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Items of Equipment for Members Use

Colour Munki Calibration

The Committee have purchased a `ColourMunki Photo` which is Calibration equipment for Projector, Monitors and Printers. This is for hire to all members, the cost will be £5 for the initial hire, however this allows that member to use it thereafter for free when he or she thinks it necessary to update their calibration. It's quite straightforward, just watch the video first, install the software, and then the programme guides you through the calibration procedure step by step. After installing it takes about 5 minutes to calibrate the monitor, and about 30 minutes to do monitor and printer.

John Wickett tested the equipment and said " I thought my monitor was set up quite well but it made a distinct difference". 

The Colour Munki is kept by the last member to use it and you will need to use the Contact Page to ask the Club Secretary who is in charge of the "Rota" to find out where it is being held.


Logan Mat Cutter

The club has a mat cutter which is available to all members who wish to cut mounts for their prints. Don't forget you'll need one for competitions.   It is not kept at the Club as members may well wish to use the cutter during the summer months. It is generally held by John Perriam and can be borrowed by contacting him through the Club Secretary by filling in the form on the Contact Page

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