Horseshoe Trophy 2012

The Horseshoe Trophy is an interclub battle between, Chard, Lyme Regis, Sidmouth, Honiton and Exmouth Photo Group.. Each club enter 10 images, 5 Prints and 5 Digital Images. The prints required each year must fit the following categories: Mono, Closeup, Landscape, Natural History and Portrait. Each year different categories are chosen for the digital images, this year they were Flora, River Scene, Transport, TV ProgrammeTitles and Kitchens.

Although we had the top image which was Intensity, a print from Sheila which gained her the overall winner of the night we did not do very well this year. Sidmouth won, we came second, Lyme and Chard were joint third with Honiton at the tail end.

This year's competition was run by Honiton and the judge was John Hamsworth from Wellington. We realised early on that John, a judge with whom we were not familiar, is very much a "traditionalist" with little or no desire to embrace the digital age, and we feared that some of our chosen images might not be to his liking.

Print Entries - Please click on any image to view gallery

Print Entries - Please click on any image to view gallery

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