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6th December 2023 Members Critique Evening

The second year of members sending in three photos of their own choice, for a constructive critique of their images. The evening again was a relaxed enjoyable time, with lots of the members joining in to comment on all of the very strong images displayed throughout the evening.

We again had a vast array of subject presented through the evening, showing the diverse interesting subjects that our members like to photograph. Throughout the evening members suggested various ways to improve the images. By cropping, or to taking something out that was distracting in the photo, or even adding.

The members all enjoyed the evening. Hopefully taking away something from all of the comments shared throughout the evening. Hopefully, helping to improve and to present our photos to their best.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Competition No. 2 - 29th November 2023 - Judge Gordon Aspland

Our judge for the evening was Gordan Aspland and he gave a very thoughtful review of all the entries presented into each category, showing an eye for detail and giving a variety of helpful tips on how to improve the photos.

We had four sections in all, Mono Prints, Colour Prints, DPi Colour and DPi Mono. We had 8 Mono print entries and 9 Colour prints, 14 Mono DPi and 28 Colour DPi entries.

​The Overall winning image of the evening was awarded to Ian Bateman for his Colour PDi image of Lightbulb

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered to make another interesting evening.

Check out and view all the winners by clicking here


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

F1782 Gordon Aspland presenting Overall cup to Ian Bateman 20231129 copyright C Chittock.j

Golrdon Aspland awarding

 Ian Bateman cup as overall winner with his image Lightbulb

Kevin Pigney ASWPP ASINWP ARPS DPAGB A Passion for Wildlife

What a fantastic feast of photography. A master class of taking wildlife.  


Kevin explained all about the equipment that he uses. He is a cannon user and also all about the hides and mats that he uses for laying on. Kevin helped everyone with talking about depth of field, composition, colour palette.


He talked all about the backgrounds he likes to achieve with his focus length, being so important to his images. We were treated with photos of Kevins favourites, the hares, foxes badgers, kingfishers, the little owl and many more stunning images. Kevin explained about setting up his trial camera, for his badger project and other projects that he has on the go.  Kevin explained about working with light, under exposing and over exposing to create more interesting photos and he certainly did that.

A fantastic evening enjoyed by everyone.


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

15th November 2023 Members Evening Stella French and John Wickett ARPS

A fantastic evening by two of our members starting with Stella taking us on a journey of the Loften Islands. Stella described her days there with stunning delicate photos of each day they traveled around the island. Displaying in her photos the scale of mountains with the villagers’ homes in her photos. Stella showed the churches, the beaches and the fishing life in and around the islands.

Stella then delighted everyone with some beautiful macro of fungi, stunning butterflies, flowers, bees, and more. 

Stella finished her half of the evening with her walk up and around the peak district. A great first half of the evening.


John then gave the second half of the evening presenting and talking about working on panels through the years. John presented panels on abandoned boats, buildings, cathedrals. The colonies of Exmouth, London brick lane with the graffiti, windows and St Ives beautiful tones on the beach.

John then talked about the boat pictures that he achieved his ARPS with. Using sections from around the boats. A great achievement.

John finished the evening with taking us through the photo book he generated from his favourite images, for his family and for his self.

A great evening enjoyed by everyone.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Wednesday 8th November 2023  - WCPF Traveling Exhibition of Prints

Tonight, we viewed the Western Counties Photographic Federation travelling prints. The WCPF runs every year and all the members of each club in the Western Counties can enter prints and also PDI’s. 

The top chosen nature, open colour and black and white prints were divided into four groups and we sat around the tables and discussed the prints, deciding which we thought the judges had given the top scores and the medals.  It was very interactive and nice to see the print quality up close.

We all were able to admired some wonderful photography and a lot of beautiful printing. 


The 2024 Exhibition will be open for entries in January 2024.   For more information go to the WCPF website by clicking here.


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

 25th October 2023 - Simon Van-Orden "From North to South"

A personal view on photographing wildlife from the Arctic to the Antarctic and countries in between.

Simon gave us a very interesting and entertaining presentation, and it was obvious that he has a passion for wildlife photography. He stressed the importance of knowing and understanding how the animals behave, placing them in their environment, and capturing the moment to evoke an emotion.

