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Devon Clubs' Print and Digitally Projected Battle - 14 May 2016

This year Exeter Camera Club hoststhe event which is held at Clyst St Mary Village Hall, Clyst St Mary, Exeter on the 14 May 2016. The Print Panel for Exmouth is called Alchemy and the photographers were Ian Bateman, Elaine Bateman, Peter Hyett, Maurice Chittock and Christine Chittock. Unfortunately not placed this year but at least the Judge, John Tilsley thought it was different and liked the imagination of the whole panel.


First place went to Tavistock for their panel called Street Feet.

However I am delighted to report that we again gained first place for our digital images which were produced by Sheila Haycox, John Perriam, Derrick Holliday, Jenny Baker and Ian Bateman. In fact we managed to score 98 out of 100, so well done. Bellow, Trevor receiving the Trophy and Certificate from John Tilsley.

I took images of all the print panels entered and these can be seen here. They are only a basic representation of each panel and should any club view their panel and wish to replace with the better copy then please email Sheila Haycox with a different version. The Club name was not given to all the Print Panels so am unable to identify every panel.

Please click on an image to open gallery

Alchemy panel


Alchemist Workbench (Christine)

Alchemist Workbench by Christine Chittock

Candle and Quills (IAN)

Candle and Quills by Ian Bateman

Flask and Flame (Elaine)

Flask and Flame by Elaine Bateman

Experiment (Peter)

Experiment by Peter Hyett

Final Result (Maurice)

Final Result by Maurice Chittock

DPI Images - please click on an image to start slideshow

Green Crown Brilliant

Green Crown Brilliant by Sheila Haycox 20 points

Black Widow

Black Widow by John Perriam 20 points


Taxi by Derrick Holliday 19 points

A Walk in the Lavender

A Walk in the Lavendar by Jenny Baker 19 points

No Cycling

No Cycling by Ian Bateman 20 points

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