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In 1969 a number of the active members of the long-established Exmouth Camera Club formed a new Club with the principal rule that it would be for active photographers only. It was named the Exmouth Photo Group.

We are members of the Western Counties Photographic Federation.


The Group has an Archivist who keeps the full history of the Group. Any members wishing to see, or contribute anything to, the archives should contact The Club Secretary for details of the present archivist..

In September 1996 the Photo Group published its first Newsletter. This was published and produced by Tom Gordon a past member of the Group. This has now been dropped as printing the Newsletter became expensive. We now produce a Newsletter which is posted on this website together with an archive of all newsletters from previous years. Please click on the Newsletters drop down menus.

We also keep on the website archival images from external competitions the club enters as far back as 2008 which can be viewed on the External Competitions page.

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