As well as showing us some excellent photography, Simon also gave us some helpful tips on how to develop different styles, and use our cameras to produce creative effects eg high key, ICM spot metering and slow shutter speed. It was particularly interesting to learn about the story behind each image, to discover what could go wrong, and the preparations needed to prepare for different environments ranging from icebergs, to extreme heat.

A most enjoyable evening with something for everybody.

Review by Gill Stocker






18 October 2023 - Competition No. 1 - Judged by Jane Kearney

Our judge was Jane Kearney and she  gave a very thoughtful review of the entries presented in each category, showing an eye for detail and giving a variety of helpful tips on how to improve the photos.

We had four sections in all, Mono Prints, Colour Prints , DPO Colour and DPI Mono, this being our  first season for splitting the DPI images into two sections.

The Overall winning image was awarded to John Wickett for his Colour Print Glacier-Mont Blanc


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered to make another interesting evening. Check out and view all the winners by clicking here


11th October 2023 Members Evening Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-EFIAP APAGB

 You Are the Judge

Ian presented the evening of demonstrating the way that competition judges, assess our photos entered into our club competitions. Saying that a judge should not look at how the photo was made but why!

A judge observes the work as a whole, without breaking it down into parts. Technical considerations, composition, lighting, and impact are key considerations. Be fair, informed, helpful, interesting, unbiased and a good time manager.

In the first half of the evening, we were arranged into small groups and presented 20 photos to judge that Ian displayed. Giving the group a set time to view and to decide on the score discussed by everyone. Talking among the group about the positive and the negative of each image before deciding on the final score.

The second half of the evening, we looked at the scoring of all the photos. Each group talking about the reasons for scoring the photo a high or low score. It was very interesting seeing how we all scored. It demonstrated the variety of views and scores if we were to be the judge.

A very enjoyable insight into the difficulty of judging, enjoyed by everyone


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary


Summer Challenge October 4th 2023

The 84 images shown for this year’s Summer Challenge, made for a very interesting and entertaining evening.

The different categories to choose from this year were, Composites, A Different Perspectives, Erosion, focus differential, Green, Height, Junk, Light, Macro Micro, Nighttime and Play.

Every person entered a maximum of four images all taken during the summer months and they commented on the images as they were presented.

Several members produced very interesting composites, we had drone photography, lots of land erosion, buildings and a good section on green. There was a wide variety of imaginative interpretations of all the subjects, as well as very good photography.

A most enjoyable evening, and many thanks to all the members who entered.

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

7th September 2023 Practical evening


This was a very successful and informative evening, led by Mike Gilliam, John Perriam and Chaz Madge.


The results of a recent questionnaire showed that there was a need to encourage more members to produce prints, and Mike asked how could this be best achieved? There was a useful discussion on the  advantages and disadvantages of commercial versus DIY printing, and John explained how to use DSColour Labs. As an alternative, we were told that Peter Hyett has kindly offered to print for members, charging for paper and ink.


After the break Chaz gave an excellent demonstration on portraiture, with Derrick as a model. He explained the importance of using lighting for the subject and background, using coloured gels to create different effects, and the need to create shadows for depth and contour. Afterwards members enjoyed trying out these techniques for themselves.

Many thanks to Mike Gillian, John Perriam and Chaz Madge for their presentations, and for making it such a useful evening.

Review by Gill Stocker

20th September 2023 Exmouth Photo Group Show and Tell

Exmouth Photo Groups evening of our own members showing three of their personal favourite images. All members were encouraged to show and tell what they liked about the three images presented, in any way they cared to produce; on anything that they enjoy.

Once again, we were treated to a very enjoyable evening seeing the great variety of photos, on a very diverse range of topics, flowers, iPhone photos, landscapes., ICM, multiple exposures in photoshop. The inside of a submarine, show jumping and photos from around the world.

John talked about finding photos in shop windows, Sandra demonstrated the various different ways that you can work with blend modes and adjusting various sliders. Suggestions on if the image should be in colour or black and white. An interesting evening by our members.

Once again, this evening highlighted the range of talent that we have in our club. How our members are experimenting with a wide range of subjects and styles.

