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The Group normally meets in the Church Hall, Littlemead Methodist Church, Roundhouse Lane, Exmouth EX8 3BZ  on Wednesday evenings from September to May. The meetings start promptly at 7.30 p.m. and finish at 9.30 p.m. 

The Winter programme includes lectures on techniques, club competitions, projects by members, inter-club League matches, visits from other clubs in the area and distinguished outside speakers showing their work. Any suggestions for lecturers or activities for the Group are welcomed by the Programme Secretary. Organisers for summer outings are also welcome. 

Members are encouraged to undertake a project on a subject of interest to them and at the same time broaden their photographic experience. This does not have to be for the whole or half evening, just 15 minutes will suffice, perhaps join up with a more experienced member.  In fact members' Project Evenings often give some of the most satisfying evenings in the whole programme.

Throughout the summer months we socialise on a Wednesday evening or weekend having get togethers for a photographic walk ending with a pub meal. Although little serious photography takes place during these outings, they often inspire members to return to the venues at a later date. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons we are known locally as "the friendly club".

Extra Evenings

During the winter season we run special evenings, all of which will be in the Winter Programme. These meetings will be held at Pilgrim Room, Glenorchy Church, Exeter Road, Exmouth. EX8IPL or via Zoom.

IMG (Image Makers Group)


”A group aimed at encouraging members to get the best out of their images whether printed or projected.  This can include advice on composition, subject matter, processing and editing techniques, printing advice, quality issues or indeed anything suggested by the membership.  In addition it can also be a forum for simply sharing our images but we will also offer critique on both print and digital images.  Members may also occasionally be encouraged to work towards producing club entries for external competitions”.   A small attendance charge, currently £3 per member, is made to cover the cost of room hire, tea / coffee and biscuit.

An Audio Visual Group will also be held  to encourage members to produce AV's. There will be demonstrations on how to make an AV and discussions and advice will be given on producing basic AVs to more advanced productions. It is hoped that some members will be able to produce a Photo Harmony AV for the competition held each March for the Bridgend 5 to 8 competition. There will be a small charge of £3 for this meeting to include tea/coffee and a biscuit.

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