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Jurassic Coast International
AV Salon 
May 20th and 21st
Gala Day 3rd June 2023

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Welcome to the Jurassic Coast International AV Salon which is an annual competition organkised by Exmouth Photo Group and is open to entries from across the globe.   2023 will be our third year of running the Salon.

Why Jurassic Coast? Exmouth is at the western end of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, which runs for ninety-five miles to Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. Our logo shows the Geoneedle, which marks its start.


Entries can be received from:                                             1st January 2023
Closing date:                                                                       3rd April 2023

Judging completed                                                              15th May 2023

Zoom event of Awards and Acceptances:                           20th & 21st May 2023

Live Gala Showing at Woodbury Hall:                                3rd June 2023

Results emailed and published on website:                        20th June 2023

Catalogues and Awards distributed by                                28th June 2023


Please read and digest the Rules by Clicking here


Download here

Two Categories


The sequence will clearly illustrate a piece of Music, a Poem or a Song. This may be creative or strongly representational, and will be no longer than 8 minutes.


The choice is completely up to the discretion of the author, and will be no longer than 12 minutes.

The following awards will be made


  • 1st         FIAP Gold Medal

  • 2nd       PAGB Silver Medal

  • 3rd        PAGB Bronze Medal

  • 3 x         Judges Award - Jurassic Medal

  • 3  x        Honourable Mentions - FIAP Ribbons


  • 1st         FIAP Gold Medal

  • 2nd       PAGB Silver Medal

  • 3rd        PAGB Bronze Medal

  • 3x          Judges Award - Jurassic Medal

  • 3x          Honourable Mentions - FIAP Ribbons

From either section

  • Best Photography                           Jurassic Medal

  • Best Sound.                                    Jurassic Medal

  • Rising Star Award                           FIAP Bronze Medal for Best Newcomer*

  • Most Successful FIAP Entrant        FIAP Pin

  • Audience Vote at Gala Day           Jurassic Medal

*Newcomer is defined as someone who has never won an award in a National or International AV Competition, and does not hold an AV distinction from the RPS, PAGB, FIAP, IPF or APS or other national photographic association.

International Jury for 2023 Salon:

Keith Leedham FRPS EFIAP FIPF (Chair of Jury)                                                      

My interest in photography started when I was 13 years old after my father bought me a camera for my birthday. Together we joined a club and the interest grew. When I was 17 my camera went wrong, so I took it for repair, it was then that I applied for a job repairing cameras. Ever since then that has been my profession until I retired at 65.

I joined the RPS and went on to gain an FRPS in AV in 1987. I have also served on The RPS International AV Festival committee for 27 years and I am still a member of that committee, plus a five-year stint as Chair of the RPS AV Group.

I have been attending and entering National and International AV Festivals because I am quite competitive and enjoy meeting like-minded people. I find AV a good way to express myself and have learnt so much by researching my own and watching other people’s sequences.


Willem van den Berg (NL)

After joining the RPS in 1986 I was invited or rather persuaded by the late Arthur Downes to attended the opening session of the 7th RPS International AV Festival. Impressed by what I saw and heard, I voluntarily bought tickets for the rest of the festival and joined the RPS AV-Group the following year. Infected with the AV-virus, I visited numerous AV Festivals, both on the continent and in England. I'd like to think that my reports on some of the continental festivals in AV News and AV World contributed to an increasing number of British AV workers entering and attending 'continental festivals'.

As a regular visitor of the festival in Épinal, I was invited to their international jury in 1994. Since then I’ve been invited as a jury member for the International IAC Geoffrey Round AV Competition (currently known as

the IAC Peter Coles International) and the 23rd RPS International AV Festival in 2018 as well as festivals in Saint-Etienne, Ambérieux,  
Hayange, Saint-Chamond and Münster.  I
n 2001 I was one of the founding members of the Diaporama SuperCircuit and Diaporama Festival Brabant. In both organizations I served as committee member, and we successfully organized three international AV festivals in the Netherlands.


Over the years I have been the co-author of a number of Sequences which have had international success:

  • Centre Deux Reflets (with Peter Coles)

  • Méphistomania (with Colin Balls and Ron Davies)

  • Sweet Helen (with Peter Coles)

  • Un jour à la Foire (with Ron Davies)

  • The secret of Fontenay (with Peter Coles)

  • Conserved within eternity (with Peter Coles and Henk Tulp)

  • Five Beers (with Peter Coles)

For most of these Sequences I’ve combined photography with ‘on site’ sound recording.


In 1999 my so far only ‘solo production’, Tijdverspilling, was awarded a special prize by the organizers in Saint-Chamond and the humor prize in Ambérieux.

Liam Haines LIPF (IRL)

I took up photography in 2004, and, what was then a mere hobby has grown to become a passion. I am lucky enough to have travelled extensively and, naturally, I love Travel Photography.


Nevertheless, Street Photography remains my first love. Lots of landscapes are similar but every “street” photo is unique. It really is about capturing the moment and about showing the idiosyncrasies of life.


I started making A.V.s about 10 years ago and joined the East Leinster A.V. Group. The group have been very encouraging and helpful and, as a result, my A.V.s seem to be getting better and I’ve been lucky enough to win a few awards along the way. 

My view is that AV's are essentially about visual storytelling. I enjoy the process - of getting an idea; of researching the subject; of writing the script; of taking the photos or gathering archive material and then putting the whole lot together into a meaningful presentation.


I enjoy looking at other people’s work and am constantly amazed at the variety of subject matter and at their amazing creativity.

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