Again, a very relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable evening, seeing our very own members images. Thank you to all members that contributed and made for a very enjoyable evening.

The second half Sheila lead a discussion on the WCPF Nature accepted images and the winners of the 2023 exhibition


Gold Medal Winner

Walruses on Kvitoya, Svalbard

by Lynn Pascoe LRPS ARPS

Truro Camera Club



Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary


13th September 2023 Di Wilkins ARPS from Exeter Camera Club with her talk” A Dabbler”


Di gave us a superb presentation showing a variety of creative and artistic images using a range of techniques. Her flower pictures were beautiful, ranging from studies of dahlias, peonies and tulips, taken using a light box with a diffuser, sunflower studies using a fish eye lens and a scanner, and other flowers in various stages of decay. It was also interesting to learn how she had created some of her images using an app, to control a small microscope and her laptop.


Then followed a selection of fascinating wildlife images taken on her travels in the Everglades, showing close ups and textures of such creatures as manatees, iguanas, pelicans, ospreys  egrets and burrowing owls. In Texas we saw images of the Alamo, impressive longhorn cattle, turtles on the beaches, and stunning displays of poppies and wildflowers.


Di had used a lens baby to create some beautiful soft effect  images of bluebells in Blackberry  Camp, and her arrangements of octopus tentacles in milky wine glasses were very unusual and striking.


To finish we saw an excellent AV called “A celebration of Dance  and Movement” in memory of John Sanders, featuring images which had also been shown in a variety of exhibitions.


A brilliant evening which was enjoyed by all.

Review by Gill Stocker

6th September 2023 First Evening of the Winter Season Year 54


​The start of another season and a warm welcome to any new the members. Derrick our new Chairperson welcomed everyone to the coming season.

Lynn introduced our new varied program for the coming season. With a range of very talented speakers, competitions and lots of varied members evenings. We will introducing a new evening of work created by any format that you can imagine.

The second year of the Image Making Group run by John Perriam and Derick Holiday, meeting in person on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Glenorchy Church. The first evening is on Tuesday 10th October.

The AV group will be via zoom on the first Tuesday of each month starting on Tuesday 3rd October. Contact Ian Bateman for joining the group.

We then had the rest of the evening viewing the WCPF DPIC entries and Awards of 2023. A very good start to the new season with everyone catching up in person.


​Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

WCPF AV Competition - 29th April 2023

Thank you to all the members from our club who helped out at the The WCPF AV Competition which  was held at Woodbury Village Hall and run by Ian Bateman.  There were 38 entries and we had visitors as far away as Swindon.  Below a report from Mo Martin.

A very enjoyable and successful WCPF AV Competition took place yesterday and congratulations are due to the following members:

  • Long Sequence (between 4 and 12 minutes long):

    • 1st place to Cathy Fordam (AV Grtoup Member) with her sequence called The Custodian

    • 2nd place Ian Bateman with his sequence called The Beach

    • Highly Commended for Derrick Holliday with his sequence ‘MoPop’

    • Highly Commended for Nova Fisher for ‘Rot, Renovation, Revival’.

  • Short Sequence (less than 4 minutes long):

    • 1st place to Sheila Haycox for ‘Behind the Mask’

    • 2nd place to Mo Martin  for ‘The Camargue’

  • Photo Harmony (shorter than 6 minutes with no spoken commentary or video):

    • 1st place to John Perriam with ‘God’s own Country’

    • 2nd place to Ian Bateman with ‘Shades of Autumn’

    • Highly Commended to Christine for ‘Frosty Morning’

  • Audience Vote:

    • 1st place Cathy Fordham  (AV Group member) with The Custodian

    • Joint 2nd place for John P with ‘God’s own Country’ and Derrick for ‘MoPop’

    • Joint 3rd place went to Ian for ‘Shades of Autumn’ and Derrick with ‘Manhattan’.


An excellent event run by Ian and his team of helpers (mostly from EPG) which shows that  AV is alive and kicking in Exmouth Photo Group. Why not give it a go as it is a great way to showcase your images.

AGM, Awards and  Chairman's Challenge -  26 April 2023

The AGM took place for the first part of the evening, and all reports were approved. Derrick Holliday was elected as Chairman, Sandra Morton as Secretary, and David Hughes as a new committee member. All other members had volunteered to stand again, and were re-elected to their posts.

