Winter Programme September 2020 - May 2021

Owing to the Covid Crisis we will be continuing with Zoom meetings up until January. Our Programme Secretary has done a superb job in converting her already-planned programme into a 'Zoom-friendly' version.    Please click here to download a pdf document of the Winter Programme 

Summer Programme 2021

Leaders of each activity will notify Club members of the specific details of their event, including pub arrangements. Please book for the pub with the event leader at least ONE WEEK in advance. These are the outings currently organised but others may be added and members will be notified. 

Photo walks:   The evening and day time sessions organised by some of our members provide all members with a wonderful opportunity to get together to photograph and to socialise and we would like to extend a very warm welcome to new members to see what we do. There is the opportunity to try out different compositions and techniques, review them and go back and perhaps spend longer on another occasion.  Please car share where possible. The organisers of each session will send out an e-mail a week or so before their event with details of the starting point and where applicable the venue for a meal.  Please confirm your attendance asap; a) on the walk and b) for a pub meal.  The evening photo walks usually last an hour and are followed by a meal in a pub. 

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