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7th December 2022 Competition 2   -  Judge Laura Pearce LRPS

Competition 2 judged by Laura Pearce, another good range of entries for Laura to comment on and choose her highly commended, bronze, silver and gold

For the second competition of the season, Laura gave a variety of tips, of her view, of how to improve the photos.  We started the evening with the colour prints and we had 8 prints that members entered. A high standard and wide variety for Laura to judge. Three awards were given by Laura - Bronze for Three Cape Gooseberries by Mike Gillian -  Silver for Norwegian Hut by David Hughes and    Gold for  Romanesco on Copper Dish    by Mike Gillian.

We then had  mono prints, again a good quality and a variety of subjects. Laura again gave a Bronze for wood beams by David Hughes. Silver  for Lone tree by Caroline Ovens.  Gold for Window cleaner by Christine Chittock


The lst section were the dpi's which again  you could see that Laura had taken a lot of time looking through all the different photos entered. Laura gave six highly commended and Bronze for Trapped in blue by Dave Evans, Bronze for Hotel Room Porto by David Hughes, Silver for Wishes come true by Lina Valukyniene and Gold  In Flanders Field by John Wickett who also got awarded Best Image overall.

 Congratulations to all the winners and for everyone who entered.

Check out and view all the winners on our website link HERE

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

30 November 2022 Speaker Ross McKelvey MPAGB MFIAP FIPF EFIAP/p FBPE - A Talk of two Halves

Ross McKelvey MPAGB FIPF EFIAP/G FBPE - Awarded over 500 Medals (and too many lesser awards to count!) in National & International Exhibitions since 2010. President and founder of Catchlight Camera Club, Belfast.

What an inspiring entertaining evening with outstanding images. Ross gave out so much valuable information, with tips on all most all of his studio photographs. Ross uses a range of models male and female with a vast range of props, making for very interesting different individual image. He also incorporates their dogs as models.


Ross as he said, to be a judge you need to master all photography and he demonstrated this throughout the evening with his range of landscape locations, nature, sport, infrared and composites. Ross finished the evening with a demonstrating of how he edits his photos in lightroom and photoshop.

Ross is a master of detail, colour, lighting and technical skills.

For more information about Ross or to view more tutorials, go to his website

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Wednesday 23rd November 2022 South Devon DPI League

The first half of the South Devon League.  DPI and the second half will be prints on the 8th February 2023 in Holcombe Village Hall in Dawlish. The clubs battling tonight were Exmouth Photographic Group, Newton Abbot Photographic Club and Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club.

Tonight’s judge was Simon Caplan LRPS from Bristol. Simon judged with a critique of all the images presented to him giving his reasons for the scoring of up to 17 points. Then an extra point for third, two extra points for second and three extra points for the winner.

Simons judging of the images was arrived at by using his points of, one for quality of the subject matter, two for the light, three for his criteria of an engaging composition. A very accurate judging of all the 60 images presented to him, from a very good quality of varied subjects entered by all of the three clubs. The final score was:

Newton Abbot Photographic Club            268 points

Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club     269 points

Exmouth Photographic Group                    277 points

These will be added to the points next year when the prints are judged in February.

Members from Newton Abbot and Dawlish also attended the evening and at half time enjoyed snacks and cakes supplied by members of Exmouth Photo Group.

To view images and full results click here.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

November 16th 2022 Speaker Warren Alani MSc, ARPS, DPAGB, FIAP, APBE - Capturing the Imagination

Warren certainly treated EPG to an evening of stunning, imaginative and a different perspective of seeing and presenting your images. Warren explained how he liked to present his photos in a square format style, which was very effective.

Warren explained how he liked simple clean photography which came over well in his photography. He liked to have his subject in the middle. If he was taking sports action shots, he liked the subjects separated from each other which again gave the clean image he was looking for.

Warren had a passion for umbrellas in the rain, his shots mostly taken from above. A love of stairs, beautifully taken in London. Street photography with calculated waiting for his subjects to move into his shots. Sometimes he was only taking the legs of people.

We visited Amsterdam with the bikes. Venice with the carnival. Fez with the leather tannery. Spain with the nuns. Morocco’s blue city. Marrakesh’s Muslim schools. Havana’s beautiful people. San Francisco city hall which was Warrens favourite.