In Any Other Business, Sandra raised concerns about the fairness of the print section in the competitions given the low level of participation, and it was agreed that the committee would address this problem.

Brian Webb thanked Maurice and the committee for all their hard work, and he expressed his gratitude to them for keeping the club working so well through Zoom meetings during the Covid years. Maurice was warmly thanked for his work as Chairman.


On behalf of the Committee Maurice presented to Mo a Cut Glass for her long service as Secretary with grateful thanks for all her hard work.


All the awards earned throughout the season were presented to the various members, and the Chairman’s Shield was presented to Sheila Haycox by Maurice Chittock.


The second half of the evening was the Chairman’s Challenge - All Humanity and Discarded. Maurice gave a thoughtful critique of all entries, and congratulations to Nova Fisher for the overall winner.  The Chairman's Challenge images can be found here.


The Summer Programme is now available please click here

Review by Gillian Stocker

Images of the  Award Winners for the Monthly Competions, Panels, Set Subject and Chairman's Shield are listed below whkich were taken by Chaz Madge.

19th April 2023 -  Speaker Tim Crabb with his talk titled Bugged Beyond Belief

Tim Crabb introduced everyone to a masterclass of what is entailed to produce the extreme macro of his passion for all kinds of bugs.

Tim explained all about the equipment that he uses and also the techniques to obtain the wonderful photos that has given him great success in the macro world.

Most of the photos Tim presented had been photo stacked in photoshop, sometime up to 60 stacked photos. Tim explained about perspective of photographing his images, straight on to the insects, down low, under the leaves, always getting as close as possible without disturbing the insect or the habitat.

We watched a stunning variety of moths, dragonflies, mites, spiders, weevils, wasps, flies, beetles, leafhoppers and many more stunning bugs. The details that Tim has obtained on all of the images presented, is something that the normal eye would never see. Beautiful stunning detail of the magic hiding all around us. A brilliant evening, enjoyed by everyone.

View Tim's images, check out his website by clicking here

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 100221.jpg

12th April 2023 Panel Competition Judge Derrick Holliday ARPS. 

Tonight’s panel competition judged by Derrick Holliday ARPS, we started evening with the colour panels. We had 4 sets of very beautifully printed colour panels.

The first panel of six called Rock faces, the second panel called they shall not grow old. The third panel called Anderton boat lift. The winning panel of four called the Lifeboat station, were beautiful manipulated ICMs with a limited golden colour palette.

The BW panels were again of a very high standard, both the printing and the presentation of both panels.  A beautiful panel called Alien shapes by Sheila Haycox took the Gold and second was Bristol in BW by David Davies

We had a strong entry of twenty-three in the DPI panels. A very varied and wide range of topics were presented for the DPI panels, so Derrick had a very hard challenge to choose the HC, Bronze, Silver and the Gold.

Please check out the website for all the winning images here

​Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

5th April 2023 Members Evening Carol Hyett LRPS AFIAP Peter Hyett ARPS AFIAP EFIAP

An interesting evening with Carole and Peter showing our members what they have been doing for the past year.  Carole started the evening by showing all the images that she entered to gain the AFIAP letters after her name, which she gained in June last year. The determination and organization paid off.

Next, we were treated to an AV of her trip to Switzerland. A vast beautiful place. We then visited Magpie Mine and Peter explained the history and stories of the mines. Peter hired a model to shoot while visiting they were the mines.

Next, we took a look around the show jumping arena at Bicton, showing the difficulty of trying to position yourself to get good photographs. Then Peter talked about the British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE) well done Peter.

We then had an AV of a blackbird at work retrieving seeds from a tree, fascinating. Then on to the trip to Dorset, Lulworth cove, Swanage and Wareham with the war graves. Peter then showed the birds that he had captured from a hide they visited in the very cold and wet day. Peter talked about gaining his EFIAP, well done to both for there hard work of gaining both awards.

Finishing the evening we viewed the landscapes images entered in Dingwall Exhibition 2022

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

29th March 2023 - Competition No. 4 - Judge Pedro Landers

 Competition 4 was judged by Pedro Landers from Launceston Camera Club. He gave a very thoughtful review of the entries presented in each category, showing an eye for detail and giving a variety of helpful tips on how to improve the photos.

