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Devon Photographic Clubs' Print & Digital Battle 2013

This year the Battle was hosted by Kingsbridge Camera Club and held at Rattery Village Hall, which was an excellent venue with plenty of space and car parking. We set up our Print Panel called Livestock Market in the morning and there were 12 other print panels on display from various clubs around the area. I have taken a quick shot of each panel to give you some idea of the different type of entries there were. Sorry about quality, lighting poor and no tripod but it will give you some idea of the variety. Sorry, can't put club's names to all of them as I am not sure who they belong to. I felt this year we were up against some good panels, quite a lot of thought and work had gone into some of them.

The judge was Tony Byram who I thought did a good job, he was well aware of a good panel and felt that as it was a panel competition (prints only) this aspect should be considered. He felt the panel should have a theme, hang together well and have a good presentation. Some comments made, "I feel this print is a bit weak and doesn't fit the rest of the panel", "the flow of this panel is good". With the digital images he was given all of them as one set of images, not in sets of five. Each image was then given a mark and the organisers then added up the marks to see which club had the most.

Tophies were given to the Best Panel, Best Digital Set, Best Overall Print Winner and Best Overall Digital Image. Certificates were given to 2nd and 3rd places in the same sections. We unfortunately was not placed in the Print Panels although Tony did speak highly about it.

The Print Panel Winner was Paignton Photographic Club with their panel called Water Birds. 2nd place went to Plymouth Camera Club with their panel called Pastel Blooms and third place to Ivybridge & District Camera Club with their panel called Spheres of Influence.

Places for the Digitally Projected Images were: Plymouth Camera Club 1st; Kingsbridge, Paignton and Newton Abbot joint 2nd; we were next on the list with two other clubs so in effect joint 5th.

We did get some successes though. John Perriam's print called The Bid got 3rd place and Dave McHutchison's digital image called Ganet Returning to Its Mate got 1st place plus a trophy. I have emailed a photo of the trophy to Dave. He is so pleased and his comment was "Wow, I did not expect that! So gannets can still cut the mustard, eh?".

Ivybvridge have taken on the task of hosting next year's Battle in May 2014 and Exmouth have agreed to host the Battle in 2015.

We also entered this panel into the Kingswood Salver November 2013 and were Highly Commended, so all worth the effort.

Click on any image to open gallery

Livestock Market

Sheep Arriving by Jenny Baker

Leading in the Ring by Sheila Haycox

The Auctioneer by Derrick Holliday

Final Chat by John Wickett

The Bid by John Perriam (Third Best Print)

Our Digital Entry

Gannet Returning to its mate by Dave McHutchison First place plus Trophy

Ladram Stack by John Wickett

Strictly Dancing by Teresa Brown

Gateshead Bridges by Sheila Haycox

MG Bouncing up Simms Hill by John Perriam

Panels from other clubs

1st Place - Water Birds by Paignton

2nd place - Pastel Blooms by Plymouth

3rd place - Spheres of Influence by Ivybridge


Newton Abbot




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