Warren explained that you do not have to go far, showing images that he had captured from Birmingham architecture, Weston super mare racing on the beach and London architecture and many more places from around the UK.

Warren Alani.jpg

A very enjoyable evening presenting everyone with beautiful imagery.  For more of Warren’s images, click on to his website below.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Wednesday 9th November 2022 WCPF Traveling Exhibition of Prints

Tonight, we viewed the Western Counties Photographic Federation traveling prints.

The WCPF runs every year and all the members of each club in the Western Counties can enter prints and also PDI’s.  The top chosen nature, open and black and white prints were displayed and commented on by John Perriam ARPS DPAGB AFIAP. John gave a fun appraisal of all the accepted prints presented one by one to the club. All the club members joined in with comments of likes or dislikes, how was that done, admiration, or how did it get that score!!

Everyone enjoyed seeing the prints and guessing what score the judges had given the individual prints displayed. We admired some wonderful photography and  a lot of beautiful printing.

For more information of how to enter, click here

2nd November 2022 Members Evening with



We had a very interesting and entertaining evening with Sheila, in which she revealed her talent and expertise in a variety of impressive AV’s and still photography.


She began with an AV called Lost But Not Forgotten in which she had successfully reprocessed some old images to match a song she had been given for a competition. The next two AV’s were connected with the sea. RNLI  Exmouth featured  the recovery, cleaning  and launching of the Shannon lifeboat, and Lucky Escape was a rescue story with a tragic ending. Other projects that Sheila had experimented with throughout the year, were an interpretation of the poem If by Rudyard Kipling,  Fred, a railway story set in the Derbyshire Mausal trail, Dictionary Man, based on the life of Samuel Johnson, Cathedral Experience showing the impressive Moon and light displays  in Exeter, This Old Building, an interesting story about the history and decline of Poltimore House, City of Arts(Restraining), an unusual and effective black and white sequence taken in Valencia.

Sheila 2 Nov.jpg

We were also treated to some beautiful still photography, showing  views of the Jurassic Coastline taken on a boat cruise, and some fascinating images of the gardens in Delamore, Hestercombe, Rosemoor, Trago Mills and Heligan in Cornwall.


A most enjoyable evening with superb images which were a pleasure to see.

Review by Gillian Stocker

Wednesday 26th October 2022 Competition 1 Judge John Baker

The first competition of the season, with judge John Baker. John gave a very comprehensive description of all photos entered into the competition. Giving good constructive criticism of all the images and lots of tips to improve the photos.


We started the evening with the colour prints and we had seven prints that members entered. A high standard and wide variety for John to judge. Two awards were given by John - Silver for Dyeing cloth by Sheila Haycox and  Gold for Courgette flowers by Mike Gillian

We then had seven mono prints again a good quality and a variety of subjects. John again gave a silver and a gold

Silver for balance and strength by Carol Hyett and  Gold for passing the token by Caroline Ovens

We then had 40 DPIs entered for John to judge, which again, you could see that he had taken a lot of time looking through all the different photos entered. John gave six highly commended and a bronze, silver and gold. The overall winner of the evening was John Wickett with his image of Bowermans nose which also got the gold.


Check out and view all the winners on our website link

The winner of last season's DPI monthly competition was won by Lina V and as she was unable to be at the club on the presentation of awards Maurice Chittock, Chairman was able to present this evening the trophy to Lina.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.


19th October 2022 Jane Kearney DPAGB -  A trip to the Falklands Islands, Astro Photography, Creative & Landscape photography.

Jane gave a beautiful tour of her visit to the Falkland Islands visiting four locations. Her love of capturing the wildlife of the islands, shone through with her beautiful stunning photos.

Jane also gave us a variety of Avs, to give everyone the experience of the conditions of the planes landing on the rough air strips. Also, of the islands landscape and the beautiful, funny engaging penguins.

Copy of Jane Kearney.jpg

The landscape section of Janes photography took us on a journey around Iceland. Going to the icebergs on the black sand beach at Jokulsarlon Lagoon. We also had another AV of the landscapes around the UK.

Jane gave us instructions on starting out in Astro photography. Demonstrating her equipment and technical details of her settings. Talking about all her mistakes in the beginning and what to place in the foreground and how to light the foreground. Janes dedication to be out in the landscape for hours through the night, have certainly paid off with her lovely Astro photos that she has produced.