We started the evening with the mono prints, and 8 prints were entered. Pedro gave a bronze, silver and gold.


We then had 9 colour prints, and again Pedro gave a bronze, silver and gold.


The second half of the evening we had a large entry 41 DPIs all very different, and again Pedro gave a careful critique of each image as it was presented to him. This time Pedro gave out 3 highly commended, 4 bronze, 2 silver and 2 gold.

Overall winner was John Wickett with his image Sharpener.


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered to make another interesting evening. Check out and view all the winners by clicking here

Congratulations to the following members who got images accepted in the WCPF Members Exhibition.

WCPF Results.png

22 March 2023 Speaker Chris Marsham   with his presentation on  Svalbard and  Franz Joseph Land

Chris Marsham.png

What a fantastic evening Chris presented to EPG, every one was spell bound by the fantastic prints presented in the first half of the evening. Printed so beautiful on papers such as fine art and smooth cotton.

Chris was just two weeks back from the South Antarctic and displayed some of his images he had captured on his latest two-week tour. We were honoured to see the wonderful landscape in its grandeur, also the details and formations  of the ice. Chris had superb images of the wildlife up close from the land and also from the boats. We then went on to Svalbard for the rest of the evening carrying on with prints in the first half of the evening.

The second half was a display of digital images visiting Franz Joseph Land in June. Chris was fascinated with the abandoned coal mining towns that the Russians had left behind.

We were entertained all evening with top class images of flora, the wide range of wildlife, glaciers in every kind of light and weather. Beautiful panoramas and the fantastic close-up details of the ever-changing landscape.

Chris produced a master class of beautiful photographs told with enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of his love of photography.

For more images from Chris:

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

March 15th Members Evening with Tony and Caroline Ovens


This was a very interesting evening. We were treated to a variety of AV’s and photos  both old and new, on such subjects as the Isles of Scilly, Norfolk, Moscow, the Old Pier at Weston Super Mare, Cotswolds, Ireland and Snow in Exmouth.


Tony began with the Scilly Isles, taking us back to 1967 with some fascinating black and white photos he had taken on a weekend paddle boat steamer trip from Bristol to St Mary’s.This was followed by more recent images taken by him and Caroline on subsequent visits, showing beautiful views of St Mary’s and the other islands, Harold Wilson’s grave, and Harry’s Walls.


On a tour of Norfolk we saw the reinstated lines on the Bure Valley, Mid Norfolk, and Wells and Walsingham Light Railways, some interesting historic towns and round tower churches, Walsingham Abbey, Cromer pier and excellent shots of wading birds on the nature reserves and coastline. 


It was interesting to learn about the history of Birnbeck pier in Weston Super Mare, and the old photos and postcards we viewed were fascinating, showing how the pier would have looked in Victorian times. It was sad to see it now in such a state of decay, but hopefully plans to restore it will go ahead.


Many thanks to Caroline and Tony for a most enjoyable and informative evening.

Review by Gillian Stocker

Show and Tell 8th March 2023


This was a very enjoyable and relaxing evening. Members were asked to show three images of their choice, talk about how they were created and why they liked them. It was interesting to see such a wide variety of subjects presented, and these ranged from iPhone photography, foreign travel, wildlife, portraiture, Dingles fairground, Bodmin Jail, and creative experiments using different backgrounds, textures, blending modes and filters. Throughout the evening members joined in the discussions, giving helpful advice and suggestions on how the images could be improved.


Many thanks to all those who contributed to this interesting and enjoyable evening.

Review by Gill Stocker

1st March 2023 Set Subject Competition Judge Matt Curtin

The three-set subject for the evening were, Slow exposure, on the beach and abstract.

Matt had a challenging evening with all the entrants having a varied take on all of the subjects. Matt gave a very good review off all entries, giving plenty of time to each photograph.   Matt was one of the best judges we have had this season. He gave praise with careful critique of every photo presented to him. Pointing out ways that he thought would make the photograph even stronger.

