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General AV News

The WCPF AV Competition was held at Woodbury Village Hall on the 9th April .  Alastair Taylor was the judge for the competition and as it happened it was his birthday on the same day, hence the Cake with candles!!!    Our members managed to take most of the awards and below are images of the presentations. 

EPG AV Group Members have done well during the year 2021 and listed below are awards, acceptances and distinctions throughout 2021.   If you would like your details added to the list then please email Sheila Haycox.with the necessary information.

12 November 2020 - It was a full evening of various techniques to make special effects, masks, following a map, videos in text all given to us by John Smith and Jill Bunting of the Wilmslow Guild AV Group.   A inspirartional and interesting evening, we were shown how Jill used PTE Masks and John showed us how he made some of his introduction sequences for the Great Northern and Peter Coles events.

6th October 2020 - Our first meeting of the season gave members the opportunity for members to show new sequences or sequences in progress for general comments.  This proved to be successful and we had over 10 sequences to see and comment on.

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