What a fabulous evening of fantastic photography with so many great tips and tutorials of settings, gear and photos that was enjoyed by everyone.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

12th October 2022 Members Critique Evening

EPGs trial of members sending in three photos of their own choice, for a constructive critique of their images. The evening was a relaxed enjoyable time, with lots of the members joining in to comment on all of the wonderful images displayed throughout the evening.

We had a vast array of subject presented through the evening, showing the diverse interesting subjects that our members like to photograph. Throughout the evening members suggested various ways to improve the images. By cropping, or a bit of dodging and burning, or to taking something out that was distracting in the photo.

The members all enjoyed the evening. Hopefully taking away something from all of the comments shared through the evening. Hopefully, helping to improve and to present our photos to their best.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

5th October 2022 Speaker John Tilsley ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB - Celebrating the Art of Printing

John Tilsley Footspeed ambassador, gave EPG a masterclass of his love of producing such high-quality prints, on such a variety of beautiful quality papers. John bought along all the papers that he used in his presentation for our members to be able to view, handle and compare for their own printing.

John presented many times through the evening with the comparisons of the difference of using the variety of papers on the same image, to produce all the different qualities of the end result.

Throughout the evening John presented his project on the characterful people taken in the new forest horse buyers and sellers fairs. His visits to the photographical land of Iceland with the black sand, the beautiful land patterns, the outstanding landscape. John produced some beautiful abstracts.

We then visited Canada, the mountains, Vancouver Island, the beautiful aspen trees. The Rockies and many more beautiful areas that John visited in the five weeks that he was in Canada.

From that visit John produced panoramas, tall vertical and horizontal panoramas. Nine panel of the lovely maples, also many more beautiful images. To finish the evening a beautiful print of the Aspens hanging on to the side of a mountain.

A fantastic evening of the display and encouragement of printing, enjoyed by all our members.

Discount 15% for Photospeed papers JT805191

For more images visit John’s website

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

28th September 2022 Practical Evening

This evening we had a successful practical evening at the club.  

Covering how to use your settings on your camera.  A photoshop demonstration.How to size and prepare an image for DPI or Print.  How to prepare and to mount a print.

The evening was enjoyed especially by all the new members and I think even the more experienced members took a little something from the evening.

A very big thank you to Mike Gillian, Peter and Carole Hyett, John Perriam and Chaz Madge for all their demonstrations and for making it a very useful evening. Preparing the way for entering this year’s competitions.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Summer Challenge September 21st 2022


The 77 images shown for this year’s Summer Challenge, made for a very interesting and entertaining evening.


The  12 different categories to choose from were Abstract, Different Perspectives, Frame within a frame, ICM, Macro, Minimal, Selfie, Silhouette, Still Life, Street Photography, Triptych, and Water.


Every participant entered a maximum of four images taken during the summer months, and  they commented on the images as they were presented. Several members chose to use square formats which were effective, and there was a wide variety of imaginative interpretations, as well as beautiful photography.


A most enjoyable evening, and many thanks to all those who entered.


Review by Gill Stocker

Wednesday 14th September 2022 Nigel Hicks FBIPP What to Photograph in Winter

Nigel Hicks has been photographing for 33 years. He has been a contributing photographer to an untold number of books. Beautiful books, that we were able to see and purchase on the evening of the four counties. He has also launched his own publishing company, Aquaterra Publishing, which now produces a number of his own books.  

Nigel gave a very interesting talk about what and where to photograph throughout the winter. Encouraging everyone to go out in all weathers. Explaining how he feels the light is so more special in the winter months. Nigel explained each shot’s location and the time of day taken, also his camera setting that he used to capture his images, which was very helpful.   

Nigel Hicks.png

Water featured in most of his photos, slow shutter and freezing the water action so effectively. His mantra was to keep it simple. Simplify your photos.

In the second half we had the delight of mist, frost and snow. All again around Devon Cornwall and the Somerset levels area.

Check out Nigel’s website for more information on his books and also his workshops

7th September 2022 First Evening of the Winter Season

The start of another season and a warm welcome to the new the members. Maurice introduced our new varied program for the coming season. With speakers, competitions and members evenings. Maurice then introducing the new Image Making Group run by John Perriam and Derick Holiday, meeting in person on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Glenorchy Church. The first evening is on Tuesday 11th October.

