WCPF DPIC - 18th February 2018
(Digital Projected Image Competition)

There are 3 judges who for this event were Kathryn Scorah MPAGB FBPE; Glyn Edmunds EFIAP/g, EPSA, DPAGB, APAGB, ARPS, AMPA and Jean Brooks EFIAP/b; BPE2*. who each mark an image out of 5. The judges only have a few seconds to evaluate the image so high impact, along with excellent quality is a selection criteria. The Day is daunting and the judges probably sit through over 1000 images. This year 57 clubs entered making it a total of 1026 images in total. There was only one image that scored 15 points so marking was quite tough.

We came equal 10th with Mid Somerset, Launceston 9th, Stroud 8th, Wellington 7th, Truro and Nonpareil equal 5th, Torbay and F8 equal 3rd, Dorchester 2nd and Bristol PS 1st.


Overtaking by Sheila Haycox 13 points

Tommy by Derrick Holliday 11 points

A Day Out by Sheila Haycox 12 points

Homeage to Turner by John Perriam 11 points

Dark Angel by Ian Bateman 11 points

Feeling Apprehensive by Peter Hyett 12 points

Lilies by John Wickett 11 points

Silouette by Elaine Bateman 10 points

New Street Reflections by Christine Chittock 12 points

Paddy's Hole Huts and Works by Christine Chittock 12 points

Ragged Victorian Children by Mo Martin 10 points

Powerchord by Ian Bateman 12 points

Calm Before the Storm by Derrick Holliday 9 points

Tracks by John Perriam 10 points

Empty Seat by John Perriam 10 points

Three Engines by Christine Chittock 12 points

Hush by Peter Hyett 10 points

Hands by Sheila Haycox 12 points