Devon Clubs' Print and Digitally Projected Battle - 13 May 2017

This year Newton Abbot hosted the event held on Saturday 13th May at the Courtenay Centre, Newton Abbot, the Judge was George Reakie DPAGB ABPE who did an excellent job. I personally think we put up a good fight because as George said our images were excellent, held together well as a panel and gave him emotion but unfortunately he decided to vote for the Bideford panel as the winner because it was totally different.

We did however come second, so well done to the photographers who took the images but congratulations must go to John Perriam as George gave him second place with his Gauge image when it came to judging the Best Overall Print Images. Images below kindly taken by Chaz Madge.

Regarding the digital images we did not do quite as well, Torbay Club were the winners of this side of the competition. Marks were given for each individual image and I have put these below each image.


Print Panel Object d'ar Shed

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DPI Images

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