs throughout the evening.

We started with an AV, Angel on high. A song that Sheila matched with her own images to the song she was given, with beautifully created angel images. We were then delighted with a second AV called Dictionary Man. The story about Samuel Johnson working on producing his famous Dictionary.  For the next AV, we were taken to the beautiful country of Costa Rica for the stunning photography of the wildlife and flora, set along with sound tracks of the animals, to make for a great AV. Very interesting and effective.

Then on to the AV Creative Assemblage. Showing the range of talent and expertise of Sheila’s compositing of such a variety of stunning images. We then had the pleasure of a trip around Slovenia with images taken in 2007 to 2011, from the many trips taken to the country.

Next Sheila talked us through a variety of images, churches, castles, mountain ranges, waterfalls and so much more.

We were delighted with six more AVs, The Patterns, Scenic Beauty, Don’t Leave Me, Behind the Mask, The Quest and A Troubled Country about the life of the people in Myanmar. We also enjoyed a talk through images taken by Sheila, while visiting China ibn 1998.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, with a very wide range of beautiful AVs and beautiful images, enjoyed by the professional presentation from Sheila.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary.

Sheila 500 x 500.jpg

3rd November 2021 - Competition 2 Judge Peter Ottley


Competition two, again we had a very good varied entry for our second competition of the season. This evening we had 43 entries for the DPI competition. Peter went through each image with, patience and thoughtful constructive criticism. Giving the author of each image, equal time for assessment and judging.  We had 3 HC, 5 Bronzes, 1 Silver and 2 Golds in the DPIs, given by Peter.

There was 9 colour print entries and 7 black and white print entries. Peter was viewing the prints at home, then a copy of the print was projected as a DPI on the evening for everyone.

There was 2 HC, 1 Silver and 1 Gold in the colour prints.  There was 2 Silvers and 1 Gold in the Mono prints.


Thank you to all the participants for making a very interesting evening and congratulations to all the successful images on the night.

 Many congratulations to the Overall Winner on the night, Peter Hyett, for his image Porcelain Fungus.

Please check out the website, for all the highly commended and winning images, of both the colour print, the black and white prints and the Dpi competition by clicking here.    Don't forget to look at the running totals which you can view here


Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Carol Hyett has success with FIAP Salon Entries

Carol started entering FIAP salons in August this year (with AFIAP qualification in mind) and so far she has had 27 acceptances from 10 different images over 6 salons. 


Her most  successful salon was called NPS PLS 2021 ( FIAP Ref 2021/373,374,375), where she gained 12 acceptances, including a Gold medal and a HM for Eloise also a Honorable Mention  for Squabbling Juvenile Bullfinches. (images below)

Sheila Haycox, ARPS, MPAGB/AV, EFIAP an EPG Member Receives RPS Fenton Medal Member Award

The RPS Awards for 2021 were announced on the 26th October 2021 via You Tube  and I am delighted to announce Sheila Haycox as recipient of the Members Award which gets a Fenton Medal.   Below an excerpt of the Awards Ceremony announcing Sheila's Award..  You can view the whole ceremony of Award Recipients by clicking here.

Success for Derrick Holliday

Derrick  has been very active in the AV world and I have been remiss in not mentioning his recent Honourable Mention for the AV ‘Playtime’ in the Photo Harmony section of the Irish National and International Photo Harmony AV Salon.

27th October 2021 Malcolm Hupman - Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK

This evening we were given a feast of fantastic photography of the wildlife around the UK. Beautifully photographed by Malcom. We had all the technical details and all the locations of every photo, to help and encourage the visit of the various locations around the UK.

Malcolm displayed so many beautifully captured birds, that he has managed to record in such beautiful backgrounds, with absolutely nothing distracting in the image. We were treated to such beautiful rare butterflies, which Malcolm was very pleased to have captured. We visited a range of nature reserves throughout the evening, with the detail of where to park and even if they had a café and the quality of the cake.


We viewed puffins on the Farne Islands, deer in Bradgate park, red kites at feeding times on the way up to Scotland also red squirrels, grey seals in Norfolk and in total 136 different bird butterflies and mammals throughout the evening.      

A very entertaining and informative evening.

For more technical information and to view Malcolm’s images, visit       

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

20th October 2021 Exmouth Photo Group Show and Tell

Exmouth Photo Groups evening of our own members showing three of their personal favourite images. All members were encouraged to show and tell what they enjoyed about the three images, on any subject that they would like to present on the evening.

Once again, we were treated to a very enjoyable evening seeing the great variety of photos, on a very diverse range of topics, from abroad and then right back to the Red Arrows display in Sidmouth.