The AV group will be via zoom on the first Tuesday of each month starting on Tuesday 4th October. Contact Ian Bateman for joining the group.

We then congratulated Peter Hyett for gaining his EFIAP award. Carol Hyett for her AFIAP award and Christine Chittock for her AFIAP award. A lot of hard work to gain these prestigious awards.

Lynn Middleton-Flynn was presented with a HC certificate, for the individual image in the five-image panel competition for the Devon clubs battle 2022.  EPG came joint 7th with a panel of five beautiful ICMs.

We then had the rest of the evening viewing the WCPF DPIC entries of 2021 - Open images, creative images and nature images. A very good start to the new season with everyone catching up in person.

Review by Lynn middleton-Flynn EPG Program Secretary

Ann Stredwick  1927 - 2022   

Sad news today, one of our Honorary Members, Ann Stredwick, who was the wife of one of our Founder Members passed away peacefully on the 3rd September.    She had reached the grand age of 95 and whilst in Exmouth was an active and  enthusiastic photographer. Nothing was too much for her, she always volunteered to help out.    She moved away to Norfolk to be with her daughter after John, her husband, died and kept in touch.

AV and Salon Successes May and June 2022

During the last few weeks some of our members have gained several successes which need to be recorded.


FIAP Distinctions

  • Peter Hyett who has now achieved an Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) distinction

  • Carol Hyett has achieved an Artist FIAP (AFIAP) distinction

  • Christine Chittock has also achieved Artist FIAP (AFIAP) distinction

AV International Salons

  • Ian Bateman was awarded Champion Audio Visual Worker plus a further merit and two acceptances in the Tauranga AV Salon, New Zealand 

  • Sheila Haycox who had 3 FIAP Acceptances  in the 2022 Citti Garda Salon Italy and 1 FIAP Acceptance in the Jurassic Salon UK  plus 2 acceptances and 2 merits in the Tauranga AV Salon New Zealand

  • Mo Martin with 2 FIAP Acceptances n the 2022 Citti Garda Salon, Italy  and 2 FIAP Acceptances in the Jurassic Salon UK

  • Derrick Holliday received a FIAP  Acceptance in the 2022 Citti Garda Salon, Italy and a FIAP Acceptance in the Jurassic Salon UK

  • John Perriam with 2 FIAP Acceptances which included a Judges Award Medal in the Jurassic Salon UK

  • Jenny Baker with 1 FIAP Acceptance in the Jurassic Salon UK

24th April 2022 AGM and Chairmans Challenge

The final meeting of the winter season, the AGM was conducted in a timely fashion, dealt with by all EPG members pre reading all the Reports  and approving on the night.

All the awards earned throughout the season were presented to the appropriate members plus the Chairman's Shield which was presented by Maurice Chittock, Chairman, to Peter Hyett.  To see the results of all the competitions click here to view the PDF.

A warm welcome to David Davies as a new committee member. All the other members volunteered for their posts and were re-elected. We look forward to another enjoyable year. A very big thank you to all the committee, for all the time and experience, that keeps the photo group going each year, in a very positive way. A big thank you to Sheila for the website also Sheila and Ian for keeping all the technology going on the evenings

A summer programme will all be outside activities and will be posted onto the website.  Click here to view

The winter season will be back in person except for four zoom sessions of speakers. Please check out our programme on the website.

EPG will be running the Av evenings by zoom usually the first Tuesday of the month. The second Tuesday of the month we will be starting an Image Makers Group (IMG) at the Glenorchy Church.

The second half of the evening was the Chairmans Challenge. Our Wildlife and Architecture. A very varied entry in to both sections. Maurice gave a very comprehensive critique of all the images. Congratulations to Derrick Holiday for the overall winner. Please check the website for all the winners.

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Photos by Chaz Madge

20th April 2022 Members Evening

with Christine Chittock CPAGB, Mike Gillan LRPS and Lynn Middleton-Flynn LRPS


We had a very enjoyable evening watching lots of interesting images.


Christine showed us her road to AFIAP and “something different” ; Mike his trip to India’s beautiful Golden Triangle and Lynn her passion for photography.