Thank you to all our members for entering and giving everyone a great evening.Congratulations to all the highly commended, bronze silver and gold winners.  Overall winner was Christine Chittock with St Ives harbour.  To view images of all of the three subjects, click here


Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

Mix and Match Exeter - v - Exmouth  - 22 February 2023.

Judge Steve Hallam LRPS

​A great evening with Exeter for the annual Mix & Match competition which had not taken place because of covid since 2019.  Steve Hallam LRPS from Bristol was the judge for the evening and he certainly got himself into the spirit of the evening.  There was plenty of friendly heckling from the audience, but Steve dealt with this very well, joining in with the spirit of the fun evening. The final results were Exmouth 54 and Exeter 46.

 Everyone agreed that it was so nice to be back in person.  Well done Exmouth, thank you John and Sheila for choosing and putting together our winning images.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

15th February 2023 Speaker Alf Myers Back from the streets

A zoom evening with Alf Myers, covering all aspects of going out and about on the streets and back with the images to process. Alf talked about the benefits of monochrome in his street photography. He asked the questions, what is stopping you trying to get out and about exploring the streets. Alf gave tips to look out for when out on the streets, complexity, emotion, action, juxtaposition, the decisive moment, especially the light.

Alf presented a variety of videos with photos set to music showing his work. In the evening we enjoyed judging five images via a poll. This demonstrated how a judge sees our photos in a quick viewing and what they are looking for.

Throughout the evening camera settings were discussed, where it is legal to shoot street photography and where not to. Alf discussed packages that he uses to process his images, but mainly he uses lightroom.

Alf then gave everyone a demonstration of editing in lightroom. He demonstrated his work flow to correct and draw the eye, to exactly where he wanted the viewer to look in the image.

 A very interesting evening covering so much, presented in an easy way to understand and to get inspired. Check out his website for more images

Review by Lynn middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary

Alf Myers.png

Wednesday 8th February 2023 WCPF DPIC entries from 2021 The Second Half

This evening we viewed the second half of the western counties photographic federation dpic entries. In the first half of the evening the mono prints and then we enjoyed the colour prints. After the break we went on to view the nature prints then the creative prints.

A very varied range of images in all the sections and an interesting choice for all the winners.

Part of our club members went to Dawlish CC at Holcombe, for the South Devon League Prints competition. The results and images can be viewed here.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Ian giving speech of thanks and winners plus judge of top images.

WCPF Digital and Print Competition - 5 February 2023

The competition was held at the Corn Exchange, Exeter after a break of two years and it was a great success.  It was the first time that the Print competition has been joined with the digital images and the turn out was good.  30 clubs took part in the Print Competition and 48 Clubs took part in the digital competition.  

Fotospeed was the main sponsor for the event and it was great to see that members were buying paper again.

We did quite well in both sections, coming 5th in the Print Competition and 7th in the Digital Competition.    Please click here to view our images and results.

Members Evening 1st February John Perriam ARPS DPAGB AIAFP


This was a most interesting presentation in which John showed his talent for producing creative and imaginative work using the images he had taken throughout the year.


 He began with a project  called “Eclectricity 2,” in which we saw images taken on a club outing to Sidbury, the Light and Sound display in the Cathedral, the Dingle Fairground, and shop windows. We were introduced to a variety of techniques such as multiple exposures using the computer screen as a background, ICM and textured overlays, all of which were very effective. His other still photography projects  were “Hooe Lake”, “Winding Brook”, “Sidmouth Folk Festival,” “Sidmouth Air Show”and “Exmouth Beach”. In “Hooe Lake”, John showed us how changing a background for the wrecked boats could enhance the picture, and “Winding brook” in the Peak District featured winter trees and the old Magpie lead mine. John enjoys taking people shots, and at the Sidmouth folk festival, air show and Exmouth beach he was able to capture a variety of interesting characters.


His excellent AV’s were “Gods Own Country,” with beautiful scenes of the Yorkshire Dales, “Let there be light “ a stunning display in the Cathedral showing shapes, colours, patterns and dynamic angles, “High Peak Trees” with monochrome winter trees, “Human League “a music exchange featuring intentional blur techniques, and finishing with “E.P.G. at Novas House ”, a reminder of an enjoyable club event held during the summer.


