Devon Clubs' Print & Digital Battle - May 2009

Our entry for the Devon Clubs' Battle 2009 was a Panel called Decay. The images used were by John Wicket, Russ Freeman, John Perriam, Dave McHutchison and Sheila Haycox. All the images were taken at different times but there were from the same building in Great Torrington. The selectors felt that dereliction and decay would be a good theme for this panel. Below copies of the images used and the layout of the panel.

We also entered the panel into the Kingswood Salver in December 2009. We came third and Disapproval got Highly Commended by Tony Worobiec who was the judge.

Print Panel - Decay


Way Out by John Wickett

Wires & Walls by John Perriam


Fire Hose by Russ Freeman

No Smoking by Sheila Haycox

Digital Images

Gannet Landing by Dave McHutchison

Dawn Over Woodbury Common by Bryan Webb

Church of St Primoz by Sheila Haycox

Night at the Opera by John Wickett

Modern Man by John Perriam

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