Christine started with showing us many different panels. Among them the fascinating Rainbow Panorama exhibition in Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark. Lovely images of people looking out over the town through rainbow coloured windows. We saw

great steam images from the Nene Valley Railway; clever mono images of Birmingham buildings and images of unusual colourful paintings and buildings by the avant-garde artist Hundertwasser in Vienna.


Christine then showed us 3 AVs. Photos of different birds in the Slimbridge Wetland Centre; a great variation of images with dramatic music under the heading “Power of Red” and finally a very clever kaleidoscope “Help from Friends”, which  showed photos of EPG members.


Mike then treated us to beautiful images from his trip to India’s Golden Triangle. We saw interesting images of people of all ages, children playing, grown-ups working outside or in colourful shops. In Agra a beautiful, dreamy image of boys playing cricket with the lovely Taj Mahal in the background. In Udaipur we saw wonderful images of the Taj Lake Palace on Lake Pichola and then the City Palace. The City Palace, once a harem, was a fascinating building.


Lynn really showed us her passion for photography in all the different images in this presentation. First she demonstrated her process in reaching her LRPS. She showed different styles of photography, moving  the images around to balance and worked with triangles. We then saw images from around the world. A wonderful photo of people on a bridge in Burma. Clever images of the Red Arrows; fascinating ICMs and many beautiful monos of people and still life.


Thank you to all three for a very interesting evening.

Review by Kristina Adamson

Photos by Christine Chittock

DSCF1116-1 Mike by C A Chittock.jpg
DSCF1118-1 Lynn by C A Chittock.jpg

13th April 2022 Panel Competition Judge John Tilsley APAGB, DPAGB, ARPS

Tonight’s panel competition we started evening with the colour panels. We had 3 sets of very beautifully printed colour panels.

First panel of six called Myanmar activities showing the everyday life of the people in Myanmar. The second panel called Seashore rocks. Beautiful blue tones of rocks with pebbles. The winning panel of four, called Hound Tor Abstractive, beautiful manipulated ICMs with a limited golden colour palette.

The BW panels were again of a very high standard, both the printing and the presentation of all three panels.  Dave was the first panel. A beautiful male ballet dancer in five different poses. The second panel of four decaying boats hulls, printed with beautiful range of black and white. The winning panel of five images called Refraction study. A still life of glass vases in reflective lighting to produce graphical shapes.  Congratulations to all entries, a high standard.

There were twenty-one entries in the DPI panels, so John had a very hard challenge to choose the HC, Bronze, Silver and the Gold.

 A very varied and wide range of topics were presented for the DPI panels. Trees, Cathedral Lights, Rock Abstracts, People, Towers in London, A girl…A Hoop, Potter, Post Box Toppers, Bluebells, A Wet Evening, Gulls on Grimy Glass, Texture, Cricket, 325 avenue north, ICM, Doors. Dawlish Groynes. What a variety of very well produced panels entered. All well balanced and tastefully presented again.

Please check out the website, there is a page of all the panels by clicking here and separately are listed all the awarded panels by clicking here.

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

WCPF AV Competition 9 April 2022


Congratulations to Ian, Elaine, Nova and Christine who achieved the following success at yesterday’s WCPF AV Competition:


  • Ian achieved 1st Place  in the Long Sequence category with ‘City of Darkness’

  • Elaine achieved 1st Place with a Short Sequence entitled ‘Gaudi’

  • Nova gained her first AV success by coming 2nd in the Short Sequence with ‘ Million Dollar Point’.

  • Christine was awarded 3rd Place in the Short Sequence with ‘Power of Red’

  • In the Photo Harmony category Exmouth wiped the board with Elaine taking 1st Place with ‘Gaudi’, Christine 2nd with ‘The Power of Red’. Christine was also placed 3rd with ‘The Hills of Devon’ and Ian was Highly Commended for ‘Winds of Winter’.

  • To round off EPG’s success Ian’s ‘City of Darkness’ gained the Audience vote for their favourite AV.


The event was held in Woodbury Village Hall and it was extra special to see all the AVs on a large screen with excellent sound quality.

Well done to all the Exmouth members who entered AVs. The AV section in Exmouth is certainly thriving as our entry of 14 sequences was just under half of the total entry.

6th April 2022 Practical evening

This evening EPG put on a practical evening. We started the evening by breaking into small groups with individual makes of cameras. Members talked through there settings, helping each other to understand the controls and the strengths of various camera makes. We all shared tips of how we use our different makes of cameras and why we liked various settings. Different lenses were also discussed and compared for their different uses.

