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Horseshoe Trophy 2013

The Horseshoe Trophy is an interclub battle between, Chard, Lyme Regis, Sidmouth, Honiton and Exmouth Photo Group. Each club enter 10 images, 5 Prints and 5 Digital Images. The prints required each year must fit the following categories: Mono, Closeup, Landscape, Natural History and Portrait. Each year different categories are chosen for the digital images, this year they were Reflections, Hobbyist, Movement, Low Light, Framed.

The judge, Janet Haines gave a very fair and considered opinion on all the prints and at the end of the first session we were tie with Sidmouth. We managed to get first on three of the subjects, namely Jurassic Stack entered in the mono section by John Wickett, Eyes Left, in the Portrait section by John Perriam and in the Landscape section, Waterfall at Welcome Bay by Jenny Baker.

After a very satisfactory buffet and a general chat during the break we moved on to the Digitally Projected images. The categories for this section were Framed, Hobbyist, Low Light, Movement and Reflections. It was unfortunate that in this section we did not get any first places, managed 2nd on four occasions. So it was a hard fight between Sidmouth and ourselves to gain being the winner of the Horseshoe Trophy. Sidmouth managed to get some 1st places therefore won the Horseshoe Trophy, with Exmouth coming second, a very close run competition.

An excellent evening which was hosted by Lyme Regis and the judge, Janet Haines was excellent.

Digital Entries - Please click on any image to view gallery

Low Light - Camden Stables by John Perriam

Hobbyist - The Boxer by Sheila Haycox 2nd in section

Reflections - Louvre by Sheila Haycox 2nd in section

Movement - Olympic Glory by Mo Martin

Framed - What Fate Outside by John Perriam

Print Entries 

Landscape - Waterfall at Welcome Bay by Jenny Baker 1st in this section and Overall Print Winner

Portrait - Eyes Right by John Perriam 1st in this section

Mono - Jurassic Stack by John Wickett 1st in this section

Nature - Mysellium in the Rain by Sheila Haycox 3rd in this section

Closeup - Game Over by Peter Hyett

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