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Newsletter  Year 2010

Workshop Evening 19th November 2010

I hope you'll all agree that our macro (or more correctly, close-up) practical evening last Friday ran very successfully. It certainly went very quickly. Plenty of members brought along an interesting variety of objects and equipment for some table-top photography. Everyone seemed engrossed in what they (or others) were doing as you'll see below from a few photos below which I grabbed during some spare moments. I'm sure lots of us learned new stuff about using our cameras. For example, I found out how to use mirror lock-up. Thanks again to Gill for organising the evening as part of our programme this season.

Dave McH.

AGM Photos

Martyn Shepherd

presenting Trophies 

Images for Website

Some of you may like to have your image changed in the Members Images, please let me know and send an image 500 pixels wide. There are also a few missing images from members, if you can't see one of yours please let me have an image and I will upload. At present I have added a few images at the end of the S - Z members images as it takes ages to put them all in alphabetical order.


I have put some more information into the Members Area which is for "Members Eyes Only".

There is an inventory of all our equipment, I have done this because its scattered far and wide because it cannot all be stored at our new venue. Hopefully we can then keep a check of where everything is if its needed in the future. If for instance you need to borrow the Mat Cutter then you will see that John has it at his place. Our new laptop is for members use, for instance if they wish to do a project then they can transfer it to the laptop. This laptop will be used for any digital competitions.

There is a list of all our Library books. I have tried to put them into three groups; a small amount seem to apply to film and darkroom, a large amount seem to have just images which are certainly worth looking at, they will give you ideas and there is quite a number of books that could be useful to new members as they are instructive. I have them stored in one of the EPG cupboards. If you would like to borrow any please let me know and I will bring it to the club at the next meeting I attend.

The Membership List and Email List has been updated.

Exmouth Photo Group Flickrs

Come along members, join the group. Its a way to show some of your images - what else are you going to do with them!!!! At present there is a Discussion/Challenge going on - John said we should upload Body Parts, he chose this subject as its one of the Set Subjects. There have been some interesting pictures uploaded. Not every member of the Exmouth Photo Group Flickrs are Photo Group members. We have acquired others from others parts of the globe.

A new challenge has been issued by John called "Match This". Have a look at the site 

Logan Mat Cutter, Studio/Flash Equipment.

The club has a mat cutter which is available to all members who wish to cut mounts for their prints.  Don't forget, competitions are coming up soon!!!!  It is not kept at the Club as members may well wish to use the cutter during the summer months.   It is at present with John Perriam and can be borrowed by giving him a ring.

We also have some studio/flash equipment which is stored Gill's.. Please see Inventory in the Members Area.  

That's all for now,


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