Competition Guide and Rules  for Members

Until Further Notice whilst having Zoom Meetings:

For the Regular Monthly meetings each Club member can enter 3 images in to the competition.   Due to Covid-19 there will be no Print competitions this season therefore the entries will only be MONO dpi or COLOUR dpi​

  • You can enter 3 colour images, 3 mono images or a combination of both as long as the total number of entries does not exceed 3

All entries are submitted to the Competition Secretary at least two weeks before the date set for the competition. The “handing in” dates are listed in the club programme.

Prints (Not applicable for the time being). These can be printed by the member or commercially printed. All competition individual prints should be mounted on boards no larger than 20 inches by 16 inches. Note, however, that the WCPF will not accept mounts of this size, preferring the slightly smaller metric equivalent of 50cm by 40cm. We do not specify a minimum size but it is worth remembering that your print will be viewed from the back of our clubroom by some people. Also, there is a saying (whether or not you believe it) that a good big one will always beat a good small one! The choice of colour of the mounting board is your own.

There are three main ways in which prints are usually mounted:

  • by using a mount cutter. A hole is cut in the board to fit the print, which is then taped to the back of the board so that it appears in the cut-out. It is wise to spray mount the print on to a piece of card first to give it some protection from the rear. This is the most common method and the club has a mount cutter available should you need one. Please ask a committee member if you feel you may require it.

  • by sticking your print directly on to the front of a board using a spray adhesive. A small white border left around the print can give a similar look to the bevelled edge of the cut-out in a board. This is far easier than cutting holes in mounts and is perfectly acceptable and presentable.

  • by flush mounting so that the entire board is covered by the print. Although this allows for the largest actual image, it has the disadvantage that the edges, and particularly the corners, of your print are susceptible to damage.

To maintain an element of anonymity for the judges, each member has a membership number. Therefore all images should be clearly labelled on the reverse of the print with the member’s club number and the title of the image. eg. 09 Title. ​

Digital images should be constrained to a maximum of 1600 pixels in width and/or 1200 pixels in height. They should be JPEG images high quality. Images entered into the projected image section of any club competitions must be properly prepared. They should be correctly sized, named, saved in the correct format and ideally saved with the best colour profile for digital projection (sRGB).  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO THIS. Images which are not properly prepared may, at best, not project well and, at worst, run the risk of not being accepted into the competition. 

To maintain an element of anonymity for the judges, each member has a membership number, and this is used instead of the member’s name on the competition entries, for example in your digital image to be named as follows: 

  • 09 Title.jpg - "09" indicates your club member number, with a leading zero if your number is 9 or less.  

  • "Title" is a unique name for your image no longer than 25 characters​

Club Monthly Competitions for which Trophies are awarded at the AGM​

The Photo Group holds four competitions at roughly one month intervals during the indoor season. There are three sections: monochrome prints, colour prints, and projected images. (Due to Covid-19 Season 2020-2021 will not be having a Print Competition)  An image may not be entered more than once in any one section. 

The judge can award more than one Gold Award, more than 1 Silver Award and more than 1 Bronze Award if he or she feels it applicable.   ​

Annual awards for each section of the monthly competitions shall be decided by the accumulation of points given as follows:
Gold places: 6 points
Silver places: 5 points
Bronze places: 4 points
Highly Commended: 3 points
Any Unrewarded entry in each section: 2 points​

Where a tie results, the number of Gold places, then Silver places, then Bronze places shall be used to decide the winner. If a tie remains after this, the award shall be made to all those tied and the trophy held by each for an equal period over the year.

All regular competition entries are marked Gold, Silver and Bronze with up to 3 highly commended images. All entries must have been produced not more than 18 months before the start of the competition period (usually September).​

If you are a relative beginner and are unsure of the suitability of your work for competitions, or you feel you would like some help or advice, we suggest that you seek the advice of a more experienced club member. This may be less painful than having your work publicly criticised by a judge!​

Panel Competition for which trophies are awarded at the AGM

Once a year we have a Panel competition. As with the monthly competitions, there are three sections: monochrome prints, colour prints, and projected images. A panel consists of 4, 5, or 6 images that fit well together on a related subject or theme. 