Thank you John for a very inspiring and fascinating evening which was enjoyed by all.

Review by Gill Stocker.

January 25th 2023 Competition 3  - Judge Chris Marsham

Competition 3 judged by Chris Marsham, another very good range of entries for Chris to comment on and to choose his highly commended, bronze, silver and gold.  For the third competition of the season, Chris gave a variety of tips, of how to improve the photos, while he was judging each individual image. 

We started the evening with the mono prints and we had 8 prints entered.  Chris gave a  gold and two highly commended's.


We then had 10 colour prints.  Again, Chris gave three highly commended, a bronze, silver and gold.


The second half of the evening we had a large entry 34 DPIs all very different.  Again, Chris gave a very good review of all the images presented to him. This time Chris gave out 6 highly commended, bronze, silver and gold.

Overall image of the night was given to Mike Gillian for his beautifully composed and printed Garlic bulbs


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered to make another interesting evening. Check out and view all the winners by clicking here.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

International Exchange 18th January 2023


This was a very interesting evening, which gave members an excellent opportunity to view and discuss a variety of images from clubs living in other parts of the world.The clubs taking part in the exchange were Gibraltar Photo Society, Edinburgh Photo Society, Waikaro Photo Society New Zealand, Moussey Art Paris, and Exmouth Photo Group. Each club kindly contributed 30 images.


Many thanks to Peter for organising and coordinating this event which was enjoyed by all.

Review by Gillian Stocker

January 11th 2023 Speaker Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE EFIAP ARPS

A fascinating, interesting, educational talk by Adrian Lines. Adrian presented all his images by giving everyone a before processing, to all the processes that he did on the journey to producing the final image. This was so informative of the way that Adrian worked to create the final image.

The way that he dodged and burnt to create the contours on the faces was masterful. Using the light to enhance his photos, creating atmosphere, made all the difference to the end image.

Adrian said that he used only a small range of photoshops facilities, but what he did use, he had mastered well. All of his images that he presented, he made sure that they all told a story.

Tips that Adrian gave was to shoot low, to get a stronger male portrait. Female models, Adrian went to great lengths to match them into beautiful backgrounds. Making it such a realistic story with the surroundings that he placed them in. We had demonstrations on people placed in a variety of settings, ballet dancers, horse shoots, heritage reenactment days, beautiful models and more. Adrian demonstrated a lot of his props that he used to make his images unique to himself.

Adrian finished the evening with encouraging everyone to try out self-portraits, which he had mastered so successfully in his imaginative way, with a wide range of wonderful props. A fascinating evening presented with a entertaining, learning talk, enjoyed by all.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

EPG Success in the 17th FIAP World Cup for Clubs

Good News!   EPG Came joint 50th out of 224 clubs with 9 images out of 20 being accepted into FIAP's exhibition. 

To view the images and results please click here

January 4th  Members Evening  Christine Chittock CPAGB AFIAP and Mo Martin ARPS CPAGB


This was a very interesting and varied evening from two talented photographers.


Christine started by showing us an AV called Frosty Morning, with local scenes and beautiful close ups of frost patterns. This was followed by a description of how she achieved an AFIAP distinction, and we were shown her impressive portfolio of accepted photos, many of which had been taken on club outings and holidays. We then saw two AV’s, one showing an interesting sightseeing tour of Bath, and the other revealing a variety of fascinating murals in the East Side Gallery Berlin. This was an open air art gallery depicting the fall of the Berlin Wall, and hopes for a brighter future.


Mo treated us to some wonderful scenery from her Arctic Adventure on a Hurtigruten cruise to Norway. This included beautiful fiords, visits to several interesting  towns and cathedrals,stunning views of the Aurora and a visit to the Ice Sculpture House. Mo then showed her passion for sports photography with her excellent images of netball, badminton, basketball, table tennis and weight lifting events at the Commonwealth Games 2022. To conclude, we saw an AV called “Four Notes- Paul’s Tune” a song from just four notes performed by Paul Harvey a music teacher with dementia, and the BBC Philharmonic.This AV also featured some superb images of ballet dancers.


Many thanks to Christine and Mo for a most enjoyable evening.

Review by Gill Stocker

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