Again, this evening highlighted the range of talent that we have in our club. How our members are experimenting with a wide range of subjects. With the evening breaking out to a discussion about ICM, in camera movement. Members were also demonstrating experimentational ideas on projects taken at home.

Again, a very relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable evening, seeing our own members images. Thank you to all members that contributed to the very enjoyable evening.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

13th October 2021 - Speaker Marianthi Lainas - The Littoral Landscape

We started the evening in Marianths home town on the Wirral, then travelling up to the Western Isles of Lewis and south Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Then onto much further north to colder climates of the arctic coastline of Greenland.

Marianthi is drawn to those dynamic spaces at the far edges of the land, shifting sands, cycles of ebb and flow, and the transience of the littoral landscape. Marianths described her way of taking her time to look at the form and balance of her images, looking at colour, Light, mid tones and dark before composing and taking her image.

Marianth described how recently she has been using camera-less photographic techniques in particular, cyanotype working on her local beach and exposing light-sensitive papers to the dynamic elements of wind, seawater and sand. Producing beautiful abstract work.

A fantastic inspiring evening, enjoyed by all our members.

Any questions email                                                   

For more great images visit Marianths Website:


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn programme secretary EPG

Marianthi Lainas.jpg

6th October 2021 Speaker Stephen Galvin LRPS Retrospective

Stephen gave a talk on looking back through the years to assess and evaluate his progress and development of his photography. Encouraging us all to look back to see the way we have developed with our own photography.

Stephen covered so many different subjects that he has photographed through the years.His journey has covered humour, football, cheer leading, ploughing, racing, tennis, racing at Santa pod. Then on to skiing, yachting and unusual canoes. Stephen talked about HDR and photo stacking your photos, slow shutter speeds, abstract art and leading lines.

In the second half Stephen covered underwater diving, hot air ballooning, sky diving and how not to merge aeroplanes unrealistically. We were entertained with flora, bugs, foxes, elephants, zebras and much more. Ending the evening with a variety of beautiful sunsets.

An entertaining and informative evening.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary.


29th September 2021 Members Evening - Road Trip Plus  by

 Derrick Holiday ARPS and Jenny Baker ARPS CPAGB   


A very interesting evening presented by Derrick and Jenny. We were treated to a road trip that was taken in 2020 up through the Yorkshire dales carrying on up through the lakes to Fort Williams then onto Skye Harris and Lewis. Through the journey we were treated with delightful AVs by both Derrick and Jenny.

Jenny then gave a talk on her life’s work with 130 tortoises that she has rescued nursed and rehomed. Her work has taken her around the world, to many rescue centres and the meeting with other like-minded people. What a fascinating variety of tortoises there are in the world.

We then had Jenny’s Av, A Hare’s tale. Derricks Hedgerows, Playtime, Reconciliation and The Quays. Jenny’s Binder string and to finish the evening, Derricks latest AV, Army Recruiting Office.

Thank you, Derrick and Jenny, for a varied and fascinating evening enjoyed by all our members

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn programme secretary

24th to 26th September RPS International Audio Visual Festival.

Some of our members entered this Festival and I am delighted to say that Derrick Holliday was awarded a FIAP Acceptance for his sequence Reconciliation and John Perriam  was also awarded an FIAP Acceptance with his sequence Holsworthy Livestock Market.  Sheila Haycox got an RPS Highly Commended Ribbon for her sequence The Quest plus a FIAP acceptance and Ian Bateman got a Judge's Special Interest Bronze Medal for his sequence City of Darkness plus a FIAP acceptance.

There were 65 entries which were all judged in advance.  The event was using Zoom. 

24 September 2021 -  RPS Digital Imaging Group Accolade

The RPS Digital Imaging Group every now and again publish Accolade which is a magazine celebrating the Distinctions awarded to DIG Members.  Accolade 9 has just been published and I am pleased to say that Mo Martin ARPS has an article in it to celebrate her distinction received in June.   Please click here to view and or download.

Sheila Haycox

22 September 2021 - Competition Judge Jane Kearney CPAGB

Competition one, we had a very good varied entry for our first competition of the season, with 8 colour print entries and 9 black and white print entries. This worked well for the start of the season of bringing back prints for judging, with Jane viewing the prints at home, then a DPI copy being projected on the evening.

The second half of the evening we had 33 entries for the DPI competition.  Jane went through each image with, patience and thoughtful constructive criticism. Giving the author of each image, equal time for assessment and judging.

Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to all the successful images on the night.  However many congratulations to the Overall Winner Ian Bateman for his image Enlightened

Please check out the website, for the winning images and highly commended, of both the colour print, the black and white print and the Dpi competition by clicking here


Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

15th September 2021 Summer Challenge

The summer challenge, every participant entered up to maximum of 4 images from the choice of 20 different subjects, all to be taken throughout the summer months.