We had a table top demonstration from Sheila demonstrating camera setting. Showing how she arranges the composition of the fabulous still life’s that she produces. Giving everyone lots of little tricks with the way that she lights the still objects. Also, helpful tips on the way the light source is diffused.

John demonstrated mount board cutting and framing one of his prints. Demonstrating the way, he marks out and cuts the window for the print. He then expertly displayed the way to perfectly line up and mount the print into the frame.  The mount board cutter is available for members to borrow.

Chaz demonstrated the use of bridge and photoshop, demonstrating masking, to dodge, colour change, sharpen, remove objects and to replace skies. As well as all the short cuts that he demonstrated through the evening

Ian demonstrated PTE for making Avs, on another table. Ian answered patiently, the many questions put to him by most of our members.

I think we all came away with learning something from the evening. We also found it pleasant to have time with each other, to talk and get to know different members of our photo group.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary

30th March 2022 Mo Martin and Jenny Baker ARPS and CPAGB/AV Achieving an ARPS Distinction and also Peter Hyett ARPS, AFIAP. An Introduction to gaining a FIAP distinction.

This evening we had three of our own EPG members showing their process and path of gaining their own personal distinction.

The evening started with Mo giving us a before and after of the work that she did to accomplish the final images that she required to gain her ARPS in the contemporary categories.

Mo explained the process of how she selected each of the 15 sport images needed and the work of processing every image to gain the balance needed. Going through various hanging plan arrangements. Finally, to make the whole hanging plan hang together and complement each other. Along with also producing a statement of intent that described and complimented the whole panel.

Jenny then talked us through her beautiful 15 images submitted for gaining her ARPS.  Jenny’s panel was made up of her photographing the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.            Jenny’s panel was shot in beautiful golden lighting conditions to give a soft glow to the whole panel. Beautiful angels of various parts of the outside of the building created a fascinating panel of angles and shapes. They were all printed on a metallic paper and mounted onto black mount board.

The second half of the evening Peter explained all about gaining his AFIAP and trying for his EFIAP which he is hoping to gain later in the year. Peter explained about how he planned and used a spread sheet, recording all the salons that he entered, helping to record the achievements of each of his acceptances gained. Peter then showed all 67 of his acceptances that helped him to gain his qualifications.

A very big thank you to all three-presenting tonight for a very fascinating evening.

Going for a qualification always pushes your photography to another level.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.


23rd March 2022 Critique Evening - EPG first evening of critiquing members Dpi images and prints.

A big thank you to John Perriam and Sheila Haycox for giving their expert comments on all of the images tonight. From the reaction from everyone in the room and also on zoom the evening was very enjoyable and constructive. Everyone joined in the evening discussing ways to improve and develop all the image presented to the group. Which hopefully both the author and audience were given different ways to see the image.

Also, tips of how to improve the presentation of the image, with a little bit of cropping, dodging and burning. We were presented with a very interesting variety of different styles throughout the evening. Thank you to all who contributed to the evening with the images and the constructive critique.   Below are some of the images shown and an "After"  images with a few simple alterations as a suggestion.

We finished off the evening looking at the top 20 and the winners off the Knightshayes Trophy 2022 competition, the subject being  of "Simplicity.".   Everyone agreed that the winner was a superb photograph, a very beautiful, deserving, simple winning image.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary

16th March 2022  -  Lea Tippett with his talk  Land Sea and Sky

This evening EPG was treated to an evening of the most detailed, beautifully printed photographs taken and produced by Lea. Lea Tippett is an ambassador for the Sigma cameras and he talked about and explained the cameras he personally uses.

Lea talked about his preference and style of producing square format prints all printed on Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige 340 paper. The size of his images and depth of field from front to back held so beautifully.  The Images displayed were from around Scotland, the Hebrides Lewis Harris and Uig, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland. All the images had leading lines in to the image, also using the foreground so well. Lea gave lots of information about the times and places of all the locations that he visited.

A very fascinating evening enjoyed by all, to be able to see prints in person once again. For more images go over to his website  go to:

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

Lea Tippett.jpg

9th March 2022 Competition 4 Judge Pete Fry Photography ARPS DPAGB BPE4*

Competition four, a hybrid meeting, again we had a very good varied entry for our fourth competition of the season.

