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Horseshoe Trophy 2015

The Horseshoe Trophy is an interclub battle between, Chard, Lyme Regis, Sidmouth, Honiton and Exmouth Photo Group. Each club enter 10 images, 5 Prints and 5 Digital Images. The prints required each year must fit the following categories: Mono, Closeup, Landscape, Nature and Portrait. Each year different categories are chosen for the digital images, this year they are Flight, Windows, Shadows, Table Top, Seascape.

This event took place on the 19 March at Kilmington Village Hall which was hosted by Chard. The judge for the competition was John Tilsley who made considered comments and managed the whole event well.

The final scores for the clubs were points for 17 Honiton, 29 points for Lyme, 29 points for Chard, 31 points for Sidmouth and 44 points for Exmouth. A resounding win, we also had the best overall digital image and best overall print image. These went to John Perriam for his MG Flying up the Hill in the Flight section of the digital images and to Sheila Haycox for her print called Snatched in the Nature section.

Prints - Please click on any image to view gallery

Nature Snatched by Sheila Haycox - 1st Best Overall Print Winner

Landscape Trees Near Gaudy Farm by Christine Chittock - 1st

Mono Museum of Liverpool by John Wickett - 2nd

Portrait The Look by Derrick Holliday - 2nd

Close Up Allen Keys by Peter Hyett - 5th

Digital - Please click on any image to view gallery

Flight - MG Flying by John Perriam - 1st Best Overall Digital Winner

Shadows - Waiting at the Crossing by Sheila Haycox - 1st

Table Top - Back of the Shed by John Wickett - 1st

Seascape - Swanage Old Pier by John Wickett - 1st

Windows - Windows Screensaver by Christine Chittock - 1st

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