23 members entered 90 images and displayed what a talented, imaginative, inspiring group we have in the Exmouth Photo group. Such a wide variety of ideas, in each of categories entered. Water being the most entered category of the evening.

A very relaxed enjoyable evening, with comments throughout the evening on the images, from the members, authors and leading the evening Maurice and Sheila.

Maurice then gave the subject matter for next April's Chairman's Challenge which is to be:

"Our Wild Life" and "Architecture"

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn Programme Secretary

1st September 2021 - Introduction to Programme and members images

The start of the Winter Programme,  which, will, until January be presented via video conferencing.  

Maurice set off the meeting with introducing the forthcoming meetings and saying a little about the programme Lynn has produced for the  rest of this season. 

We were then entertained by Mo Martin with images from members who visited Cockington Country Park for a summer day out arranged by Mo. We saw an interesting collection of images from 18 members .  Mo said that she was surprised that there were such a variety of images with no repeat images. 


John Perriam then showed images he had taken  from two different occasions when we invited to Nova’s for gatherings.   One visit in June to Nova’s previous residence, Foxhayes, in Woodbury and the other in August,  held at Belvedere, Lympstone by the kind permission of Nova and Charles.  

During the break we had the introduction of breakout rooms to see how it would work because in the past it has been difficult for a large number of members to have a chat.  This proved successful.


After the break we were shown the accepted images in the WCPF 2020 Open Digital Exhibition, which included a few EPG Members acceptances.

Review by Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB/AV EFIAP - Webmaster

8th September 2021 Dr Keith Snell LRPS EFIAP EPSA - My Restless Lens                                                                                                                                               

Keith Snell gave a very varied gently spoken relaxed talk to the group tonight. Keith covered abstract, patterns and shapes in the first half of the evening. Keith gave a very instructive description of the way he uses diagonals and triangles in his photographs, to give the most impact in his photos.

Keith said how he also liked to use square format for his images.  In his portraitures and figurative art again using the diagonals and triangles. Using the lines to lead to the eyes. Beautiful tasteful nudes photographed in nature.

We were entertained with the most beautiful wildlife abroad and in the UK. Stunning images of elephants, whales, puffins, numerous variety of birds, a stunning variety of kingfishers and many more beautiful mammals.

Keith's landscapes from Iceland and the Teton Mountain Range were especially beautiful. Keith talked about finding the detail in the landscape by using ICM and double exposures to produce impactful images. A great evening enjoyed by all.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Keith Snell.jpg

25th August 2021 Tutorial by Martin Sproul of Fstop Training

This evening we had the second very informative presentations from Martin teaching more advanced techniques in photoshop.

Martin covered smart filters, smart sharpening and sepia toning a black and white image. Martin again demonstrating the ways to make it easy for you to practice and master useful skills in photoshop. Martin compared different sharpening tools to explain which was more effective

Martin again gave many short cuts and valuable ways to keep your workflow easy to achieve using the tips that he demonstrated.

Again, I think we all have learnt something to take away and practice from the evening. Martin was very easy to follow, with a very patient, thorough explanation.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn Programme Secretary

Martin Sproul.png

For more tips and information visit :                                               



11th August 2021 Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA and Paula Davies FRPS EFIAP/s

Another fascinating talk from Guy and Paula. The evening started with Guy presenting for the first half of the evening. Guy demonstrated a wide range of topics including cycle racing, then a large variety of architectural staircase all around London. Guy demonstrated the practice of Inverting the photo and changing the colour tones and luminosity to give a lovely colour balance to his images.

Guy then showed us around the east end of London on an all-night workshop that he attended. Lovely cobbled streets, old cars and interesting rows of houses. To finish the first half, we were taken to the Isles of Harris and Lewis. Such beautiful subtle colours from both of the Isles


For the second half of the evening Paula carried on the evening with her eye and vision of Harris and Lewis. We were then given a visual feast of beautiful still life images of her favourite flower, the tulip and more beautiful objects and flowers. Paula used a variety of textures to enhance her images. We were then taken to Romania for beautiful BW portraits, then on to Barcelona for the Gaudi Buildings.

Paula talked about her 365 group where you post a photo every day of the year. Paula demonstrated some of her lock down projects of twirls, taking it a step further with orbs. Focus stacking her flower images, showing light pad flower images and finishing the evening with her panels. A very enjoyable evening for all.

Tuesday 2nd August 2021 - EPG Invite to Nova & Charles at Belvedere, Lympstone

Nova and Charles kindly invited members of the Group to visit their new abode in Lympstone and take advantage of the views.   Members took chairs and food and many took advantage of the grounds and too photos.   Below some images from John Perriam.