Prints can be mounted on a single board no larger than A1 (84 cm by 59.4 cm) or produced as a Panel of 4, 5, or 6 separately mounted images (size as per a normal Print Competition). The print competitions are judged on the night, so entries do not need to be submitted earlier.  Not applicable for Season 2020 - 2021

However, please note that projected image entries will be required at least two weeks before the competition. For digitally projected images members are also asked to create an extra digital image showing the whole panel, after which the individual images will be displayed. This whole Panel image must also conform to the usual DPI entry conditions, i.e. be a Jpeg of not more than 1600 pixels long and 1200 pixels high. ​

Members may enter a maximum of 4 Panels with no more than 2 entries in any one section. The date for entries will be publicised in the club programme

Set Subject Competition for which a trophy in memory of John Stredwick Past President is awarded at the AGM

This annual competition is just what it sounds like. There will be one or more set subjects specified for the year, and it’s up to you to produce images that meet the criteria. The format is currently digital – see your club programme or ask a committee member. This is not a formal competition defined within the club's competition rules and may differ in format from year to year. 

The entrant must have taken the original photographs and personally controlled all modifications.  The major part of each entry submitted must have originated within 18 months from the start of the current competition year.

Entries which do not accord with the above rules or which are submitted late may be rejected.


We have a number of inter-club competitions and, prior to each event, a selection committee chooses the photos to be used. These will largely be from past monthly club competitions but could be supplemented by other work if required. Please do your best to let the selectors borrow any of your work that they ask for. Don’t be too disappointed if your work isn’t chosen. This does not mean it’s not good enough but simply that there may be other factors in determining what images are best to use in particular circumstances. (For instance, we might be lucky enough to know who the judge will be, and what his or her preferences have been in the past!)

South Devon League 

This is a group of photographic clubs that compete annually in two “battles”, currently one for prints and one for digitally projected images. The main object of this isn’t to see which club comes top (honest) but to enable members from clubs to see the work of, and meet, photographers from the other clubs. However, we do enjoy winning it if we can! Each year clubs meet on either a home or away basis, and judges are selected from one of the other clubs to ensure a degree of neutrality.

The scoring format may change but at the time of writing, images are scored out of 20, with the top three marks (20, 19, 18) being reserved for the top three images. The judge may choose to heighten the tension by awarding these images 17 points and announcing at the end which receive the extra 1, 2, and 3 points. 

Devon Clubs Battle 

Once a year we enter this panel competition for Devon clubs. It follows a similar format to our own club panel competition except that it’s an inter-club and it must be five images on a theme either colour or mono. Throughout the indoor season members are asked to come up with suggestions for a suitable panel and if members wish to get together and produce one it will certainly be considered. No more than two images can be produced by one member. There is also a section for digitally projected images which will also have to be a panel on a theme.

Mix & Match

This is a light-hearted competition we have with the Exeter Camera Club. It is digitally projected and the idea is for one club to project an image and the other club to “match” it with one of its images. We take turns at going first. The judge determines how good the match is and awards points accordingly. It’s a bit of frantic fun and usually throws up some interesting and entertaining images. Put the date in your diary - this is usually one not to be missed! ​

WCPF Digital Battle ​

The WCPF now runs a competition for its member clubs where digital images are projected and a panel of judges gives an instant score on each. This competition attracts entries from a large number of clubs, with 25 images from each, and the standard of work is very high. Again, we ask members to contribute and have their images considered. 

WCPF AV Competition​

The WCPF runs an Audio Visual Competition. This competition is on a personal member basis – see the WCPF website for precise details.

“International” Digital Exchange​

It’s not quite as grand as it sounds! Currently it is an exchange of work between Edinburgh, Johannesburg, Waikato (New Zealand), Gibraltar and our own club, and all members are encouraged to send images to the organiser for consideration. 


Each Full, Junior or Honorary Member is encouraged to present a project to a members’ meeting from time to time as deemed practicable.

Joint projects are acceptable, provided each member produces a significant part of the project.

A project may consist of a presentation of images produced by the member either as prints or projected images, including audio visual work.  Alternatively an illustrated presentation or demonstration of a particular aspect of photography is acceptable as a project.