This evening we started with the prints.  Peter had the prints to view in advance at home. Peter went through each image with, patience and thoughtful constructive criticism. Giving the author of each image, equal time for assessment and judgement.  Peter highlighted tips for his preference of ways to mount the images to get the best possible print.

There was 1 Silvers and 1 Gold in the Mono prints. There was 1 HC 1 Bronze 1 Silver and one Gold in the colour prints.

In the second half of the evening, we had 32 entries for the DPI competition.  Again, Peter went through each image with, patience and thoughtful constructive criticism. Giving lots of tips for improving the images.  We had 3 HC, 3 Bronzes, 1 Silver and 1 Golds in the DPIs, given by Peter.

Thank you to all the participants for making a very interesting evening and congratulations to all the successful images on the night.

Many congratulations to the overall Winner on the night. Can you see me by Lina Valukyniene

Please check out the website, for all the highly commended and winning images, of both the colour print, the black and white prints and the Dpi competition by clicking here.  Don't forget to look at the running totals which you can view here

Reviewed by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary

2nd March 2022 Members Evening  - John Perriam ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP with his talk called Eclecticity all kinds of everything

EPG first evening back in person for two years, also held as a hybrid meeting via zoom.

The start of the evening Maurice handed out the various cups and shields, they had been held for the winners over the past two years while we were meeting on zoom. Congratulations to all the winners.

John started the first half of the evening with 50 beautifully produced prints on various projects that he had experimented on throughout lockdown. John created projects on experimentation and perfecting throwing darts at balloons, Oil and water, soap bubbles, water droplets and turning the droplets into aliens, as only John can.  Beautiful prints of the colourful rocks and stones on spittle beach. Delicate BW sketch treatment, punchy BW prints. Also, stunning sand patterns images.

We then had a selection of Avs City People, street photography around Bristol. Bleak Midwinter and the Wild Rose, a music swap created AV.

The second half of the evening John images took us to Dawlish looking back over to Exmouth, dog walkers on the beach, Darts farm showing what different changes to the same images can produce, always encouraging everyone to experiment.   John talked about his day in Exeter taking 90 images in one day, encouraging everyone keep a record for the future of the changing times of our city’s.

Finishing the evening off we had the AV to Boldly Go, beautiful created, inspired again from a music swap. AV A Desolate Place, all set in Dungeness and the last of the evening, AV Stairways created from a visit to Leeds Library. What a wonderful variety of images and prints we were all treated to, with so many different ideas for everyone to try.

A great evening by John, enjoyed by all.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary

23rd February 2022 Kirsty Peake LRPS Yellowstone

The World’s First National Park

Hopefully our last zoom only presentation.

Kirsty gave us a wonderful insightful presentation this evening with the first half of the evening all about Yellowstone Park and the thermal features and the wildlife in the park.  Beautiful geysers, the morning glory pool, mud pots, dragons’ den and grottos that have laid dormant. Stunning Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon was a very memorable photo.

Kirsty Peake.jpg

Images of bears, antelopes, red tail hawk, beautiful great grey owl, bluebirds, ospreys and many more fascinating animals.

For the second half of the evening Kirsty talked about her work with the wolves of Yellowstone Explaining about their reintroduction back in to Yellowstone in the 1990s. Talking us through their behaviour and the survival of the fittest. Kirsty explained about the various packs around the park and how they monitored and kept track of the wolves

Aa a qualified Animal Behaviourist, Kirsty’s research into wolf behaviour in relation to dog behaviour took her to Yellowstone. She has spent over 20 years splitting her time between Dartmoor National Park and Yellowstone National Park doing fantastic research.

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Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG programme secretary

16 February 2022  -  In House Mix and Match 


For the second year running we ran an in house Mix and Match making up two teams from our membership.  The teams were ran by John Perriam and Sheila Haycox.    Ian Bateman arranged the organisation of the two screens required for the match.  Ralph ~Snook from Bristol judged the competition and certainly entered into the spirit of the match.

40 images from each team were projected alternately, the second image having to match in some way or other to the first image.  Ralph then gave a point if it matched but if it didn't then the team putting up the first image gained the point.  Ralph then awarded a point for the best image.

Team A ran by Sheila gained 42 points and Team B ran by John gained 38 points.  An enjoyable evening where members were allowed to try to influence the judge!!!!!

2nd February 2022 Exmouth Photo Group Show and Tell

Exmouth Photo Groups evening of our own members showing three of their personal favourite images. All members were encouraged to show and tell what they liked about the three images presented, in any way they cared to produce; on anything that they enjoy.

Once again, we were treated to a very enjoyable evening seeing the great variety of photos, on a very diverse range of topics, infrared, studio workshops, nature. iPhone photos, landscapes., ICM, multiple exposures, Cathedral’s, trains and fireworks and more.

John talked about his panels that he had put together, to demonstrate the various different ways that you can work one photo. He then produced a variation from the same image of layered images with blur, cropped and BW. We ended the evening with a lovely BW image taken at night from Maggy.

Once again, this evening highlighted the range of talent that we have in our club. How our members are experimenting with a wide range of subjects and styles. Members also shared a lot of information of where and how their photos were taken.

Again, a very relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable evening, seeing our very own members images. Thank you to all members that contributed and made for a very enjoyable evening.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

26th January 2022 Two Speakers Paul Mcloughlin and John Baker 

What a fantastic evening presented to EPG tonight. Both Paul and John presented stunning images,  with so much inspiring information given so freely.   

Paul presented the first half of the evening starting with a quote by Constable. "The sky is the chief organ of sentiment in a picture." How true with all of the variety of skies in the photos that Paul delighted and impressed all of our members tonight.

Storms and squalls, rain, rainbows, fog bows coastal storms, night, fire clouds, sun pillows, 22 degree halos, beautiful mist and so much more. Taken in beautiful locations around the UK and also from his back door. Paul showed his love of going out in to the landscape, inspiring everyone to get out in all weathers.

9th February 2022 Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP APAGB -   Members Evening Hidden France

Another fascinating member evening from Ian. The talk presented from his many trips to the hidden parts of France. Using a magazine guiding you to seek the lesser-known places all off the normal beaten tourist attractions.

We visited the region Auvergne. The Cahors is a town on the Lot River. With the magnificent bridge spanning over the river lot.

We were delighted with an AV on the Night at the Opera House, where a chandelier fell down into the audience. Ian produced the AV 20 years ago and the opera house is no longer used for opera. The Garnier Opera house is now used for ballet.

The next area in hidden France we visited was Place de Bastille monument and on to a nearby hidden walkway. The Coulée verte René-Dumont or Promenade plantée (French for tree-lined walkway) is a 2.9-mile elevated linear park built on top of obsolete railway infrastructure in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, France. A fascinating walking area to see a different perspective of the area.

On to the Auvergne, to an interesting building called Vulcania, which is an educational French amusement park and museum with a volcano theme.

We then visited the Polignac a commune in the Haute-Loire department.      A very interesting area of chapels and monuments on top of rocks. 


We then were shown a very poignant AV about the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre 642 civilians, including non-combatant women and children, they were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company.

Ian then presented images taken in Le Caylar, the Carved tree of Michel Chevray who gave a second life to the centenary elm on the village square. Beautifull carvings on the tree are of local residents, animals, insects and more.

Last we were treated to a fascinating story of the Postman’s Palace in the Hautrives town of a stunning palace, constructed entirely from handpicked pebbles over a period of 33 years.

We all enjoyed a very entertaining and very interesting evening, kindly presented by Ian.

Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme secretary

John talked about being given a Leica by a relative and learning the beauty of using this stunning camera. When managing to master the camera he produced beautiful images with the special lenses and the new way of seeing through the view finder.

John talked about his on going project, of every month since 2008 to the present day, of photograping a subject a month. John started doing themed tryptych panels each month covering such a variety of subject. Birds, motorcross, mountain bikes, waterfalls, surfers, lighthouses, railways and so many more subjects.

Johns interest in the Milkyway and capturing of Comets showed his facination and  his vast knowledge of the sky. John shared his vast knowledge to gain information of where to view the objects in the skies, also the timings, with the various apps that he uses. Photo pills, Sky guide, Glendale app, Clear outside, Cesium app and Transit finder.

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Review by Lynn Middleton-Flynn EPG Programme Secretary.

19th January 2022 Competition 3 Judge Richard Curzon

Competition three, again we had a very good varied entry f